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Attention pro-lifers: There is now a live, three-hour, daily, national radio talk show that discusses the pro-life issue along with other topics of importance to us.
The show is Across the Nation with Bob Dunning. Bob had me on last week to discuss embryonic stem cell experimentation. Bob has had me on his show, The Bishops Hour, several times through the years.
Bob’s new show is on Sirius Channel 159, 1-4 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. Tune in – and spread the word!

New Stanek WND column: “Is God allowing abortion to save eternal lives?”


A volunteer driving me from the airport to a pregnancy resource center speaking engagement described a heart-wrenching incident.
She said during a recent luncheon with three friends, all four admitted to having abortions. One had never told anyone before that day….
I am increasingly aware of the eternal lives God is saving through abortion. I don’t understand. Can it be that God is allowing the catastrophe of abortion to save the eternal lives of the parents who kill their babies?….
But there are many who do not accept God’s forgiveness….
Frankly, those who lament that their sin of abortion is unforgivable need to get over themselves. In actuality, they have a pride issue. They think their sin is more special than anyone else’s who has ever lived.
What’s worse, people who don’t seek and accept God’s forgiveness about their abortions make matters worse. They don’t get in the game because they feel like hypocrites….

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New Stanek WND column: “Warren, Obama: It takes more than wings to fly”


Despite pressure from social conservatives, Pastor Rick Warren refused to uninvite U.S. Sen. Barack Obama from his AIDS conference last week, although Obama is pro-abortion and pro-homosexual.
During the conference, Warren explained, “You have to have two wings to fly,” apparently a right wing and a left wing….
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Warren said he invited Obama to speak at his conference because they both want to stop AIDS.
This would be like me inviting Ted Kennedy to my pro-life conference because we both want to stop unplanned pregnancies. Ludicrous. Warren certainly knows ends don’t justify means….
In so many words Warren portrayed conservatives as bigoted for demanding that those we allow in our flock agree on all issues, as if that were actually true, and as if abortion and homosexuality were just issues to be lumped with all others…. Rather, they are directly related to AIDS….
Exactly how will Obama and Warren take wing together to conquer AIDS, if Obama condones the top three causes of AIDS? ….
Worst of all, Warren gave Obama a platform. He legitimized Obama, particularly among evangelicals. One consequence of this will be….

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