Discussion on women in the church

I am in the middle of a big project with a deadline. Know that I am reading all your comments and plan to respond to them all, but I won’t be able to get that until tomorrow afternoon. Keep writing. Additionally, I’ve received several emails and will post them tomorrow. I’m glad for this discussion, even if some of us disagree.

New Stanek column on WND: “Stained-glass ceiling”

Those who don’t know me may be surprised to learn I believe the Bible frees women to serve in church leadership just as men, provided they are gifted by the Holy Spirit and willing.
Those who know me know this is a passion of mine second only to my passion to stop abortion. In fact, this topic was No. 1 for many years until displaced by a particular aborted baby boy.
My position may sound feminist. But it is to the church’s loss, and I believe a colossal sin, if she allows the modern-day obfuscation of feminist ideals or deep-seated prejudice to keep her from following biblical principles that free women to serve as God determines.
My dander was raised when World Magazine’s editor, Marvin Olasky, stated in his June 17 column….
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Listen to new pro-life show on Salem’s AM 1160, WYLL, Chicago

WYLL.jpgBeginning this Saturday, June 17, at 4:30 p.m. CST, I will host a new, half-hour pro-life radio show called Pro-Life Pulse on Salem Broadcasting’s WYLL, 1160 AM, in Chicago.
The show can be heard life via the Internet and will cover current events through news coverage, interviews, and commentary.
Tune in!
The major sponsor of the show is WomanCare Services of Berwyn, Illinois.
Also featured during the program will be pro-life educational commercials by Right to Life of Will County and Illinois Right to Life.

Consequences of Santorum loss

I posted all comments received via email regarding my column, “Quit De Wining about the Santorum Spectercle,” on my blog post yesterday.
Most were negative, and most swirled around the same general themes. My boiled down response is this:
I agree Rick Santorum and the GOP will learn a lesson if Santorum loses, particularly over the Arlen Specter issue.
They will learn that pro-lifers demand perfection. Santorum is with us on the pro-life issue and is eloquent in its defense. Perhaps I’m partial because he was the Senate lead sponsor of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, for which I testified. He was also a lead sponosr for the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, and who can forget how he drew Barbara Boxer out with his “toe in birth canal” questions? That debate was historical in significance.
Santorum made a tactical decision to support Specter against pro-life wishes. It is likely (actually, so they have said) he and the White House judged the GOP majority would have been jeopardized by a Specter loss and Pat Toomey win in the primary. We’ll never know if they were right or wrong. We all think they were wrong. Ok, fine. Now what? They certainly had at least one of the same concerns we do if the GOP loses the majority in the Senate.
The concern is this: What if Democrats ascend to the majority? Ironically, we may now see that in the Senate with a Santorum demise. The federal court is where all pro-life legislative (laws) and legal (lawsuits) battles are won and lost. Federal judicial appointments are for life. While we will have instant gratification at humbling Santorum, what will the long-term consequences be? If Democrats assume control, it will be a cold day in Senate hell before another Alito or Roberts is confirmed.
Then, while we will have shown Santorum and the GOP a thing or two, all hope will be gone for at least the following two years of appointing a conservative Supreme. Those two years are critical. Justice Paul Stevens is 86 years old. Justice Ruth Ginsberg is a cancer survivor. I suspect both are hanging on with the opposite hope as us.
So, will babies be better or worse off if Santorum loses, if the Republican Party loses? We may feel vindicated, but will we really have won anything? I submit we will have cut off our nose to spite our face.
I also submit the following question for consideration, with all due respect and at risk of succumbing to the same fault I ponder: Is taking the perfect position against Santorum a holier than thou position, a feel good position? Jesus said to be as shrewd as snakes at the same time He said to be as innocent as doves.
I also submit it is not up to humans to humble other humans. It is up to God.
Finally, I submit that humans who demand perfection, or groveling for imperfection, demand more than even God.

New Stanek column on WND: “Quit De Wining about the Santorum Spectercle”

A few weeks ago, I sent an e-mail to my list, encouraging Pennsylvania pro-lifers to support Republican Rick Santorum in his rebid for the U.S. Senate against Democrat Bob Casey.
Both are pro-life, but because Santorum and the White House supported pro-abortion incumbent Arlen Specter in the 2004 Republican primary against pro-lifer Pat Toomey, pro-lifers consider him a traitor. Specter won 51-49 percent. Pro-lifers blame Santorum and Bush for the edge.
This was typical of negative responses I received regarding my e-mail:

Let Rick Santorum be the example to all the other Republican politicians that we will not allow them to play games with the lives of our unborn children, and if they do, they will be gone.

I wish Santorum had not supported Specter. But would turning from Santorum help or hurt the pro-life cause?
I submit it would hurt, badly. Here’s why….
Read my column today, “Quit De Wining about the Santorum Spectercle,” on WorldNetDaily.com.