I received this today from a new pro-life friend on South Dakota’s Oglala rez. Apparently the Natives are restless with their president’s plan to launch an abortion mill on their land and are planning a protest.
Des Moines Register columnist Dave Yepsin says that Dem guv candidate Mike Bluoin’s party of choice and pro-life waffling are messing with his prospects: “While Blouin is pro-life, he now says he wouldn’t change anything in Iowa law, which is pro-choice. So I guess that makes him a pro-choice pro-lifer. No wonder neither side trusts him.” Wow, he gets it.
… And vandalizing NKU prof Sally Jacobsen is not being let off the hook. Said Assistant Campbell County Attorney Rick Woeste: “We don’t live in a country where we’re allowed to destroy someone else’s property or vandalize someone’s else’s property when we disagree with what they’re saying…. If that were the case, we could never have political signs.”

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