From World magazine, April 28 ed:

Violence has become a way of life for students in America – and even for students in seemingly out-of-the-way and unlikely places like Blacksburg, VA….
Students have come to believe that they can control that violence – that they can, at will, dial it into or dial it out of their lives just as they please. And they have come to believe it because that is what we as a society have taught them.
American students have heard this for a generation and more on a dozen different fronts. In ever-increasing intensity, our movie and television industries have cranked up both the kinds and the volume of what is said to be permissible violence. Don Imus and his violent vocabulary may have been temporarily silenced, but the nation’s music industry remains saturated with lyrics that make no effort to hide the hideous nature of their subject matter. The practice of abortion – typically (and understandably) highest in cities and counties occupied by big state universities – argues powerfully to every participant that the taking of a tiny human life is just fine so long as it’s accomplished quietly, antiseptically, and within the law…..

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