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pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • Wesley J. Smith responds to the recent Washington Post opinion piece opposing the use of the phrase “difficult decision” to describe abortion:

    With this kind of advocacy increasing, it is clear now that pro-abortionists also want Roe v. Wade overturned. Why? Roe permitted limits.

    In contrast – as I have written – a ruling that protects abortion as necessary to protect sexual equality would permit abortion through the ninth month – if not beyond – with the only regulations permitted being those required for basic sanitation.

    After that, the next step would be to require free abortion, either paid by the state or required as coverage under Obamacare. Pro-abortionists believe that women won’t really be free until they are guaranteed the right to a dead fetus.


  • At Priests for Life, Kevin Burke, who has a men’s post-abortion ministry, clarifies his controversial post about the late Robin Williams (pictured left) as a post-abortive father:

    My previous blog focused on the possible relationship between Robin Williams’s very public struggle with addiction and a previous abortion loss. I have since learned that some saw this as an exploitation of his tragic death.

    How did I come to write this piece? As I read of Williams’s death, his addiction struggle was prominent in many articles I was reading… but with no mention of his abortion loss in the 1970’s. I saw this as an opportunity to draw attention to something I have learned in my 20 years’ experience in after-abortion recovery ministry; people often self-medicate the very painful and complex emotions and memories of their abortion experience with drugs and alcohol. This sometimes leads to serious addiction issues at great personal cost and also brings pain and suffering upon their loved ones.

  • At Bound4Life, Josh Shepherd contrasts the stiff penalties imposed on pro-lifers’ free speech with the lack of penalties received by abortionists who flout the Born Alive Infants Protection Act (like Kermit Gosnell). Star Parker of The Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE) “is laser-focused on getting Congress to give the Born Alive Infants Protection Act a second look, most recently meeting with key leaders on Capitol Hill.”
  • At ProLife365, Kevin Kukla posts his six reasons why pro-lifers should stop ceding the hard cases as reasons to allow abortion – for instance, in the case of rape, which is one of the most compelling.
  • Secular Pro-Life has a post about the hijacking of the term “feminism” by radical abortion supporters:

    I’ll close with a personal confession, which I’ve been wanting to write about for a while, and now seems like a good opportunity: when I see an organization or campaign about “women’s health,” I always dig to see if it’s an abortion group before expressing any support. And that disgusts me. I’m a woman. Women’s health is my health!! How did we get to the point where I have to be suspicious of my health?! But my suspicions are justified, because the phrase “women’s health,” like “feminism,” has been hijacked by people with values that are starkly opposed to those of 57% of the female population of the United States.

    Yes, it’s beyond frustrating, and I understand why some people just throw their hands in the air and reject feminism. But I’m convinced that the better response is to reclaim it!

  • Pro-Life Action League posts one of the videos from the recent Converted Conference which features Catherine Adair. Adair had an abortion and became a radical feminist, working for Planned Parenthood. In this 45-minute video, she discusses what she witnessed as a PP employee, along with the heart and mind conversion that took place in her life after leaving the abortion industry.
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Pro-life news brief 8-19-14

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • A judge in Iowa has upheld the ban on telemed/Skype abortions in the state:

    The judge wrote that the medical board has significant authority to regulate such issues. “There is no question that the board has the power to establish standards of practice for the medical profession. Those standards include the authority to adopt and enforce standards regarding the minimal standards of acceptable and prevailing practice,” he wrote.

    The system has remained in use while the two sides wrangled in court. The judge’s ruling is set to take effect in 30 days. A Planned Parenthood spokeswoman said her agency would file a legal appeal.

  • Gillian Ropespierre, director of Obvious Child, wants people to stop calling her film an “abortion comedy”:

    But, because the plot revolves around an abortion, it’s not being called, simply, a ‘comedy’. Instead, it’s being referred to as – whisper it – ‘that abortion comedy.’

    Director Gillian Robespierre isn’t particularly pleased that her work of art has been given this label.

    “‘Abortion comedy’ gives a sense, in the semantics of that sentence, that we’re making light of abortion. And we’re not doing that,” she tells me. “I was a little angry because it makes our movie sound glib and sarcastic.”

  • At the Washington Post, liberal political strategist Carter Eskew joins the trend of abortion advocates who are criticizing “choice” language:

    The pro-choice side cannot win the debate as it is currently framed; it can achieve only small victories when the other side overreaches. An example: Requiring an ultrasound is okay, not just an invasive one. The reason pro-choice advocates can’t and won’t win is because they don’t have an affirmative argument, only a defensive one….

    The problem is “choice” will never trump “life.” Choice is valuable, but life is precious. As long as there is no competing affirmative value for abortion, then life will always win.

Pro-life vid of day: Pope prays at cemetery for aborted children

600x4059by Hans Johnson

During Pope Francis‘ trip to South Korea, he visited the House of Hope in Kkottongnae, which cares for the elderly and disabled who were rejected by their families. While there he saw a memorial garden of small white crosses representing children aborted because of their genetic abnormalities. He bowed his head in prayer and spoke with a pro-life activist who had no arms or legs.

In his homily given the day before, he referred to the “culture of death,” as had his predecessor, Pope John Paul II, listing a number of threats to the world, among which was a “culture of death which devalues the image of God of life, and violates the dignity of every man, woman, and child.”

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Planned Parenthood official resigns over racist statements

Told female black leader to kick another's ass

390756_284329228286507_1809243706_nAny distrust Women of Color felt toward Planned Parenthood was kept out of the public eye until July 28, when the abortion giant blew any remaining shreds of good will.

It was on that day a story Planned Parenthood shopped to the New York Times was published, within which Planned Parenthood failed to give WOC credit for the concept of “reproductive justice” and submitted names of only white female leaders of the abortion lobby to interview – seven to be exact – but no WOC.

Enter into the fracas Melissa Flourney, pictured right, Louisiana State Director for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast – until August 15, that is, when she was forced to resign.

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NARAL defies Planned Parenthood, promotes “pro-choice” terminology

Abortion Rally Pro-choice vs Pro-life on abortionPeople are such lemmings. Now that Planned Parenthood has decided the abortion movement’s most prized obfuscation, “pro-choice,” is uncool, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.

Suddenly, ‘”[p]ro-choice sounds stark, institutional and impersonal,” proclaimed ad agency exec Shireen Jiwan of Sleuth in the AdWeek post, “How 6 ad women would rebrand pro-choice.”

Womankind’s Sandy Sabean added, “What needs to be made clearer is that what we are against is anti-choice.” Well, that really does clear things up. I’d think the correct phrase would then be “pro-choice,” but what do I know?

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Pro-life vid of day: Pro-choicer says pro-lifers are winning

by Kelli

Texas Right to Life recently posted a video on Twitter in which the extreme pro-choice group Stop Patriarchy made some interesting claims about the pro-life movement.

After chanting, “Abortion on demand and without apology; without this basic right, women can’t be free,” a spokesperson for the group says the the “humanity of women is under attack” and the pro-life movement’s “morality is not rooted in the needs of human beings,” yet the PLM is “winning.”

You have to hear it to believe it:

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“Right to choose” should be who raises baby, not if s/he lives

IChoseLifeBirthMother-300x336My wish is that women of any age would understand that it is only 9 months out of their life but it is life to someone else! That the right to choose should be a choice of who raises a baby, not whether it lives or dies.

~ Anonymous birth mother,, August 15, prefacing her beautiful story of choosing adoption

Stanek Sunday funnies, “Golfer-in-Chief” edition

Good morning! President Obama’s persistent response to all the crises of the world by turning to his golf game apparently reached critical mass this week and was the subject of several cartoons on both sides of the political spectrum. Be sure to vote for your fav in the poll at the bottom of this post!

We begin with a twofer by Steve Kelley at

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Stanek Sunday Word: “Respect for God proves wisdom”


He said to human beings, “Have respect for me. That will prove you are wise, and to keep from evil is the way to knowledge.”

~ Job 28:28, New International Readers Version, Bible in Basic English

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Pro-life photo of the week: Talk to the hand

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Natasia Langfelder Bio Picby Kelli

Weddings are a celebration of love, of the entwining of two lives, of the exciting possibility of creating even more lives from this union.

I didn’t expect to have to endorse a “pro-life” stance.

~ and writer Natasia Langfelder (pictured), lamenting her participation in a relative’s Catholic wedding where she felt there was too much of a pro-life message, as quoted by Live Action News, August 16

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