The inference in this comment on Rich Miller’s blog

But now Stanek and her allies have given Madigan a reason to strike back at them. If Speaker Madigan makes life miserable for pro-life forces over the next few years (and I suspect he will) they have no one to blame for Madigan’s opposition to them but themselves.

… is that the only way IL pro-lifers can expect to get ahead politically is by smiling sweetly and knowing our place, which is in the corner, where we quietly await any crumbs tossed our way. I’d like to see you hand that line to the unions or the Med Society or Planned Parenthood.
Will Mike Madigan lower his hand of blessing toward pro-lifers if we make waves? Get real. He’s too politically smart to demonstrate passive aggression in this case.
IL Democrats/liberals do not operate in a void. The conversations being held nationally as to what to do about pro-lifers (who are no longer being ignored or disparaged, take note) are also being held here.
Not only did IL pro-lifers score huge upsets in the last election (Slone, Welch), but pro-lifers made net gains in both the House and the Senate.
Further, pro-life Dem Grunloh was in large part defeated by pro-life GOPer Reis because Madigan held up Grunloh’s Born Alive and Marriage Amendment bills, rendering him impotent and vulnerable on the point of legislative ineffectiveness.
Further, downstate Dems are sick to death of the anti-gun, pro-gay, anti-life, pro-tax agenda being forced down their throats by Chicago Dems. If Mike Madigan does not want a coup on his hands (like GA rural Dems forming a bloc against Atlanta Dems), he has to placate them. Hence, the Born Alive bone this session.
Finally, if Madigan is honestly pro-life, will he let aggravating pro-lifers override his concern over the lives of prenatal children by holding up legislation that would save their lives? If so, then he’s not really pro-life.

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