4th video on Planned Parenthood released: “Another boy!”


In the past 2-1/2 weeks we’ve seen Planned Parenthood high level abortionists discuss “crushing” babies over salad and wine,  “crunching” babies to get enough money for Lamborghinis, and profits to be made over a petri dish of baby parts.

But today’s is the most heart-rending, in my opinion. At the shocking conclusion of Center for Medical Progress’s video exposé #4, a medical assistant in the procurement room proudly announces the tiny, dissected baby in the petri dish in front of her is “another boy!” It’s the utterly depraved.

Bear in mind the babies analyzed in today’s video were 11.6 and 12 weeks old – on the outside edge of the first trimester. The heart, stomach, kidney, eyeballs, and even adrenal glands can be visualized. And the tiny little guy’s sex organ.

This video was recorded at the Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains in Denver, with abortionist Savita Ginde, its Vice President and Medical Director.

Ginde and crew are as gross, calloused, and cold as we’ve seen the others to be, if not more so.

Conversation in the “procurement room”:

Ginde: It’s a baby. [Re: 11.6-weeker]

Buyer: Is that the heart?

Assistant: I think so, here’s the heart.

Ginde: Everyone’s trying to get in on it.

Assistant: My fingers will smush it if I try to get it out. The heart is right there….

Ginde: So do people want brain? What do they do with brain? [Re: 12 weeker]

Buyer: Yeah, so brain, what you can do is -

Ginde: Do people do stuff with eyeballs?

Buyer: Oh, yeah. Although eyeballs, they generally want more developed than this. Then the cal[varium, head], there was, first there was a brain in here -

Ginde: Blasted out?

Buyer: Yeah, it got blasted out with the water.

Ginde: Well, you know a lot of times, especially with the 2nd tris [trimester] is we won’t even put water, because it’s so big you can put your hand in there and just pick up the parts.

Buyer: Right, just pick it up.

Ginde: So I don’t think it would be as war-torn.

Buyer: “War-torn”? Oh, dear.

Ginde: Here’s some organs for you. They’re all attached. Here’s a stomach, kidney, heart… adrenal. I don’t know what else is in there – tiny.

Assistant: I don’t see the legs, do you see the legs?

Buyer: There you go, yep.

Assistant: And another boy!

327-its_a_boy_balloonAbout that horrendous final comment, Chris Crawford of the Susan B. Anthony List wrote in an email:

At our Gala, Senator Lindsey Graham talked about how the debate we find ourselves in is a debate about who we are as a country. And this last video shows the greatest contrast possible between our side and their side.

When my mother was pregnant with me, the doctor excitedly announced, “It’s a boy!” when they looked at the ultrasound.

When I was born (6 weeks early) people came to the hospital with balloons that said, “It’s a boy!”

“It’s a boy!” and “It’s a girl!” are exclamations that are shared at the most exciting, hopeful parts of the beginning of a new human person’s life.

And here in this video, we have a technician shuffling through the parts of an aborted baby. She moves his heart that has stopped beating, his lungs that will never take in air, and his legs that will never walk, and excitedly shouts “It’s a boy!”

It’s disturbing. It’s haunting. And I think this is the line that we have to draw between our two opposing movements, and between good and evil in our country, frankly.

A coalition of pro-life groups is organizing a national day of protest at Planned Parenthoods across the country on August 22, from 9-11 a.m. Please plan to join them.

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Planned Parenthood hires same crisis management firm Komen hired to fend off PP

filepicker-8d2Z4LzRaa784mfivkW7_what_goes_around_comes_back_aroundWell, isn’t this rich.

Politico is reporting that Planned Parenthood has hired crisis management firm SKDKnickerbocker “as it scrambles to deal with the ongoing scandal”:

SKDKnickerbocker is no newbie to working on Planned Parenthood issues. The Democratically aligned firm is run by well-connected operatives, including Anita Dunn and Hilary Rosen. It also worked with the group during the 2012 election cycle, according to SKDKnickerbocker’s website.

SKDKnickerbocker is also the group Susan G. Komen for the Cure hired in 2012 when it was trying to fend off Planned Parenthood after deciding to break financial ties with the abortion giant.

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New video: Planned Parenthood docs angle to maximize profit from baby parts


As someone on Twitter noted, “Each video just gets worse and worse.”

The latest video release from The Center for Medical Progress only adds to the growing volume of evidence that Planned Parenthood abortion clinics and practitioners across the country are systemically involved in trafficking parts and organs from aborted babies for profit.

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Planned Parenthood deletes offensive “Minions” tweet


As if Planned Parenthood needed any more heat, it drew fire July 24 for an ill-conceived tweet attacking pro-life undercover investigators who exposed its side business of baby parts trafficking with, of all things, a yellow creature from the children’s movie Minions.

The Washington Times laid out the groaner:

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VIDEO: Obama goes out of his way to thank Planned Parenthood during midst of baby parts scandal

2015-07-27_1000President Obama has a long-standing, super close relationship with Planned Parenthood, most clearly exemplified by his willingness in 2011 to shut down the federal government rather than allow the abortion giant to be defunded.

Obama hasn’t stopped with his own turf. He has also blocked state efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.

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Planned Parenthood speculates what we’ll see in upcoming videos, including actual baby dissections for organs

deborahnucatolazPlanned Parenthood has submitted a letter to the House Energy and Commerce Committee refusing to produce its scandalized Chief Medical Director, Deborah Nucatola, at a briefing to answer questions regarding potential illegalities she admitted to in a conversation caught on video by The Center for Medical Progress during an undercover investigation.

In that letter, Planned Parenthood seeks to get in front of further scandal by speculating what it thinks will be on future damaging investigative videos by CMP. This includes an admission that CMP investigators may have video of actual tissue procurement at a PP facility:

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Video #2! Plus new pro-life talking points on Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 9.07.30 AM

Today, Center for Medical Progress released its second video exposing Planned Parenthood’s illegal participation in aborted baby parts trafficking, as the current headline on Drudge indicates (which links to this LifeNews.com story).View the video here:

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BREAKING: House committee calls Planned Parenthood’s bluff

Another committee wants DOJ to investigate potential Partial Birth Abortion Ban violations

60673711On July 15, Planned Parenthood Federation of America issued a response to an undercover video released July 14 that showed Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, casually describing how she and other PP abortionists appear to violate several state and federal laws. PPFA denied everything.

Today, the House Energy and Commerce Committee called Planned Parenthood’s bluff, while at the same time asking Nucatola to explain herself, writing in a letter to PPFA’s CEO Cecile Richards:

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