Update on FINANCIAL status of LA/MS pregnancy resource centers
Help! Pro-lifers must come to the aid of the pregnancy resource centers in Mississippi and Louisiana.
Donations are going everywhere – except prcs!
I spoke with Dorothy Wallis of the Caring to Love prc in Baton Rouge this morning, and she reported having only received $5,000 in online donations since setting up an online hurricane prc relief fund.
This is frankly abysmal, it pains me deeply to say. These prcs need
hundreds of thousands of dollars not only to rebuild but also to serve an extremely abortion vulnerable population in the coming weeks.
The sicko pro-aborts are giving away morning after pills and free abortions.
Have you donated to their pro-life counterparts – the devastated hurricane area pregnancy resource centers?
Update on VOLUNTEER status of LA/MS pregnancy resource centers
Many of you have written to volunteer, which is great.
I have further information:
~ Volunteers are needed in Shreveport to help sift through the volumes of donations pouring in. Summer Grove Baptist Church purchased an empty mall last year for their congregation, and their unused space has become Shreveport’s disaster relief goods destination. Call Karen at 318-349-9566, and she will work with you to provide housing if you can come for a week or two or longer. They need help sorting. Karen is also the nurse liaison to the local Shreveport prc and may be able to plug you in there as well.
~ Medical professionals and male protectors wishing to work on the prc medical mobile units in Baton Rouge will need to hang loose until late next week, which is the earliest they will be able to put together a time table for going into the devastated area.
~ No one still has heard from the Morning Star Pregnancy Care Center in Gulfport, MS, but now the police have been contacted by the local Catholic diocese to check on it. Pregnancy Resources of Mississippi in Ocean Springs lost half its roof, but it is a rental facility, and the landlord will repair it.
Update on PHYSICAL DONATIONS status of LA/MS pregnancy resource centers
I am told that LA and MS have been inundated with donations like adult clothes and housewares. The churches are “swollen” with items, according to Dorothy.
If your church or group really wants to help hurricane victims at this point, please focus on baby items.
Email me, and I will give you names of prcs that need these items. In order of urgency, the needs are:

  • Formula (dry, concentrated, ready to use, anything)
  • Diapers, especially newborn
  • Car seats
  • Pedialyte
  • Bassinets
  • Baby wipes

Other needs are disposable baby bottles, baby wash, and baby shampoo.
Parkview Christian Church, located at 11100 Orland Parkway, Orland Park, IL, is by the grace of God filling a semi truck trailer this weekend with the aforementioned to go directly to two LA prcs Monday or Tuesday. Please take items there through Sunday evening.
Also, donations are being collected in Springfield, IL. Email me if you want contact information. The semi is stopping to pick up those collections on its way.

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