imagesI’m really sorry I just missed the second anniversary of Baby Rowan’s death.

Baby Rowan was aborted alive into a toilet on April 2, 2005, at one of abortionist James Pendergraft’s late-term abortion mills, EPOC Clinic, in Orlando, FL.

By dates, Rowan was 22-6/7 weeks old, just 1 day shy of conventional wisdom’s current line of viability (although Amillia Taylor was recently born at 21 weeks at a Miami hospital and survived).
I received an anguished email from Rowan’s mother Angele several days after the abortion and wrote about what happened. I later met Angele, a warm, loving, and tortured woman. Here is what she relayed to me….

257hc9zAngele had belatedly decided to abort. She traveled out of state to undergo a late-term abortion, in this case the induced labor abortion procedure.

The abortionist gave her a medication to irritate and open her cervix the first day, then she spent the night at a hotel and returned to the mill to complete the procedure the next day.

Angele felt like having a bowel movement and went to the bathroom. Baby Rowan was delivered alive in the toilet. Angele wrote me, “The very moment I saw my son was alive, nothing else in the whole world mattered but Rowan’s safety! I fell immediately in love with my baby boy and was afraid of nothing that I ever feared before. Only one thing mattered to me: getting Rowan help. I begged, repeatedly.”

Angele begged abortion clinic worker Violene to get help, but Violene shut the bathroom door on Angele and little Rowan, along with “blood everywhere,” as Angele later said.

rowan3bAngele panicked and called her friend who was awaiting her return at the hotel. The friend called 911. You used to be able to hear that call here, but YouTube has apparently removed it. While waiting for help, Angele held her baby and sang to him. But no help came, and Rowan died after 11 minutes.

Meanwhile clinic workers turned the ambulance drivers away at the front door, saying not to worry, the call was just placed by a hysterical patient.

After much prodding, the state finally autopsied the baby. The medical examiner said it did not look like air entered Rowan’s lungs, although babies can live for quite some time without that appearance.

The ME did not test Rowan’s blood to see if the abortionist had tried to kill him before starting the abortion. Sometimes they do this by visualizing the baby’s heart on ultrasound and injecting medication through the mother’s abdomen into the baby’s heart that causes instant cardiac arrest.
Angele’s attorney took these photos of Rowan at the morgue. To read more articles and columns about Rowan, go here, here, here, and here.

[Hat tip: Marilyn, Patte]

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