I received the following note and photos this morning. They are self-explanatory.

bethanyf.jpgDear Jill,
The reason I’m emailing is because a little over two weeks ago I experienced a miscarriage. It was very difficult to deal with, as I was so excited about having a fourth child and had no idea anything was wrong until the day I had the routine ultrasound, and the doctors told me that the baby had died in my womb. I had to wait a week to miscarry the baby, and it was so difficult.

Once the baby came, I took several pictures of the baby, who was around six weeks old when he or she died. These pictures were first taken for myself, so that I would never forget what my baby looked like….

But I want to share the pictures with you, because you may be able to do something with them to help the pro-life cause. I feel if the loss of my baby can do anything to help save the life of even one baby, my baby will not have died in vain. Do you think there is any way you can use them for the pro-life cause? I trust your judgement and know that whatever you choose to do with them will be respectful to my baby’s life.
babyblessing2 (2).jpg

I realize there are many textbook images, but somehow I think a picture taken by a “regular” woman – up close and personal pictures – might be more helpful than other pictures and help people realize the reality of those images… that they’re not fake… because even though I was extremely pro-life before I saw my baby and had already seen hundreds of pictures of fetuses in the womb, seeing this real baby in front of my eyes really was incredibly amazing. How complex they are!


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P.S. My baby died due to a brain abnormality. So you will notice that the head does look a little strange at the top, and that is the reason why. Aren’t the little fingers and toes beautiful?


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