The IL Supreme Court issued parental notification rules last September 20, instructing AG Lisa Madigan to tell a federal judge to lift the injunction on the 1995 law. 

I had a feeling Madigan was stalling to give Rep. John Fritchey’s repeal bill time to work through the system.

So four months later – coincidentally – Fritchey introduced his repeal bill January 18, and Madigan announced January 19 she would indeed follow the Supremes’ instructions, "ask[ing] the federal court to give the state’s circuit courts time to train their staff to handle the new procedures," according to the Chicago Tribune.

fritchey2.jpgEnough time for Fritchey to keep the bloodgates open.   

The current law would ensure a little girl got help from the authorities if she turned up pregnant.  Fritchey’s bill would allow her pedophile to get her an abortion before anyone was the wiser.

Should his bill pass, I hope Fritchey will be able to sleep at night, knowing some little girl somewhere isn’t, thanks to him.

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