amillia1.jpgLittle Amillia Taylor was born at the age of 22 weeks and six days, weighing only 10 oz. We know her exact age because she was conceived by in vitro fertilization.
Four months later, weighing four pounds, Amilliia is being released from Baptist Children’s Hospital in Miami, Florida, today.
How ironic that the world’s youngest known baby to survive was born in Florida, the very state so much in the news lately for standing by as babies older than this little girl are aborted alive and either purposefully killed or shelved to die.
In fact, according to, Amillia’s mother Sonja, lied to doctors about her baby’s age, knowing they would not resuscitate her otherwise….
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“Survival of babies that is less than 22 weeks of gestation is close to zero, if not zero,” said Dr. Phuket Tantavit, who specializes in neonatology.
The medical standard is not even to resuscitate a 22-week baby, so when Sonja Taylor knew she was going into labor in October after just 19 weeks, she lied about the baby’s term.
Doctors worked to delay the birth, but nine days later, they had no choice but to perform an emergency C-section, thinking they were delivering a 23-week baby.

Congratulations to Amillia and her loving, protective parents.
[Photos courtesy of London’s Daily Mail, where video footage may also be seen.]

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