Pro-life blog buzz 10-23-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • At Stand True, Bryan Kemper gives an update about TLC’s censorship of the Duggar family’s pro-life t-shirts, which were created by Stand True:

    Our Stand True missionaries have been working hard all week getting ready for the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity and answering questions and comments coming in from all over the world about TLC censoring the t-shirt. In all reality what TLC did was help to make sure the pro-life message was heard far and wide.
    We asked all of you — the Stand True family — to help us send a message to TLC and you overwhelmed us with your response. We saw thousands of tweets and e-mails going out to TLC along with tens of thousands of signatures on petitions. We know that TLC heard our message loud and clear but we need to keep the pressure on as Josh asked us to do.


  • Ethika Politika discusses the anniversary of the Pill, which was touted to be a breakthrough for women’s rights but has had some unintended consequences:

    Unfortunately for the more than 10 million American women who take oral contraceptives, hardly anyone reported that the World Health Organization also classified the combination Pill as a carcinogen. In fact, the Pill continues to be the most popular method of contraception in this country, particularly for women under the age of 30. A little over a year after the World Health Organization announced its findings, the prestigious medical journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings published an article called “Oral Contraceptive Use as a Risk Factor for Premenopausal Breast Cancer.”

  • At Secular Pro-Life, guest blogger Rebecca Stapleford, a “proud physically disabled and autistic woman” says the entire pro-choice mindset is based on ableism and “ableist assumptions about a disabled person’s quality of life… in order to promote late-term abortion”:

    The pro-choice movement insists that the unborn are not persons, for a myriad of reasons. However, all of these reasons are based on functionalism, which is the belief that what you are currently able to do is what makes you a person, not who you are….

    Often, the ableist reasons given for denying personhood to fetuses and embryos would also deny personhood to disabled or temporarily impaired human beings that are already born, if abortion supporters were logically consistent.


  • Wesley J. Smith is astonished that the ever morally-challenged, pro-abortion Dr. Peter Singer wants chimps to be declared persons so they are no longer used for testing. He prefers that humans in persistent vegetative states be used instead:

    Singer simply asserts that chimps are persons because of their intelligence and supposed rudimentary moral sense. (No way are chimps moral agents. Only we are.)…

    But as I said, even that, isn’t what the case is really all about. It’s just the pretext. For if some animals can be elevated to personhood, it also means some people will be demoted to non-personhood–essentially dehumanization, for which Singer has advocated for decades. As I wrote some time ago in the Weekly Standard:

    These and other concerted efforts to knock ourselves off the pedestal of exceptionalism are terribly misguided. The way we act is based substantially on what kind of being we perceive ourselves to be. Thus, if we truly want to make this a better and more humane world, the answer is not to think of ourselves as inhabiting the same moral plane as animals – none of which can even begin to comprehend rights. Rather, it is to embrace the unique importance of being human.

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Pro-life vid of day: “Crescendo” movie released to YouTube

by Kelli

At long last, the film that raised nearly $6 million for pregnancy resource centers has been released on YouTube.

Crescendo, produced by Pattie Mallette (Justin Bieber’s mother) and Bella producers Jason Jones and Eduardo Verástegui, is the winner of 15 international film festival awards.

Jason Jones says the team’s goal for the film was “to create a monument to the incomparable dignity of the human person that would transcend time and culture.”

Watch the entire film for free:

YouTube Preview Image

You can also read the stories behind the filmmakers here.

Email with your video suggestions.

Pro-life vid of day: Speaking life to women considering abortion

sidewalkadvocatesby Kelli

Sidewalk Advocates for Life is a new sidewalk counseling organization which meets women on the “front lines” of the abortion issue – at the abortion facilities. Their goal is to train pro-lifers to peacefully reach out to abortion-vulnerable women in their own communities throughout the year, after the 40 Days for Life campaigns have ended.

Lauren Muzyka, executive director of SAFL, writes:

We take a very woman-oriented approach to Sidewalk Advocacy, believing that one cannot save preborn children without also helping their mothers and families.

Even though we just launched April 1, we already have 42 sidewalk counseling locations – 40 in the United States, 1 in Canada and 1 in Romania. And the results in such a short period of time are even more amazing – since we started, we’ve seen 228 babies saved along with 47 “hopefuls” (those who left to “think about it”). Four abortion workers have left and business has plummeted at several locations.

Watch this video of Lizanne, a woman directly impacted by this ministry:

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Pro-life stand-off at The Alamo

622x350 (1) On the heels of showing the reality of abortion last week on a huge, video-streaming JumboTron at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia - where the term “created equal” was penned by our Founding Fathers - pro-life group Created Equal was blocked in San Antonio yesterday from erecting the same display at the Alamo. This was a clear violation of Created Equal’s constitutional right to free speech – content based discrimination. At the last minute City officials claimed Created Equal’s JumboTron violated city code regarding digital signs, but the city had previously approved jumbotrons for a Floyd Mayweather boxing event (kudos to ksat for pointing that out to the city) and a Glenn Beck Tea Party rally (starts at 1:26). Furthermore, Created Equal had followed the letter of the law and city ordinances in preparing to show images of abortion victims at the Alamo. I will detail the chain of events below, but here is video laying out the drama yesterday: YouTube Preview Image Now, here are the facts, as provided to me by Created Equal’s Executive Director Mark Harrington in an email:

  • We began the process of securing a permit for the Alamo Plaza on August 29, 2014.
  • We listed the JumboTron as part of the display.
  • We sent pictures and descriptions of the JumboTron to the Special Events Coordinator. They knew the nature of the event up front.
  • We received an approved facility permit on September 22, 2014.
  • Security for the event was arranged for us through the Special Events Coordinator.
  • We received an email at 6:59pm CST (the night before the event) from the Director of Development Services informing us that the Jumbotron was in violation of city code provisions related to the use of digital signs. They waited to the 11th hour to inform us of the issue.
  • No phone number was provided to contact the director or citation was provided for the particular sign code.
  • Commercial sign codes cannot be applied to temporary first amendment displays. The city looked and found a way to keep us off of Alamo Plaza despite the fact that we had an approved permit.
  • After arriving at the Alamo at 7:30am on Oct. 20, the planters were moved to block our entrance into the plaza.
  • Around 9:30am Roderick Sanchez, Director of Development Services, shows up on site and admits that “they blew it” in handling the permit but tells us we cannot display the JumboTron. We asked for the sign code citation and were told it would be forthcoming.
  • Hours pass and no one provides the sign code information.
  • Around 11:00am police inform us that code compliance office workers will be moving the planters that will allow us to display the JumboTron. Police tell us they will protect our rights to free speech.
  • Soon afterwards a suit for the city tells us they are going to cite us for violating the sign ordinance and possibly cite us for several other criminal infractions that they refused to disclose.
  • Suit reneges on the agreement and tells us we cannot pull the Jumbotron onto the plaza.
  • City vehicles block the entrance to the plaza and planters are put in the way.
  • Stand-off ends as city refuses to honor their agreement to allow the JumboTron to be displayed.

1191x1191 This is by no means over. Harrington told me via phone this morning his group is in working with Life Legal Defense Foundation to determine a response. And as Harrington told a throng of news reporters who were on hand to witness the day’s events:

This was about abortion, not sign compliance. Once the City of San Antonio bureaucrats found out we had an approved permit to display the JumboTron they scoured the city code to find a way to stop us. If we had wanted to perform an abortion at Alamo Plaza they would have protected our right to do so. But since we were going to show an abortion, they did all they could to stop us. We will regroup. We will evaluate our legal options. But this battle is far from over. We are not going away. If city leaders think they got rid of us they have another thing coming.

The Alamo, Created Equal, abortion images The silver lining is the vast amount of local news coverage the cancelled event triggered: 1 2 1 2 Pro-lifers will indeed remember the Alamo. [Top two photos via]

Columnist: Women are not “slaves to their libidos”

mcallisterby Kelli

Rampell argues that if only poor people in America could get free birth control and more comprehensive sex education, have “easy access” to abortions in unregulated clinics, and receive more government-sponsored childcare by expanding the welfare state, then unwanted pregnancies would be a thing of the past and Americans would live happily ever after.

Oh, the joy of a liberal utopia.

Rampell doesn’t pause to consider other factors that have seriously contributed to the disparity between the rich and poor on out-of-wedlock births. Instead of looking at the issue in terms of personal choice regarding marriage and childbirth, as well as personal responsibility, and respecting all people as rational human beings capable of self-government, she concludes that a “trap” is being laid; someone must be doing something to these women or not enough for them. Neither is truly the case….

When it comes to finding solutions that will help low-income single mothers, we need to do more than just dish out contraceptives (which will be ineffective for those who are actually choosing to have babies out of wedlock), herd them into unregulated abortion clinics, give them “comprehensive” sex education that fails to factor in the spiritual and moral dimension of human beings, and then continue their dependence on government and the cycle of poverty by increasing welfare programs….

I can just hear the mockery now and the hysterical screams of “Don’t stigmatize my choice to have sex!” But no one is stigmatizing sex, let alone your choice to have it. What’s being stigmatized in our culture is marriage and the choice not to have sex….

[S]ome of us have a higher view of women — that they don’t have to be controlled by their base desires, by poverty, by fear, by dependency — all of which drive us to more constricted and unhappy lives.

We can do better. We have done better. And we can be better again.

~ D.C. McAllister (pictured), responding to Catherine Rampell’s assertion that “sex is for rich people” and that “a trap” is laid for poor people who want to have sex, The Federalist, October 21

Pro-life vid of day: The pro-life youth vote

by Hans Johnson

The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins discusses family life and liberty issues with two leaders in the pro-life youth movement. LiveAction’s Lila Rose and Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life of America have both been activists since they were about 15. They see signs that the tide is turning in Life’s favor, spearheaded by the young.  Says Lila Rose:

We can end abortion in our lifetime. Part of that is a political solution, part of that is a prayer solution, and part of that is what we do everyday in our communities through activism and acts of compassion.”

Watch their remarks from 10:18 to 16:35…

YouTube Preview Image

Email with your video suggestions.

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Catholic St. Norbert College to invite pro-abort Gloria Steinem on campus

St. Norbert Collegeby Carder

It’s so wrong and scandalous. Especially at a Catholic campus…

Because Gloria Steinem is like Margaret Sanger. Or even worse.

She boasted about her own abortion, saying: “it felt positive.”

On another occasion, she said: “There is no organization in this country or the world that is more important than Planned Parenthood.” (, Sept. 17, 2011)

And she also said this:

“Approximately one in three women in this country needs an abortion at some time in her life. It should be a part of reproductive rights.” (The Washington Post – Nov. 19, 2013)

So, I’d like to ask you:

How on earth can a woman like Gloria Steinem with such a public pro-abortion record be invited to give a lecture at a Catholic institute, which ought to be a cornerstone in the defense of innocent life?

~ Pro-life activist John Ritchie of TFP Student Action, sounding the alarm that St. Norbert College plans to host radical pro-abortion activist Gloria Steinem, October 19

Pro-life activists infiltrate Planned Parenthood mega-abortion center under construction

Click all photos to enlarge…


The location of Planned Parenthood’s new mega-abortion clinic in San Antonio, Texas, was kept a closely guarded secret until October 11, when Planned Parenthood of South Texas CEO Jeffrey Hons gave a reporter from San Antonio Express-News a tour of the facility, now in the latter stages of construction.

The existing 22,000 sq ft building, located at 2140 Babcock Road, is being renovated at a projected cost of $6.5 million, up from $5 million just 7 months ago. Love those overruns.

Yesterday, pro-life activists from Created Equal and Love of Truth Ministries were able to enter the two-story building, around which there were no “No Trespassing” signs or fence, to conduct their own inspection, with video camera in hand. Here’s what they saw…

YouTube Preview Image

CE’s Mark Harrington, who narrated the video, told me he almost vomited during the walk-through, particularly on the second floor, where all the “killing rooms,” as he called them, are located.

According to Harrington, a Planned Parenthood executive on the premises became visibly agitated when spotting he and his videographer exiting the building. She instructed a construction site manager to shoo the pro-lifers off the property. That’s who you see at the end of the video.

It appeared to Harrington the mega-abortion mill is at least a month from completion.

Pro-lifers are going to make that month difficult. This week they will begin exposing and confronting contractors as well as leafletting the neighborhood. They already began picketing the premises yesterday.


They will also pull as many permits as they can to inspect for irregularities.

Hons bragged to the San Antonio-Express News “an outcome that backers of HB2 probably didn’t envision” was Planned Parenthood’s expansion will enable it to commit late-term abortions. Currently, Planned Parenthood only kills babies in the first trimester.

Hons also credited the new pro-life law with a bump in the number of abortions his affiliate will now commit, “about 2,800… a year – an increase of 1,000 over the number provided two years ago, before HB2.”

In reality, any increase in abortion trade is due to Planned Parenthood’s heavy-handed monopoly of the market in Texas.

Planned Parenthood had to stop committing abortions at its current location at 104 Babcock Road on September 1, because that building did not meet ambulatory surgical center requirements. Until this building is completed, “Planned Parenthood has leased space at a local surgical center to perform abortions,” according to the paper.

Pro-life blog buzz 10-21-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • Fletcher Armstrong has put in a request to City Hall in Asheville, North Carolina, asking them to afford his pro-life group the same right to display a banner on the building as was given to a rainbow flag celebrating the striking down of a statewide ban on gay marriage. While he is still awaiting an official response, he has received some local TV coverage for his request.
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Pro-life vid of the day: “Sing a little louder”

by Hans Johnson

sing-a-little-louder-cover-art Few truer words have been written than the oft-paraphrased observation of philosopher George Santayana: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” A new short film called Sing A Little Louder seeks to remind us of that lesson.

It is based on the pro-life tract of the same name written by activist Penny Lea. She tells the story of an old man who approached her after a speech and related his experiences in a church in Nazi Germany. They heard the train whistles and the screams of terrified Jews, knowing they were being taken to the concentration camp. They decided to “sing a little louder” to drown out the cries of the victims of the Nazi Holocaust.

The implication for today is clear. Will we do the same? Or will we “speak a little louder” in defense of the victims of the abortion holocaust?

You can see the film’s trailer and contribute to its promotion by clicking on the image below:

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