john carpenter.jpgThe second season of Showtime’s Masters of Horror series has just been released on DVD and includes an episode by John Carpenter called “Pro-Life.”
“Pro-Life” has a plot that is both stereotypical and old (“Rosemary’s Baby,” anyone?), what one would expect from MSM, particularly Carpenter, who directed the first slasher film of them all, “Halloween.” “Pro-Life” is about “a young girl who is raped and impregnated by a demon and wants to have an abortion, but her efforts are halted by her fanatic, gun-toting father and her three brothers,” says Wikipedia. You can view trailers here (must click on “Pro-Life”). The ultrasound scene is amusing.
But we live in opposite world. If you knew nothing except a group opposed an industry that made its living aborting babies, from which would you logically expect the violence to erupt during protests?
(See video of pro-abortion violence on page 2.)

And so it is. In actuality, the pro-life movement is the most peaceful social movement in history. On every day of the week there are likely hundreds of peaceful pro-life prayer vigils or protests outside of abortion mills… hundreds of thousands over the years.
People calling themselves pro-life have murdered seven abortion industry workers in the past 34 years, but as reminds us, “[A]ccording to the United States government, more janitors, bartenders, secretaries, hairdressers and cosmetologists have been killed on the job than abortionists.”
Meanwhile, Human Life International has documented more than 7000 acts of violence and illegal activities by pro-abortionists, aside from the 50,000,000 babies they have killed. These include::
880 homicides and other killings
86 attempted murders
23 arsons and bombings
787 assaults
1,798 sex crimes (including 169 rapes)
59 kidnappings
420 cases of vandalism
270 drug-related crimes
1,577 medical crimes
And, of course, it all stands to reason. Here is an example of the violence pro-aborts continually mete out. Warning: explicit language.

I was part of a similar incident when a worker at Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, IL, tore through our group, ripping signs out of our hands, mine included, and threw them on the slushy street. And I have written just a tad about the sexual abuse abortionists commit.
lime 5.jpgMark Crutcher’s chilling book, Lime 5, also documents the pro-abortion violence.
Joel Belz of World magazine made an astute point in the March 24/31 issue. In a column about global warming entitled, “Protesting too much,” Belz could just as esily inserted the words “abortion propoents” for “global-warming folks” when he said this:

Seems to me the global-warming folks just keep hurting their own case, and weakening their own argument, with two silly tactical mistakes. The first is that they exaggerate their evidence. The second is that they bully their opponents. Both tend to be signals that they aren’t as sure of themselves as they’d like you to think they are….
Is your argument a little weak on facts? Well, don’t worry. Just exaggerate the facts you’ve got, and raise your voice a little.

And so have pro-aborts all these years… and their fists… and their weapons…

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