Stanek weekend Q: Do you agree “abortion-centered feminism is dying”?


Quoting from US News & World Report, April 17:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in the opening days of her presidential candidacy and in the veiled statements that preceded it, suggested her platform would focus at least in part on the economic issues that affect women – equal pay, paid family leave, minimum wage – which anti-abortion activists take to be a sign that they’ve already begun to gain the upper hand.

“Abortion-centered feminism is dying, if not dead,” said Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser on Thursday, arguing that the 2014 election cycle proved that Democrats could not win by attacking Republicans for being anti-abortion.

Do you agree “abortion-centered feminism is dying, if not dead”?

Pro-life blog buzz 4-17-15

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • At Women’s Rights without Frontiers, Reggie Littlejohn shines a light on another problem in China – baby trafficking. 37 babies were recently rescued from a baby-selling ring:

    According to CNN, human traffickers were recruiting pregnant women in the area willing to sell their babies and hid them in the factory until they gave birth. Then, after the women had their babies, they gave the newborns over to the traffickers and left.

    A Chinese police official, Chen Shiqu, said that the incident is a “new criminal pattern” in which child traffickers take pregnant women to a specific place to give birth. Currently, police have 103 people in custody who are suspected of selling or buying children.

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Pro-life vid of day: Democrats are extremists on abortion

by Kelli

Political commentator and former Bush White House Press Secretary Dana Perino appeared on Fox’s The Kelly File where she and Megyn Kelly discussed GOP Presidential candidate Rand Paul’s recent remarks on late-term abortion and on Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s hardline pro-abortion response.

Perino and Kelly point out how the the majority of Americans oppose both second and third trimester abortions, and how the Democrats are the true extremists on late-term abortion:

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Jemima Kirke’s abortion story still won’t change abortion laws

by Carder

Jemima KirkeThe viewer’s sympathies are rightly with Kirke, who is earnest and direct in what she relates. Yet, at the fear of sounding callous, my immediate reaction to her account was to shrug my shoulders and sigh, “So what?” To be clear, it wasn’t her story I was dismissing, but the tenor of debate it perpetuated.

Here was another woman — a famous one, a mother, no less — telling a thoughtful story about all the good reasons she had an abortion.

~ Emily Shire, who is very, very concerned about the need to change current abortion laws, and isn’t convinced that sharing abortion stories like actress Jemima Kirke’s (pictured) will accomplish that, The Daily Beast, April 14

Pro-life vid of day: Pro-choicer arrested at Ohio State

by Hans Johnson

Created Equal has for the past two years taken its jumbotron to high school and college campuses, as well as to the March For Life, showing the grisly results of abortion. But as founder and executive director Mark Harrington told a reporter: “We believe it’s time to up our game. It’s time for the American people to actually see an abortion in progress.”

On Tuesday, actual abortion footage was shown at Ohio State University, and pro-choice reaction was mostly calm, except for one man singing a taunting nonsense song, saying, “kill your unborn.” But another, a 23-year-old intern, bullied his way through volunteers, attempting to unplug the monitor. He said to campus police: “I wanted to not see those images.” He was uncooperative, and when he sensed he was about to be arrested, he tried to flee.

Although Created Equal is not pressing charges, the man still faces charges for obstructing the investigation:

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Johns Hopkins attempts to ban “disturbing” human fetal models

Hopkins_display_810_500_55_s_c1by Kelli

I certainly find it ironic that a university that has dedicated itself to the advancement of medicine and biology would find displaying medically accurate fetal models disturbing and offensive.

I mean, these are images shown in high school textbooks.

~ Andrew Guernsey of the JHU Voice for Life, a pro-life group on the campus of Johns Hopkins University, reacting to the banning (and then lifting of the ban) of a display featuring life-like models of human fetal development, as quoted by Maxim Lott, Fox News, April 15

The article also notes an email sent to the student group, rejecting their display. In part, it read: “We’ve reviewed your pictures with our advisers and have determined that your display contains triggering and disturbing images and content.”

LifeSiteNews quotes another part of the email: “Out of respect for our relationship of the past 30 years, we would appreciate if you refrained from using the fetus models…. We hope you understand that our intention is not to restrict your freedom of speech or expression, but rather to create an inclusive and respectful environment for all.”

Stories of pro-life activists getting abortions don’t ring true

Emily-Yoffex400x300Guest post by Dr. Michael J. New

Emily Yoffe’s (pictured right) “Dear Prudence” advice column recently included a letter from a “pro-choice” woman who assisted her pro-life activist friend in obtaining an abortion.

The story sounds familiar. Very familiar. In fact, stories about pro-life activists getting abortions mysteriously pop up all the time in pro-abortion literature.

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Pro-life news brief 4-15-15

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • NARAL will be hosting an event where comedians make fun of pro-life pregnancy resource centers:

    There’s no shortage of these laughably absurd anecdotes, and NARAL is now hoping to shed light on the manipulative tactics and misinformation of crisis pregnancy centers through an unconventional advocacy event this week in Oakland: a comedy show….

    On April 16 at the New Parkway (474 24th St., Oakland), four comedians will speak out about crisis pregnancy centers as part of a comedy event NARAL is organizing called Stand Up for Choice. The show will feature Kurt Braunohler, a Los Angeles-based comedian and the event’s headliner; Nato Green, a San Francisco-based comic and San Francisco Examiner columnist; Aparna Nancherla, a New York-based comic and former writer for W. Kamau Bell’s show Totally Biased; and Eliza Skinner, an LA-based comic and Funny or Die writer. Their stand-up routines will touch on CPCs and other topics….

    A majority of the centers — some licensed as community clinics by the state, others unlicensed — referred to fetuses as “babies” and told the women they were “already a mother,” NARAL reported.

    Perhaps NARAL’s next move will be to make fun of baby showers and anyone who uses the term “baby bump.”

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Guttmacher Institute official laments state abortion restrictions

Elizabeth Nash 2014 - 181pxby Kelli

The action surrounding abortion restrictions is much more intense than what we were seeing 10 years ago.

While the restrictions are somewhat concentrated in states like Arizona, Texas, and Oklahoma, 30 states have adopted some sort of abortion restrictions since 2011. It’s not just the South. It’s not just Kansas….

One part of me wonders if the backlash against abortions is due, in part, to that we don’t often hear women’s stories about abortion. It is amazing to me that when women tell their abortion stories, we say ‘Oh my God, you’re so brave,’ instead of seeing it as part of the human condition.

We see a real change in how the LGBT community is viewed. We haven’t seen that change around abortion.

~ Elizabeth Nash of the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, as quoted by The Daily Beast, April 14

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Pro-life vid of the day: Abortion ambivalence

by Hans Johnson

The left-wing online magazine Vox recently conducted a poll on the issue of abortion, finding that 39% didn’t strictly identify as pro-life or pro-choice. The final take in the article was to run with the misgivings of this “mushy middle” by further accomodating the ease of obtaining abortions with more clinics. Not so curiously, the writer glossed over the most agreed-upon poll answer: 90%  want the mother to be fully informed on this procedure.

This is indeed the crux of the matter. The more the actual “procedure” is considered, the more pro-life the sentiments tend to be. The more one steps back and looks away toward the feelings of the mother and society at large, the more pro-choice one is. But this gray area doen’t exist for other issues of a right or wrong commited on an innocent victim.

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Why is it that the people most vocally committed to causes connected to death (abortion, assisted suicide, euthanasia) are often the same who are committed to progressive sexual causes? And why do abortion advocates frequently see it not as a necessary evil but as a positive good?…

Make no mistake: The giddy, grinning delight which the Gloria Steinems of this world display concerning abortion is driven by more than just the desire to stop rape victims having unwanted children. It is powered by the grotesque thrill which holding power over life and death brings with it….

Some people seem to take a pride in such things which cannot be explained by merely pragmatic criteria such as convenience and choice. Something deeper, something more spiritual, something more sinister, is at work here.

~ Carl Trueman, First Things, April 15

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