Police officers oppose converting former abortion clinic into police station

rockford-abortion-3-hanging-rubber-chickenPolice officers in Rockford, Illinois, are balking at the suggestion that a police station inhabit the building where a notorious abortion clinic was once located. Per WIFR.com, September 12:

Some Rockford Police officers are refusing to work in one of the buildings city leaders are considering using as a police station. The city wants the old Turner School on Broadway to be the new District Two headquarters.

“A number of people have an objection to the Turner School building because of what it represents and they have some serious moral objections to being in that building,” PBPA Union President Terry Peterson, said….

“That was definitely an issue that came up and it came up overwhelmingly,” Peterson said.

Peterson says he’s heard from more than a dozen officers who say they won’t work in that building because it used to be an abortion clinic.

“You know that’s ridiculous, it’s for the community. You’ve got to do what’s good for the area,” Bobby Dahlberg, owner of Bobby’s on Broadway, said….

“This police station is a win-win situation, you know. Jesus Christ himself can forgive anything right, so let’s go forward, not backwards,” Dahlberg said….

women's center montage-thumb-500x508The abortion clinic under consideration isn’t just any abortion clinic. It’s the infamous Northern Illinois Women’s Center, where the former owner once hung a rubber chicken by a noose in one window (photo above right), and a rubber chicken on a cross and blasphemous signs in others (photo right).

Deathscorts were known to cheer and do a happy dance when mothers drove in for abortions, and several times owner Wayne Webster put horse manure next to the public sidewalk to dissuade pro-life protesters and once traipsed around outside in a devil costume…


After being closed in September 2011 by the Illinois Department of Public Health for health violations, Webster voluntarily shut down in January 2012 after 40 years of killing children… 40 years….


The building has stood vacant since then.

I am of the belief that all abortion mills are satanic and inhabited by demons. Even when they’re closed and converted for good… even when “every nook and cranny of the place” has been exorcised… I don’t know… I still have trouble. That’s just me.

That said, there are demonic abortion clinics, and there are demonic abortion clinics on steroids. Three I recall making me want to jump out of my skin when I visited them were Gosnell’s clinic in PhiladelphiaLeRoy Carhart’s clinic in Nebraska, and this one.

I’m with the police. No way would I work in that place. And what of citizens who would also be forced to go there? Not just Christians and pro-lifers but others, as prolifecorner.com pointed out:

It is unjust to expect people who live in the Broadway neighborhood to go to a building for help where their own children may have been brutally and viciously killed in by abortion.

It is cruel and unusual punishment to force people who may be arrested to be taken and held in a building that may have been used to kill their own children.

Kevin Rilott of Rockford Pro-Life Initiative told me his group was contacted by both the police department and an alderman asking if they would object to the old abortion mill being purchased by the city. Initially the group said no, but when hearing of opposition by officers they changed their position. Here is their statement:women's center hiv-thumb-500x375

When the Rockford abortion mill was open not only did they celebrate the deaths of babies in the womb as a victory over God, they also mocked African Americans, put up signs ridiculing people with HIV, and spent years attacking Christians with brutally profane language both over their loud speakers and with signs in the windows. 

Many Rockford police officers heard and saw this on a weekly basis.  Can anyone blame them for not wanting to reward the owner of that building by having the city purchase it? No officer or citizen should be forced to enter a build where 100,000 children were murdered. No one should have to work in a place that publicly celebrated the pain, suffering and death they inflicted on babies and mothers.

A building that may once have been useful, and a historic landmark even, has been ruined by abortion. The blood of thousands of murdered children will forever cry out.

[Photo of building via rrstar.com; all other photos via pro-lifers]

Pro-life vid of day: “The Race to Save Our Century”


by Hans Johnson

In the new book The Race to Save Our Century: Five Core Principles to Promote Peace, Freedom, and a Culture of Life, to be released today, authors Jason Jones and John Zmirak (both pictured right) warn that the unprecedented death toll in the 20th century could be eclipsed in the 21st. They “call on readers to embrace and promote five core principles of a Culture of Life”:

1. The innate dignity of every human person, regardless of race, age, or handicap.

2. The existence of a transcendent moral order, by which we judge the justice of all laws and policies.

3. The need for a humane economy that embraces freedom in a context of social responsibility.

4. The crucial importance of decentralized, responsive government that preserves civil society and freedom.

5. The need for solidarity, for a sense of fellow feeling and common obligation toward each and every member of the human race.

YouTube Preview Image

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Stanek one of “7 women working tirelessly to attack equal rights for women”

Affirmation comes from the strangest places.

787971840mActually, the sort of affirmation I might strangely prefer is acknowledgement from the other side, backhanded as it may be, that I’m being heard. The hope is the messaging is getting through to someone over there, somewhere, and that I’m not just preaching to the choir.

Most here know of Amanda Marcotte, a militant pro-abortion feminist who writes some of the most acerbic, jaw-dropping stuff out there. Amanda may be exasperating and even infuriating, but she is refreshing in that she takes her movement’s beliefs to their fanatical conclusions, which they more often than not try to hide.

That’s the set-up for a piece Marcotte just had posted on Salon entitled, “7 women working tirelessly to attack equal rights for other women” (same piece at AlterNet“7 women working tirelessly to screw over other women,”) with the subtitle, “Sadly, these women find it personally advantageous to reject feminism and continue perpetuating sexist social norms.”

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Stanek Sunday Word: “Obey my rules for best health” ~ Ex 15:26


He said, “I am the LORD your God. Listen carefully to my voice. Do what is right in my eyes. Pay attention to my commands. Obey all of my rules. If you do, I will not send on you any of the sicknesses I sent on the Egyptians. I am the LORD who heals you.”

~ Exodus 15:26, New International Reader’s Version, recalling Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty’s thoughts on diseases wrought by sexual immorality

[Graphic via about-std.com]

Stanek Sunday funnies, “Obama’s ISIS policy” edition

Good morning and Happy Sunday! Here were my top five six favorite political cartoons this week. Which one is your favorite? Vote in the poll at the bottom of the post!

by Chip Bok at Townhall.com
 by Glenn Foden at Townhall.com

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Pro-life photos of the week: Buses, baby, and chalk

Click all images to enlarge…

Facebook caption for this September 8 photo: “Created Equal shows Westerville High School [Westerville, Ohio] students the victims of abortion”:

10177384_698197806924530_1550836479073715467_n (1)

Explanation for this next photo comes via the UK’s Daily Mail, September 11:

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Stanek weekend Q: Why is it always the pro-life movement that is told to take on other issues?

climate change pro-life movement

The title of the September 8 USA Today column was a bit misleading.

Author Tom Krattenmaker’s focus was urging pro-life Christians to become involved in the effort to sustain water, the growing scarcity of which, he claimed, is becoming a worldwide problem:

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Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson: “Horrible diseases follow immoral conduct”

dd-s4-phil-castbio-688x1065Feathers flew in the blogosphere after Phil shared with my radio audience his biblical belief that God wants a man and woman to keep sex within the confines of marriage. Not exactly groundbreaking news that a Christian would uphold what the Bible teaches about sexual immorality – but more than enough to stir outrage and distortions from the Left.

Predictably, Phil‘s critics pounced on his comments about what the Bible says on the consequences of sin. “God says, ‘One woman, one man,’ and everyone says, ‘Oh, that’s old hat, that’s that old Bible stuff,’” Phil told Washington Watch listeners. “I’m thinking, let’s see now; a clean guy – a disease-free guy and a disease-free woman – they marry and they keep their sex between the two of them. They’re not going to get Chlamydia, and gonorrhea, and syphilis, and AIDS. It’s safe. Now to me, either it’s the wildest coincidence ever that horrible diseases follow immoral conduct, or, it’s God saying, ‘There’s a penalty for that kind of conduct.’ I’m leaning towards there’s a penalty toward it.”

Phil is right and the social science confirms that God’s plan is the best. God is not a cosmic kill joy. God shows us through his Word the way to enjoy life. But Phil didn’t always have it right. He lived a life of sin for 28 years before his life dramatically changed after he came to know Christ. “I have run with the wicked for 28 years and run with the Godly for 40 years. The contrast is astounding.”

~ Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council, speaking about a September 9 interview he conducted with Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson, as quoted by FRC’s Washington Update

Pro-life blog buzz 9-12-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Pro-Life Action League is promoting the National Day of Rememberance for Aborted Children tomorrow, Sept. 13:

    Of the 95 sites where memorial services will be held, 42 are actual gravesites of aborted children whose bodies were recovered from dumpsters and other improper resting places by pro-life activists.

    You can find the location of a memorial service near you by visiting the list of sites.

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Pro-life video of the day: Man asks for $50k not to have baby aborted

by Hans Johnson

Pro-life protesters had an unsettling interchange with a couple going into an Aurora, Illinois, abortion clinic.

A man cordiallly approached them, saying he and his significant other were there for an abortion because they already had a child and couldn’t afford another. Asked if he didn’t know he was having his child killed, he readily said “Yes.” When the questioner offered to take the child, he smiled and refused. “We’re not gonna give it away,” said the woman.

Which propted the man to say: “I’ll make a deal with you, man. You give me $50,000, I’ll keep this baby.”

YouTube Preview Image

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Aila with parents

We had the immense joy of knowing Aila on this Earth for 46 minutes. The hospital allowed me to hold her for 12 hours and I was able to study her sweet face all night long. The pain that we feel from missing her each day is inexplicable. I ache for the day when I can kiss her forehead and hold her in my arms again…

It has been 11 weeks since she was born, and I continue to stare at those photos daily. I have not a single regret that we had them taken, and am so grateful for the gift of her precious memory through photos.

~ Author and photographer Danielle Walker, pictured above with her husband and newborn daughter (click to enlarge), sharing her experience of having professional photographs taken during the birth and final moments of her newborn daughter, Aila, who was born with a fatal genetic disorder, Today Parents, September 10


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