From a March 20 op ed in, student voice of Texas A&M:

I love abortion. For starters, it promotes economic development…. [T]he abortion rate among women living below the federal poverty level is more than four times that of women 300 percent above it. So as long as the trend keeps up, we will have fewer and fewer poor people and more and more rich people….
healthy.gifI love abortion. It is the pinnacle expression of female liberty…. For years women could not vote. Now, however, they can pronounce their rights and freedoms louder than ever before. They can abort.
I love abortion…. Black women are almost four times as likely as white women to have an abortion, and Hispanic women are 2.5 times as likely. So as long as the trend keeps up, I should be able to maintain my superior status in the world [as a white] without even having to fight for it.
Abortion makes the United States healthy, wealthy, wise and white. It is a magnificent demonstration of constitutional liberation… helping Americans be all they can be.

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