reports today on a bill introduced in the Kansas legislature calling for unannounced inspections of all state out-patient clinics.
Two bills similar to HB2829 were presented in the past and subsequently shot down by pro-abortion Gov. Kathleen Sebelius.
This most recent attempt is in large part due to revelations last year of “[s]hockingly unsanitary conditions discovered at an abortion clinic in which the proprietor was accused of eating a fetus,” according to WND.
The proprieter was Krishna Rajanna, whose mill was finally closed last spring after years of complaints. I wrote about Rajanna in the column, “‘Fetus eater’ loses medical license.”
Some of Rajanna’s former employees “made allegations of coffee cups full of syringes, medical tools stored near toilets and fetuses stored in refrigerators used by employees for lunches,” stated WND.
More than that, the employees took pictures. This seems like a great time to review some of those pictures.
Rajanna’s “recovery room”
22- Rajanna clinic (2).jpg
Why was a food processor in Rajanna’s utility room?
20- Rajanna clinic (3).jpg
Fetuses in the Freezer
12- Rajanna clinic (3).jpg
Rajanna shopped at Price Chopper
18- Rajanna clinic.jpg

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