Report on TX guv parental consent bill signing hoopla

On Sunday, June 5, Gov. Rick Perry (R) signed the Texas Parental Consent Bill into law at Calvary Christian Academy in Ft. Worth. A friend was there and wrote details on the event….

On Sunday, June 5, Gov. Rick Perry (R) signed the Texas Parental Consent Bill into law at Calvary Christian Academy in Ft. Worth. A friend was there and wrote details on the event:

We got word late last week that the governor was going to sign the parental consent bill Sunday afternoon, and that they wanted a big crowd there. The governor’s office sent out an e-mail to all supporters asking them to attend.
The parental consent bill itself had been killed three times in the legislature in the past month. It had the votes to pass, but the opposition kept on nit-picking and finding technical and procedural errors that killed it. We finally had it attached to some other legislation just so it could pass, and pass it did – one day before the session ended.
This was the only pro-life, pro-family legislation passed this session. The TX legislature meets every other year, so we will not have an opportunity to pass more pro-life laws until January 2007. I was very surprised to find that most of the legislators’ staffers were ignorant of the pro-life issue, even the ones whose bosses vote pro-life.
I thought the signing would be a somewhat demure event. You know – the governor walks in, we applaud, he signs the bill, waves and then leaves. Over in 10 minutes. Boy, was I wrong.
This was actually a 90 minute rally and revival with a bill signing thrown in for good measure. The name of the school sports team is Calvary Conquerors, and the logo of the school – a huge Roman warrior helmet looking thing – was the backdrop for the stage where the rally/revival/bill signing took place. The place was packed. I estimate over 1,000 people attended, and there was bleedover into a separate room where a big screen TV was set up.
Coming into the school parking lot, the road was lined with protesters. The media is reporting about 350, but it seemed like a lot more. They were holding various signs, some of which I will not repeat here, but others I found to be funny. They were protesting a whole slew of issues – not simply abortion but also Gov. Perry and his policies. There were people protesting from teachers groups, health groups, educational groups, and, of course, the homosexuals were holding signs and hands. One fellow had a sign that said simply, “Teach Math.” We couldn’t figure that one out. Was he implying Gov. Perry was against teaching math?
We sat down in a corner of the bleachers and watched the people come in. The atmosphere was like a Friday rally at high school before the big game. Lots of energy. There were a bank of cameras.
Finally, GP made his appearance and he got a standing O. There was a gospel choir singing praise and worship, and everyone going nuts. David Barton from Wallbuilders was introduced as the MC and he explained the bill. Then he introduced Rod Parsley, who quickly lived up to his reputation and was the best speaker there.
Several other speakers followed – Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council, a black Southern Baptist preacher, a Anglican preacher from Houston, and others before GP was introduced. He did a great job talking about the bills and he seemed to be getting into it as well. He got several standing O’s. It was a great time.
The media and associated liberal groups are having a field day with this in Texas. Every major newspaper editorial board in Texas spoke against the bill signing, and when they do report on it, the focus is on the protesters. I heard that Barry Lynn and the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State have filed a lawsuit against the school to revoke its tax free status. I love it.

So do I! Thanks for the report!
I hope pro-lifers will be encouraged by the diligence shown to get the bill passed and take note that pro-aborts will throw every roadblock they can think of in the way. We should expect it. I am actually impressed at the other side’s determination, which I saw firsthand this past session in IL with our fifth introduction of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. We had everything going for us this time, particularly PR, and still the other side pitched a fit. Incredible.