Question: Which type of stem cells do you think is being reported in this January 3 Australian Broadcasting Corporation story?

“These stem cells have the ability to… change as they grow into many different kinds of cells. Already researchers have been able to turn them into cartilage, bone and fat. Now they believe they can make them grow into the kind of tissue found in the brain….
“We think they have the potential to repair damaged muscle, like the heart after a heart attack, perhaps in the brain even after a stroke….
“[M]ore recently we’ve shown that these cells can also become neurons….
“Just two weeks ago we showed that they can be turned into nerve tissue. They can actually form what look like nerve cells and this, we think, is tremendously exciting for a whole range of neurological or brain diseases…. It’s this ability that holds great hope for stroke sufferers….
“[E]extensive research has already been completed to show ___ stem cells can aid bone marrow recovery. Scientists are about to begin trialing these cells on children with leukaemia…. Researchers claim the wider application for those suffering strokes and heart attacks is tremendous.”

Answer: Mesemkynal stem cells harvested from placenta and bone marrow.
Meanwhile, reseachers of those other stem cells so full of “hope” and “promise” announced this week they may have finally found a way to grow them without contaminants, never mind develop treatments.

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