I’m launching a new feature called “Conversion stories.” There have been a couple on this blog in the last month – abortion proponents who came here to duel and over time converted to the pro-life position.
I applaud these people for giving honest thought to pro-life apologetics, confronting their own ideology with it, and then publicly making the switch. This is a major undertaking.
I also applaud the dedicated pro-life conversationalists on this blog for their wit, knowledge, passion, honest concern for people behind the debate, and for not letting one falsehood go unanswered.
Today, we honor prettyinpink, aka PIP or Kate. PIP politely introduced herself to us a month ago as one who “used to be blindly conservative, but sometime during high school I became an active liberal.” Somewhere, though, during her 378 (!) posts, PIP changed her thinking. Here is her story.
First, meet PIP on this video a friend and she made of the song, “You can call me Al.” (PIP is a big fan of Simon & Garfunkel.)

PIP’s story….

I’ve been a liberal ever since I started to make my own opinions. In middle school, I was conservative, because that is what my friends were. [But] I began looking at all of the arguments, and I tended to choose the most empathetic viewpoint, which tended to keep me on the liberal side of things.
I always felt pro-choice WAS the most empathetic view because it seemed really cruel to force someone to stay pregnant considering all of the problems it may cause in our increasingly stressful and at times unforgiving society….
At the time, I kept thinking “if I were pregnant, people would stop talking to me. I would drop out of high school and never get the dream job I’ve always wanted. And these people are wanting to force these women into these situations.” It seemed so asinine to think that this tiny clump of cells was worth more to them than the lives of the mothers.
Because I’m a big fan of science many of my previous debates have been in favor of evolution, but that got very tiring…. I thought it would be more fun to debate something that was more of a gray area. This site is very fun and extremely addictive. But when I started listening to the arguments, more and more I started to agree with the pro-life side.
Although I never approved of late term abortions it dawned on me that my arguments couldn’t work on any other group of the population, except, in my opinion, the unborn. I realized how ridiculous it was.
But I couldn’t bring it to myself to become pro-life because of everything that came with it. I couldn’t see myself protesting at Planned Parenthood, because at least they offer health services, for example. I checked out Feminists for Life (I am a big feminist myself), and reading their mission statement I thought “bingo. This is what I’m looking for.”
I guess right now I should classify myself as a liberal pro-lifer. I mean, I still support IVF, birth control, sex education, and all that, but responsibility is very important in my understanding of these issues.
And I’m still pretty liberal on a lot of other issues (although, the Oklahoman idea of liberal is pretty much the American idea of centrist).
I think that, once we have the opportunities to help every woman in need, abortion will stop being a symptom of a society that makes a woman choose between education and children. We will become a society that allows both, and since abortion would be practically meaningless, we can begin to make elective abortion illegal.

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