Fetus eater loses medical license

rajanna_bath_sterilization.jpgThe Kansas City Star reported yesterday that the State Board of Healing Arts revoked the license of fetus-eating abortionist Krishna Rajanna Saturday.
In April 2004 Rajanna’s was the poster abortion mill during debate over abortion clinic regulation legislation. Reported the Lawrence Journal-World:

In a police statement taken during a theft investigation at the clinic, an employee who was a suspect in the fraud told police that Rajanna had been seen putting a fetus in the microwave and stirring it in his lunch…. Lawmakers appeared to accept the allegations presented by Kline and Williams as fact and expressed disgust.

[Photo credit: Operation Rescue West. Inside are links to photos of Rajanna’s abortion clinic office and frig.]
In other testimony….

[Attorney General investigator Thomas] Williams told lawmakers the photos they were seeing showed that aborted fetuses were kept in a refrigerator with frozen dinners, sodas and medicine. But it wasn’t clear from viewing the photos without explanation that the red object at the bottom of what appeared to be a Styrofoam cup was actually a fetus.
Williams said the photos also showed surgical instruments were stored in a bathroom [and] carpet was bloody….

Kansans for Life have published photos of Rajanna’s office and staff refrigerator.
Quoting again from yesterday’s Star:

[Rajanna’s] attorney Robert Manske… told the board that revoking Rajanna’s license would hurt poor patients….
But board member Nancy Welsh, a Topeka-area doctor, said the board should not permit lesser standards of cleanliness and safety because a clinic’s patients are poor.
“Why do they deserve a dirty clinic?” she said.

3 thoughts on “Fetus eater loses medical license”

  1. Jill your comments on WND today are absolutely priceless! I wonder what real back alley abortion clinics look like when the Rajanns mill is evidently ‘quality health care’ according to the Kansas Gov.
    Something is amiss when a big city cop says the abortion mill was the most vile crime scene he has ever witnessed. Perhaps it is time to call a spade a spade. Abortion is universally a criminal act.
    God Speed Jill

  2. Oh,What a gross clinic. What is wrong with these women that get abortions. One look@ this mess-I’d run!!

  3. Ask an abortion doc III

    Yesterday our doc bragged on his personal best. And lest you think abortionists don’t keep fetuses in cold storage, here’s a 2005 shot from an actual abortion mill that belonged to fetus eater Krishna Rajanna. Read more about him here,…

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