In 2005, Kansas pro-abort Gov. Kathleen Sebelius vetoed a bill that would regulate abortion clinics / mills, saying that all doctor offices should be regulated.
But Kathy Ostrowski of Kansans for Life wonders if anyone has had the following experiences in other doctors’ offices?

  • Have you ever called for a doctor appointment and were told certain days were “sale days”?
  • Have you ever made a doctor appointment and were told to bring a friend along with you to your appointment to monitor your surgery recovery instead of any medical staff?
  • Have you ever entered a doctor’s office that didn’t have any identifying sign and the front door deceitfully bore the name of a construction business?
  • Have you ever entered a medical facility and a handwritten note was posted telling you to guard your valuables?
  • Have you ever entered a medical facility with a dead rodent on the floor in plain view?
  • Have you ever entered a surgical suite that had equipment set up on the floor instead of a counter?
  • Have you ever entered a surgical suite where picnic tablecloths covered equipment and there was no disposable covering on the exam bed?
  • Have you ever entered a surgical suite that was carpeted?
  • Have you ever been in a medical facility where there the staff had no medical training and hadn’t undergone criminal background checks?
  • Have you ever been injected by a physician or (nonmedically trained) attendant who used a pre-filled, unlabeled syringe instead of filling the syringe in front of you?
  • Have you gone to the bathroom at a doctor’s office and the toilet was stained with blood?
  • Have you ever seen a specialist who had never studied the medical specialty he was performing?
  • Have you ever been treated by a physician who kept emergency equipment locked in a closet and was not certified to give advanced CPR?
  • Have you begun a gynecological procedure by pulling your pants down instead of removing your clothes and donning a gown?
  • Have you ever spent your recovery time on a dirty couch without medical staff or monitoring machines?
  • Have you ever been sent home from the doctor’s office with verbal instructions to take unidentified pills in an unmarked envelope?

No, Kansas does not need abortion clinic regulations.  No need for any abortion clinic to incur bothersome regulations aimed at patient safety.

[All of the above outrages were experienced at Krishna Rajanna’s abortion mill. Documentation for these conditions is available through KFL/Topeka office,, phone 785-234-2998.]

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