(Not so) pro-life vid: Brittany Maynard condolences used for petition

by Kelli

Pro-lifer Katie Buck, a supporter of Iowa Right to Life, reported some disturbing information to LifeNews.com regarding an online sympathy card she says she signed in memory of Brittany Maynard, the cancer patient who recently took her own life via assisted suicide. The organization behind the sympathy card – the same one essentially cheering Maynard’s decision so she could become their poster child – is Compassion & Choices. Buck soon found out the sympathy card was more than what she bargained for. She reports:

[They] used an online sympathy card to steal the names of people all over America to use for their petition to legalize assisted suicide. This video contains undercover proof linking the sympathy card and the petition….

Now that Brittany has passed away, the “sympathy card” has been replaced with a “condolences card” for her family. I have confirmed this “condolences card” will also get you on their petition. I have undercover proof of this as well….

Watch this video for more details about what Katie uncovered:

Pro-life vid of the day: Happy Thanksgiving!

by Hans Johnson

The famous painting  “Freedom From Want” by Norman Rockwell evokes many pleasant holiday memories (and confirms the inordinate strength of our mothers and grandmothers)!

One of those memories may well be the singing of the church hymn “We Gather Together” written in 1597 by the Dutch poet and composer Adraianus Valerius. After more than four centuries, there are many versions of this hymn: up-tempo, one by Celtic Woman, and one by children. There is a fine a capella rendition, too. But like most things associated with holidays, perhaps old-fashioned is best.

YouTube Preview Image

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Pro-choicer: Pro-lifers are not motivated by misogyny

war-on-womenby Kelli

I’m a pro-choice individual who actually acknowledges that those who disagree with me are not raging, full blown misogynists. What’s my reasoning you might ask? I’m happy to oblige.

First and foremost, I don’t buy the idea that people who are pro-life hold that position because they seek to control women’s bodies. This is a myth perpetuated by many Democrats as part of the “War on Women.” To attack the pro-life position as a “War on Women” is to completely ignore the much more widely cited reason for being pro-life, which is concern that fetus’s [sic] being aborted are in fact alive and sentient….

Here’s another reason why pro-life individuals are not inherently sexist. It’s seemingly obvious but is almost completely ignored in the abortion debate. Tens of millions of women are pro-life. According to Gallup polling, as many as 41 percent of women identify as pro-life. That’s almost half!

Did Anthony Brown and Mark Udall intend to convince voters that almost half of all American women are self-hating sexists, Hell-bent on waging war on… themselves? Regardless of their intentions, women saw through their illogical and downright dishonest allegations. Both candidates lost easily winnable races.

Women are smart. Democrats know that right? I mean come on! You’ve got some of the smartest women in the world as your rising stars…. Women see through cynical pandering.

Next time, try running on your accomplishments. It’s not like you have a dearth of other issues to talk about. Same sex marriage and the minimum wage have been trending your way for instance. However, if you use those issues, please try to refrain from calling people against same sex marriage homophobic and those against an increased the minimum wage classist. Instead, try actually having an honest debate about the policies themselves. You’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Similarly, you’ll catch more votes with good policies, than with disingenuous accusations of prejudice.

~ Matt Teitelbaum, Huffington Post, November 19

[Photo via thinkprogress.org]

Pro-life vid of day: Pro-aborts use Beyonce cut-out for protest

TXprotestby Hans Johnson

During a week of demonstrations in San Antonio, Texas, Created Equal used pro-life displays on the campus of Texas State University. They were accompanied by an angry “Greek chorus” of pro-choice counter-protesters, carrying signs covered with various slogans (including ones stating, “We’re not with them,” just to eliminate any apparent confusion).

In the photo to the right (click to enlarge) it’s hard to tell which is more bizarre: the wide grin of the woman near a picture of dead baby carnage, or (just to the right of the woman with long black hair) a cut-out of Beyonce!

The loud chants only drew a much larger crowd to linger and see the photographic evidence for themselves… all while the pro-choicers claimed the photos were “fake” (and continue to perpetuate that claim on CE’s Facebook page).

YouTube Preview Image

Created Equal has posted its first video in response to one of the pro-choice chants.

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[HT: Mark Harrington]

Former punk artist: Adoption “crueller than death”

by Carder

viv albertineMum suggests adoption, but I think that’s crueller than death. That’s my opinion. To burden a child with abandonment and rejection right from the start. A living death. All or nothing, that’s me. I choose nothing. Nothingness for baby. I think this is a responsible decision.

I will not countenance any other option.

~ The Slits’ Viv Albertine describing her decision to abort as excerpted from her memoir Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys.: A Memoir, via Vulture, November 24

Pro-life blog buzz 11-25-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • ProWomanProLife says the Canadian Medical Association Journal is pushing for RU-486 in Canada as the answer to unequal access to surgical abortions. Apparently, “Health Canada has been considering approval of mifepristone (known as RU-486) since December 2012,” as “the drug is considered the gold standard for inducing safe and early non-surgical abortion.”

    But PLPW points out that not all abortion supporters agree:

    Three pro-abortion feminists wrote an incredibly well researched book entitled “RU486 – Myths and Misconceptions” in 1992, describing RU-486 as a “new form of medical violence that endangers women’s lives and violates their right to be free from bodily harm.”


  • Saynsumthn’s Blog wonders about the mindset behind a group of photos, posted by Planned Parenthood, in which several adults hold signs stating, “I Have Sex.” (Is the point supposed to be that sex isn’t just for kids anymore?) But seriously… a little odd, since PP typically seems to target teens with their programs, encouraging all manner of sexual behavior, leading to a steady stream of customers who need their services to “fix” things.
  • Right to Life of Michigan is calling all pro-life youth to showcase their talents by entering their 2015 Sanctity of Human Life Youth Infographic Contest for high school and college-aged Michigan youth. Check out some of 2014’s winning entries here.
  • Secular Pro-Life disputes the abortion industry’s claim that 1 in 3 women have had an abortion, and have introduced Not1in3.com:

    Abortion activist groups are making increased use of the claim that one out of every three American women will have an abortion, and many well-meaning people on both sides of the fence repeat the statistic without knowing its deceptive origins. Not1in3.com sets the record straight: the study cited for the 1 in 3 claim actually contradicts that claim, and in any event, the dramatic drop in the American abortion rate since 2008 has completely altered the landscape.


  • At Real Choice, Christina Dunigan covers the story of a legal abortion death – the kind that gets ignored by mainstream media and abortion advocates alike:

    Eighteen year old Michelle Madden, a freshman at Mobile College, sought a safe and legal abortion from O.B. Evans at Family Planning Medical Center of Mobile, Alabama. It was performed on November 18, 1986. According to the friend who had accompanied Michelle to the abortion facility, a doctor had told her that her baby would have birth defects because of medication Michelle had been taking for epilepsy.

    After dying from sepsis due to fetal parts left in her uterus, the parents sued the doctor for $10M – and won:

    Evans appealed on the grounds that this would “devastate him financially”, because his malpractice insurance would only cover $1 million. During the appeal, the parties agreed to settle for $5 million, with the insurance company paying the entire amount. Evans then sued his insurance company for not having settled with the family for $1 million prior to the trial, thus subjecting him to “emotional distress, humiliation, damage to his reputation, and loss of business” — such “emotional distress”, he asserted, was “so severe that no reasonable person could be expected to endure it.

    Interesting, that the lawsuit, and not the needless death of an 18-year-old girl who had trusted him, is what caused Evans such emotional distress. And his emotional distress, I guess, was somehow more severe than the distress he caused to Michelle Madden’s family.

[Photos via Saynsumthn’s Blog and Real Choice]

Pro-life vid of day: Song and sketch remember the voiceless

by Hans Johnson

A picture is worth (a bit less than) a thousand words. This emotional song and sketch are by Kalah Jansson:

YouTube Preview Image

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UK university seeks to ban students’ off-campus pro-life speech

cardiff-universityby Kelli

Jonathan O’Connell, president at Cardiff Students for Life, said: “This motion simply cannot be allowed to pass. The university environment has long been a bastion of free speech, which the proposed motion seeks to attack. There are huge implications in enforcing a single ideology or political viewpoint across the whole student populace; not least of all it restricts students’ freedom of expression as well as directly limiting the religious freedom of certain student groups.

“Declaring the university officially pro-choice is akin to declaring the university affiliated with a single political party, which obviously in the 21st century would be totally unthinkable.”

Key clauses within the pro-choice motion include preventing “affiliated societies and groups from taking part in anti-choice protests or rallies outside of abortion clinics and under the banner of the student’s union.”

A further clause states: “Any information about abortion or contraception disseminated, distributed or presented in union or university buildings must be unbiased and not shame those who choose to have abortions, and must be academically referenced.”

~ Catholic Herald, reporting on Cardiff University’s (Wales) efforts to silence students’ off-campus freedom of speech, November 24

[Photo via paradiseintheworld.com]

Pro-life vid of the day: Mom hears daughter’s heartbeat in donor recipient’s chest

by Kelli

From SFGlobe.com comes a story of life and death, tragedy and hope, which originally aired back in June, but is worth sharing again:

Taylor Storch was only 13 when she tragically died in a skiing accident. Her family made the decision to donate her organs, and Taylor’s heart went to a woman named Patricia Winters. Taylor’s mother, wanting to hear Taylor’s heart again, found Patricia and arranged a meeting.

When the stethoscope gets put up to Patricia’s chest, the emotions start flying. Even the news casters can’t keep back their tears.

YouTube Preview Image

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Canadian tourists stunned at $900k hospital bill for birth

Kimmel and babyby Carder

Had we taken the chance to fly out on a commercial flight and something happened over the sea, there was a chance Jennifer could have passed and we’d have lost the baby… I’m positive it’s not a chance anybody would ever be willing to take.

~ Canadian Darren Kimmel describing their difficult ordeal in delivering their preterm baby, Reece, during their vacation in Hawaii, and having to pay a combined bill of $900,000, Today, November 19

[Photo via Saskatoon.ctvnews]


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by Carder

Fallon Turkey

Putting your baby in a turkey costume: The Thanksgiving tradition that should definitely exist if it doesn’t already. Here’s proof….

~ Huffington Post featuring babies dressed as Thanksgiving turkeys, November 27

[Photo via Jimmy Fallon on Instagram]

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