Is fetal cannibalism legal in your state? ran another headline story today on the alleged fetus-eating abortionist in Kansas.
It turns out it that fetal cannibalism is legal in Kansas, drawing attention to the need to outlaw it, perhaps also in other states. There is more than just the obvious reason to consider such a law. It would also:
1) add to the stigma against abortion/abortionists (since the example would be the alleged cannibalistic act by an abortionist)
2) further humanize embryos/fetuses to the American mind.
3) add one more law that equates preborn humans with postborn humans – toward the eventual collapse of Roe v. Wade
I can’t believe this is a topic we have to cover, but yet I can believe it.
“Fetus eater loses medical license,” 6-12-05
“New column, ‘Fetus eater loses medical license,” 6-15-05
“More on cannibal abortionist and KS health board that enabled him,” 6-15-05
“More photos from fetus-eating Rajanna’s abortion mill,” 6-17-05
“‘Dirty,’ ‘unkempt,’ ‘dangerous,’ alleged ‘cannibal’ abortionist to appeal license revocation,” 6-18-05

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  1. It’s about women’s health, baby.

    I’ve been following this story for about a week now, but it’s been around a lot longer than that. Several years, actually. Lifers in Kansas have been pointing it out to lawmakers to try to pass health regulations on abortion clinics. And i…

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