timebig.jpgThe cover story in the Feb. 26 edition of Time magazine is on the “new face of an old movement,” medically-modelled pregnancy care centers that perform ultrasounds and conduct STD testing.
I read the article first from a pro-life activist’s perspective (me!) and thought it exceedingly placed pccs under a microscope and on the defensive.
Would, for instance, that Time reported on undercover investigative calls to abortion mills on the hunt for misinformation, like it did pccs. Or that it had a young woman pose as a pregnant patient in an abortion mill, like it did a pcc.
Then I read the article from the abortion industry’s perspective and thought they must certainly be depressed about it, likely reworking their talking points as I write. They were pathetic. Here was the worst….

“What is really tragic to me is that a woman goes into a center looking for information, looking to be able to make a better, healthy choice, and she doesn’t get all the facts,” argues Christopher Hollis, Planned Parenthood’s vice president for governmental and political affairs in North Carolina. “That’s taking someone’s life and playing a really dangerous game with it.”

Only because pccs don’t counsel to abort? I’d say the pregnancy health center that most endangers someone’s life would be the one where at least half going in die.
Here was another good one:

It is this discussion of risk that most enrages defenders of abortion rights, especially doctors who routinely see terrified women who come in for an abortion after hearing such warnings and ask over and over, “Am I going to die?”

Oh, please. Certainly one of the two patients in the room is going to.
Overall, pccs came out looking professional, savvy, and compassionate. My one complaint was they agreed with pro-aborts that the horror of abortion should be deemphasized.
And I loved the cover photo!
[Hat tip: reader Wynette.]