Kathryn Jean Lopez, editor of National Review Online, writes….
Hat tip: Reader Arlene
“Rapper to premiere pro-life video on MTV,” 6-9-05
“Rapper’s pro-life video is booming,” 6-10-05
“Can I live?”, 6-19-05

Rapper and actor Nick Cannon has just completed an interesting hat trick.
He landed a show on MTV this fall, “Nick Cannon Presents Wild ‘N Out.’
In the April edition of GQ magazine he told guys “Five Ways to Sex Up Your Style.’
In cyberspace, he’s been celebrated on “pro-life’ e-mail lists.
That combination doesn’t exactly happen every day.
Cannon’s new music video “Can I Live?” tells a tale that’s very different from the gangsta’s paradise of dirty dancing and booty calls. In the song, the hip-hop pop star tells his life story or at least the beginning of it and his mom’s close call with an abortion….
“Can I Live?” speaks to something very fundamental (whether intentionally or not). Nick Cannon wanted to send a supportive word out to scared teen mothers, a grateful word to those “strong women’ who choose life. He didn’t have to start a “Rappers for Life.’ He didn’t have to be heavy- handed or compose a political rant. He’s just offering an honest story, as he does what he does. That’s how you send a message people will listen to.

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