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pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • Bound4Life is praying for a pro-life start to 2015, and asks others to do the same as two important cases will come before the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals:

    Both Arkansas and North Dakota’s State Legislatures have passed laws defining life as when a baby’s heartbeat can be detected. Now the appeals court will consider if the laws, passed by majority vote, are considered constitutional.


  • The Leading Edge weighs in on the case of a New Zealand abortion provider who inserted an IUD without the consent of his patient. The woman was unaware of the IUD until three years later, when she was examined due to her difficulty becoming pregnant. Will there be an outcry from pro-choice advocates, as this woman was given no choice?
  • A Culture of Life also weighs in on the case, saying abortion is never truly safe – especially not if an abortionist can get away with performing surgery on a patient without permission:

    If doctors are inserting IUDs without patient consent, what other dodgy practices are happening within New Zealand abortion facilities? What complications occur that we never hear about?

  • The FRC Blog encourages the mayor of Washington, D.C., to veto the bill that would force all employers to cover abortions:

    Yesterday, the DC Council passed a bill called the “Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act of 2014,” which could force employers in the District of Columbia (including the Family Research Council) to cover abortions….

    Aside from this injustice, there are a number of legal problems with the bill. As pointed out by Alliance Defending Freedom, the bill would violate the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the Weldon Amendment, and the First Amendment protections of Free Speech, Free Exercise, and Freedom of Association.

  • rkade

    • ProLifeBlogs links to an Operation Rescue post on two emergency transports on the same day from Dr. Martin Haskell’s late-term abortion facility in Kettering, Ohio. On duty that day was Dr. Roslyn Kade (pictured right) who has no admitting privileges at any hospital. The facility also has no transfer agreement:

      “The Ohio Department of Health should refuse to renew the facility license of Haskell’s Kettering abortion clinic for the same reasons it shut down his Sharonville operation,” said [Troy] Newman. “Women continue to suffer life-threatening abortion complications without the guarantee that they will receive adequate or timely treatment. Ohio authorities shouldn’t wait until someone dies before taking action to protect women.”

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    [Photos via and Operation Rescue]

    Pro-life vid of day: Most grateful kids get worst Christmas gifts

    by Kelli

    Video of a father giving his two sweet children some early Christmas “gifts” in 2011 has gone viral recently, and it’s not hard to see why.

    A little background from The Huffington Post:

    Tim Cocker’s young son and daughter knew exactly what they wanted for Christmas: He wanted a watch inspired by the cartoon show “Ben 10,” and she wanted “Barbie Princess and Ken the King” dolls.

    But when Cocker decided to surprise his kids by letting them each open a special gift two weeks before Christmas, the children got presents they weren’t at all expecting.

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    News station investigates clandestine taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood; cornered elected official huffs off


    If Planned Parenthood is so popular, why did a news station in the heart of the West Coast’s abortion stronghold – Sacramento, California – spotlight it in an investigation of shady expenditures by city council members?

    And why did a complicit council member, when questioned ever so lightly about it, abruptly yank off her mic while still on camera and end the interview?

    In an investigation into the large amount of discretionary spending allotted to Sacramento city council members – $400,000 annually – KCRA noted that member Angelique Ashby gave a portion of hers to Planned Parenthood.

    2014-12-17_1549Ashby apparently didn’t like being asked about that. According to KCRA, in a December 17 broadcast story:

    … she defended the contribution, took off the microphone and walked away.

    “I hope that in doing so, that some of those young women grow up, love their city enough to come back, run for City Council and be the next mayor pro tem of the city of Sacramento,” Ashby said.

    “Here you go,” she said, before taking off her microphone and walking off.

    This came right after Ashby proclaimed transparency, “evidenced by the fact that I’m standing in front of you answering for those funds.”

    … for only one second longer, until it came to Planned Parenthood.

    You can view Ashby’s strange response here (during the last minute of the video).

    KCRA followed up on December 18 with a story specifically on the fact that “[s]ince 2012, every City Council member gave some of their discretionary funds to Planned Parenthood, a total of $11,000.”

    There was no vote on giving taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood, no public announcement, no accountability on the part of Planned Parenthood to not use those funds for abortion, only a statement by unnamed Planned Parenthood “officials” that it is “their policy to keep funding for educational programs separate from other services.”

    How do we know? What “other services” would those be?

    2014-12-18_1109Interesting that a mainstream media news organization saw a story, a controversy. Of all the odd expenditures made by city council members, the one KCRA knew would get a rise were those made to Planned Parenthood. Why?

    Also interesting that the station didn’t bypass a story it knew had to be politically incorrect.

    KCRA also found a resident who “doesn’t want her tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood programs – period,” who added:

    “I think if people were aware of it, you would have an overwhelming amount of people showing up at a City Council meeting complaining.  I think you would have calls to their offices. I think you would have long lines if there was an open forum for people to discuss. I think it would be a big issue.”

    So don’t for a minute think Planned Parenthood maintains a sunny reputation, even in California. The work pro-lifers have done to expose the United States’ largest abortion organization to the light of day is slowly but steadily paying off.

    Speaking of sunlight, KCRA reported that thanks to its investigation the Sacramento County Grand Jury has launched a “formal inquiry” into the city council’s discretionary spending habits.

    I have a feeling Planned Parenthood has been cut off.

    Pro-life video of the day: 3D imaging saves lives

    by Hans Johnson

    Abortion technology is, quite frankly, at a “dead end.” There’s really nowhere else to go for killing efficiency.

    But true medicine –  the treatment and sustaining of lives – is moving forward in leaps and bounds. Realview Imaging is an Israeli medical tech company that is developing remarkable 3D holographic projection imaging to assist in the visualization of organs – and babies – the better to diagnose and solve health issues.

    Life is “on the right side of history.” It is the future.

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    Tales of bad parenting: “Abortion saved my child”

    women-dont-regret-abortionby Kelli

    Notice that both abortion stories share this same, perverse theme: abortion is a way to “save” my child. Also notice that both women were using birth control and still wound up pregnant. I mention that as an aside, but it’s worth considering in its own right….

    The first woman admits that she ended her child’s life — because she couldn’t give her child “everything,” because she couldn’t give her child “a wonderful life,” and because she didn’t want to follow the lead of her own “bad parents.” The second woman maintains that she saved her child by paying to have him or her killed — after determining that is what God wanted her to do. Both women maintain that they are guilt-free, though the first woman says she is heartbroken and the second says she cries because she wishes her child was still with her.

    The term “self-fulfilling prophecy” comes to mind. For fear that they will be bad parents, these women killed their children — which is the ultimate expression of bad parenting. Everything else pales by comparison….

    I do not fear the impact that “positive” abortion stories will have. Even the positive stories are laced with tragedy, and the more abortion is talked about in the public square, the more apparent it will become that abortion is one of vilest perversions of justice the world has ever known.

    ~ Michael Spielman, discussing two of the “I don’t regret my abortion” stories he recently received,, December 16

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    Pro-life vid of day: Deaf boy no longer isolated

    by Hans Johnson

    Patrick Otema is a 15-year-old Ugandan boy who is profoundly deaf and withdrawn from society. There were no schools for the deaf near his rural village. Then Raymond Okkele, a young man who lost his hearing as a child, returned to his boyhood home and began teaching sign language.

    If you remember that moment in the play and movie The Helen Keller Story when she learns and comprehends the word “water” – well, be prepared to be moved again.

    This is the mini-documentary 15 and Learning to Speak, on UK Channel 4’s Unreported World, as reported by Kiki King:

    YouTube Preview Image

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    [HT: Life Dynamics)

    Video spoofs what happily child-free people are thinking

    child free zoneby Carder

    Breeding little humans isn’t for everyone and, while we think everyone should be able to choose to have kids or not without facing judgement, some people just don’t get it.

    If the kids-just-aren’t-for-me-ever contingency was really honest, there would probably be a whole lot more people making comments like “No, I don’t want to hold your baby.” And, word to the wise, don’t ever tell a childfree woman: “Well, you’re gonna change your mind when your biological clock starts ticking.”

    Answer: “I’m gonna press snooze on that little clock.”

    ~ Alanna Vagianos introducing a recent BuzzFeed video titled, “If People Who Dislike Children Said What’s On Their Mind”, Huffington Post, December 16

    Pro-life blog buzz 12-16-14

    pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

    • ProLife NZ laments the story of a woman choosing abortion at 28 weeks gestation when she found out her child had a deformed left hand. She stated her decision to abort rested upon not wanting her child to be discriminated against due to this disability (oh, the irony). The media felt it unfortunate that the deformity was not identified earlier in pregnancy, as if that would have made the abortion more acceptable. (I wonder what would happen if children had the right to terminate less than perfect parents….)
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    Pro-life vid of day: Prenatal surgery saves lives before birth


    by Hans Johnson

    Dr. Scott Adzick (pictured right), chief of surgery at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, helped pioneer the field of fetal surgery in the early 1980s. He says:

    The idea arose from the frustration of caring for babies after birth and realizing it was too late: the damage was already done. We had to get to the baby earlier, while still inside mom.

    A Wisconsin couple, April and Jason Leffingwell, learned after a 20-week sonogram that their son Elijah had a tumor in his right lung. While in most cases the tumor could be removed post-birth, this one kept growing. To April the decision was certain: “There wasn’t a choice in our head. We weren’t going to abort, and we weren’t going to let a tumor kill our child. We were going to do everything we could to save our child.”

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    The Personhood split, Part II: Strategy

    2935348.largeRead The Personhood split, Part I: Structure for background.

    Aside from their structural variations, Personhood USA and National Personhood Alliance at first seemed to have similar goals – until the November 4 election.

    At that time both the Colorado “Definition of Person and Child” Initiative and  North Dakota “Life Begins at Conception” Amendment failed, by 65% and 64%, respectively.

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    by Carder

    Rev KnoxAs faith leaders, we all feel literally called — and supported by spirit on a daily basis — to model something different in the face of this overwhelming message to people that they’re not enough, that they’re not loved, and that in fact they’re hated…. Our message is that you are loved, loved, loved.

    God loves women who have abortions.

    ~ President and CEO of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Rights, Reverend Harry Knox, explaining the rationale behind why his colleagues became involved with the pro-choice movement, Think Progress, December 16

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