Bodies of evidence

pendergraft.jpgOn Feb. 9, a young father brought his baby in a small white plastic trash bag to abortionist James Pendergraft’s Orlando Women’s Center abortion mill. Pendergraft, pictured right, owns four Florida chop shops and commits third trimester abortions. His EPOC mill is where the 911 call originated that I posted yesterday.
This baby was large enough to weigh the bag down. The clinic had given the mother the labor inducing drug Cytotec to take at home, where she inadvertently delivered her baby – dead or alive, no one will ever know.
The father walked slowly to the clinic’s back door with his dead baby, which is where pro-life sidewalk counselors Patte and Mary Jo met him. They didn’t know what was going on so offered him a packet of pro-life materials.
Patte began trying to talk him out of the abortion, explaining even if his partner had already ingested the Cytotec pills, it was not too late to get medical help. But the father interrupted her, saying, “You don’t understand, this is my baby,” as he lifted the bag up for them to see….

“Mary Jo and I looked at the bag the father held up in the air,” said Patte. “Of course, we were stunned. It took me at least 30 seconds to speak.
“Please, bring her over here,” said Patte, gathering her wits. (The father was on clinic premises, and pro-life sidewalk counselors are only allowed on public sidewalks.) “That’s your little child, your baby. You need to report what happened. You need to tell someone.”
The father shook his head, saying, “No, this is my business,” just as mill worker Sonia Merced opened the door and extended her hand for the baby.
“Don’t!” said Patte. “Don’t give the baby to her!”
Sonia turned to Patte and said, “Oh shut the f— up, Patte!”, whisking the father and dead baby inside.
Patte ran and reported the incident to on-duty Orlando police officer Charles May, who moonlights as a security officer for Pendergraft, certainly not an objective party.
May refused to intervene, admitting to Patte he saw the entire incident. Patte called 911 to report a possible homicide of a newborn infant.
The officer sent to investigate, Sargeant Pursley, later told Patte he had no idea he was sent on a 911 call, so he did not file a report. He merely questioned the father outside. Pursley told Patte the father admitted telling her there was a baby in the bag, “but he said that he was just f…ing with you.” Pursley did not go into the clinic to search for the baby.
amber.jpgThis incident comes on the heels of an incident in Lawrence, Massachusetts, where on January 24 18-year-old Dominican immigrant Amber Abreu was charged with taking Cytotec illegally on Jan. 6 to abort her baby.
The baby girl was between 23-25 weeks old, weighed 1-1/4 pounds, and was aborted alive. Later named Ashley, she died after four days at Tufts-New England Medical Center. Abreu may be charged with homicide.
The bodies of evidence keep mounting. When will the Born Alive Infants Protection Act be enforced? Perhaps since now even liberals are becoming galled by live birth abortion, as evidenced by a newspaper editorial in left-wing Massachusetts calling for Abreu’s prosecution, federal law enforcement agencies will get a backbone.

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  1. Junk in the trunk

    I reported Feb. 9 about a young father who pro-life sidewalk counselors spotted carrying his aborted baby in a white trash bag to the back door of a FL late-term abortion mill after the baby accidentally was delivered at home…

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