It is huge news when the Republican organization of the Nation’s Second City, Chicago, issues a press release memorializing African-American children lost to abortion. Imagine the GOP in New York or LA writing such a piece.
Entitled “Black Dehumanization,” the release today is one in a monthlong series by the Cook County Republican Party called “Then and Now” to commemorate Black History Month. The series contrasts the political parties’ commitments to civil rights in the past (Then) and present (Now).
Today, the Cook Co. GOP compares the Democrat Party of the 1850’s to the Democrat Party of 2006. There’s not much change.
Then, in 1857, it was a Democrat-controlled Supreme Court that determined a former slave, Dred Scott, was not a citizen and should be returned to his master.
Now, according to the Cook Co. GOP:

The Democratic Party, true to its pro-slavery past, recently defined another group of human beings as non-citizens, thereby excluding them from legal protection under the law. This group of Americans is the unborn. In the tortured reasoning of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, unborn children are essentially property. And just as the Dred Scott case predominantly (though not exclusively) affected African Americans, the Roe v. Wade decision has paved the way for a veritable black genocide. Recent statistics indicate that since 1973, abortion has reduced the black population by over 25%….

pp ad.jpg Incredible.
The release goes on to spotlight Planned Parenthood as “aggressivly peddl[ing]” abortion to inner city black communities.
As an aside, PP’s atrocious focus on blacks is spotlighted in a powerful new ad by Click on the “Why” ad.
Kudos to the Cook County Republican Party. Excellent job.

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