Pro-life vid: Students pledge support for pregnant classmates

by Hans Johnson

When a college student learns she is pregnant, she might naturally feel boxed in, and ask herself: “What can I do?” The Loyola Students for Life say there are many avenues to explore for the benefit of both mother and child –  and they pledge their support.

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Pro-life vid of day: Group suggests national strike to protest abortion

by Hans Johnson

Protest ABQ is calling for pro-lifers to withdraw from work and school for the next anniversary of Roe v. Wade, as well as the following day. Founder Fr. Stephen Imbarrato says:

… [L]et January 22, 2015, be the start of the national strike which shuts the country down so our governments and people understand the urgency of ending legalized pre-born child-killing in our country!

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What are your thoughts on striking to protest abortion?

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Black Friday Pro-Life Drop Card Project


Abolish Human Abortion is promoting a great idea, which I’m dubbing the Black Friday Pro-Life Drop Card Project:

Drop Cards are currently on Sale for $1.50 a pack for “Black Friday.”

By this we do not mean that this is a “Black Friday Sale.” We mean, buy lots of drop cards for cheap so that you can go drop them on Black Friday.

Them malls and shopping centers will be super busy seeding grounds come this “thanksgiving” and “holiday season.”

Please go buy some cards so that we can get them to you in time for you to drop them on Black Friday.

Totally agree.

Other groups selling drop cards are Created Equal and Stand True.

I always carry drop cards in my wallet. There are very creative places to place them. This is one of those little things I look forward to finding out in Heaven what good they did and where.

Order your cards today! There’s not much time. Black Friday is a perfect day to organize a pro-life project like this.

UPDATE, 12:10p: I’ve just learned a little more about pro-life activism on Black Friday and thought I’d pass the information it along. In 2005, the Pro-Life Action League protested the American Girl Store in Chicago over ties to a pro-abortion group, which they severed. Other groups have done Truth Tour displays with abortion victim photos at shopping malls on Black Friday. Also worth noting is that the concept of subversive literature drops was promoted in chapters 21 and 61 of Joe Scheidler’s book, CLOSED: 99 Ways to Stop Abortion.

Feminist: Please, bro-choicers, talk about how great abortion is!

brochoiceby Kelli

The thing of it is, gentlemen: You do have a story to tell. You didn’t make the final decision, but we know that in the overwhelming majority of cases, you were intimately involved in the conversations that led up to it.

You were most likely the one who drove her to the clinic, and drove her home again. And the choice not to become a father, right at that particular moment, has had a major impact on every day of your life and every major decision you’ve made ever since.

Think about it. How would your life be different today if she hadn’t chosen abortion? Would you be co-parenting with a woman you knew wasn’t right for you? Or fathering more kids than your time and resources responsibly allow?

Are there educational opportunities you would have had to skip, reducing your earnings for the rest of your life? Or career breaks that wouldn’t have happened if you’d been encumbered with a kid (or another kid)?

Your life is the way it is right now because your female partner was able to make that choice when she needed to. If that hadn’t been possible, you’d be having a very different day today….

We need you in this conversation again, for a lot of reasons.

~ Sara Robinson, AlterNet, November 18

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Pro-life vid of the day: The Drop Box

5-babies-abandoned-in-the-box-in-one-day-this-April-225x300by Kelli

Last January, we featured the story of Pastor Lee Jong-Rak in Seoul, South Korea, who has made it his mission in life to save children who would otherwise be abandoned to die on the streets.

Natalie Broomfield at Bound4Life writes:

The story of this man and his baby box is reaching the entire world with its own 72-minute documentary called The Drop Box by a young 22 year-old, Brian Ivie. The documentary won the “Best of Festival” Jubilee Award and “The Best Sanctity of Life” film award at the 8th annual San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival in February 2013.

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Gym kicks out member over “offensive” pro-life t-shirt

Planet Fitnessby Carder

She told me, ‘I am very sorry. We have someone who is not happy with your shirt. Someone is offended by your shirt.’

I said, ‘You know, I wear them all the time.’ She said, ‘You’ll have to leave,’ and I left.

~ Pro-life advocate Mike Amoroso describing how he was told to leave Planet Fitness gym because his pro-life t-shirt was considered to be offensive, WFTV via The Statesman, November 18

The Personhood split, Part I: Structure

988-BreakupOn June 14, 2014, came the news:

Georgia Right to Life President Daniel Becker today announced the formation of a new national pro-life organization, the National Personhood Alliance, a confederation of faith-based, pro-life organizations and leaders who believe pursuing Personhood is essential to protecting all innocent human beings in the 21st century.

Reading that I became confused, because last I knew Becker was working for Personhood USA, a group that sounded an awful lot like this new group.

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Pro-life blog buzz 11-18-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • At Women’s Rights without Frontiers, Reggie Littlejohn is encouraged by the UK ban on sex selection abortion:

    The message of sex-selection abortion is that girls do not deserve to live…. It is impossible to support women’s rights without supporting the right of females to be born.

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Pro-life vid of day: Planned Parenthood emulates drug pushers?

by Hans Johnson

In this Planned Parenthood video, “scoring” birth control is compared to getting “The Goods” – as in drugs. It’s creepy, offensive, and an epic fail for PP’s claim to be a family service, not just another business targeting teens and minorities:

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Dear Pastor: Why decry human trafficking but ignore abortion?

traffickingby Kelli

We need to ask ourselves why we are openly boasting of our efforts to end human trafficking while remaining mute on the issue of abortion. Are we attacking human trafficking because we are broadly opposed to those who would deny the humanity of the people they wish to treat as commodities? Or are we only opposed to the evil things that are not happening right here within our own congregation. I’ve never seen a human trafficker at our church. But I’ve seen a Planned Parenthood employee at our church. Is our silence a courtesy to her and to any of her clients who happen to attend our services?

I believe we need to act immediately to remedy the moral inconsistency of attacking the issue of human trafficking while remaining mute on the issue of abortion. We need to open our doors to people who work for Planned Parenthood as well as their clients who seek abortions – even if they do so because they see nothing wrong with abortion, or merely abort for purposes of convenience. But we need not accommodate such people to the point of turning our backs on those who need our help when faced with the prospect of having an abortion against their better judgment – whether due to financial or other forms of pressure.

The time has come for us to start a rescue fund for these women. We need to make funds available to help them avoid the abortion choice – and we need to explain that we are doing so because it is not a morally neutral choice. The church, of all places, cannot remain a zone of moral neutrality when it comes to this issue.

~ Mike Adams, sharing the text of a letter he wrote to his pastor regarding human trafficking and abortion,, November 17

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by Carder

Emma AyresI was only able to have this abortion because a series of privileges aligned to grant me access to my right…

9. I wasn’t subjected to the abusive requirement of looking at the ultrasound before the procedure. I was given a choice. I said no.

10. I was able to tell my professors and director: “I. Had. An. Abortion. This is a difficult personal/emotional time right now,” and they supported me through it.

11. I found myself in the Rand Theater, flying over an audience, playing Peter Pan, 10 days later.

~ University of Massachusetts student Emma Ayres (pictured) describing eleven reasons why she was privileged to be granted abortion access, The Massachusetts Daily Collegian via Socialist Worker, November 20

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