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What do you think of US Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist’s July 29 public statement in support of embryonic stem cell research in light of the fact he considers himself pro-life?

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  1. Mrs. Stanek,
    I think that Frist’s gesture is a largely symbolic one aimed at appeasing moderate voters, while bearing no consequences for him, as he may intend to let the stem cell bill tither in the Senate’s wind, and fail of its own accords.

  2. I believe it’s purely political. He opposes all forms of cloning, so he may see this as a way to appease centrists and pro-ESC Republicans as a way to get their nod for the 2008 Republican nomination. Once he is in, he will institute an “ethical” ESC policy.
    If a Democrat wins in 2008 (think Hillary) or a moderate Republican (think McCain), the restrictions Bush placed on the research will be lifted. Frist may very well see this is a small defeat to do the greater good in the end.

  3. In the realm of vacuuous reasoning, hollow arguments become sensible. Such is the case when it comes to embryonic stem cell research, and Bill Frist is feeling rather “sensible” these days. . . . Though I am not a scientist, I’ll never cease to be amazed how some people believe embryonic stem cell research has promise when it has to this point shown no measurable results while adult stem cells are showing tremendous promise. Is this not evidence that, biologically speaking, nature does not support the killing of life to enhance life? And even if this research could lead to medical breakthroughs, are we truly willing to feed on ourselves to maintain ourselves. That is the lesson of the Sci-Fi thriller Soylent Green, and those promoting this policy need to be told, as the Charleton Heston character, Thorn, said so poignantly in that film,

  4. I also am very angry about supporting stem cell research with public funds. It is murder any way you look at it and I do not like having to finance it.
    Susan Rogers
    Mt. Prospect, IL

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