When exactly is a pregnancy terminated?
Abortion proponents attempting to answer that question should run into a problem. By trying to protect one flank, they’ve exposed another.
To be consistent, the abortion industry’s definition of when a pregnancy begins should agree with its definition of when it ends. But the two don’t jibe.
For over 30 years, abortion proponents have maintained pregnancy begins when an embryo implants in the uterus and ends after a completed delivery.
According to pro-aborts, a fallopian tube carrying a newly created embryo has no bearing on pregnancy. It merely provides the portal of entry into the uterus.
How then can they claim the portal of exit, the birth canal, has anything to do with pregnancy either? Once the baby is outside the uterus, they should consider the pregnancy over, terminated. This becomes problematic when considering partial birth abortions.
Read my column today, “Pro-abort PBA paradox,” on WorldNetDaily.com.

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