By Valerie Jane
It is ridiculous the campaigns that the pro-choice side is doing to stop crisis pregnancy centers. I hear how horrible we are. How we mistreat women. We are told how we commit harassment, criminal confinement, verbal and mental abuse, and intimidation. We see the anonymous statements from these poor and weak women who didn’t know how horrible the pro-life side was. No proof is provided. No court cases cited….

In the pro-choice propaganda I have never seen proof. The only lawsuits that have been against CPC’s are for state regulation of how they advertise and what they say to women (from NAF website.) No law suits concerning the kidnapping and maltreatment we do. No lawsuits about the harassment. Isn’t that interesting? We only hear about the women who went to a CPC to get an abortion but then were held against their will and forced to look at pictures and listen to prayers. We hear how horrible we are because we don’t tell them that abortion is an option. Wait, didn’t they go there to get an abortion? And now that we have kidnapped them they no longer know what abortion is?
What is a crisis pregnancy center? Why don’t we check out one in Bloomington, IN They have pregnancy testing and counseling. They have free parenting classes. They have the Hannah House Maternity Home where pregnant women who need extra help can stay before and after their baby is born. They *gasp* teach abstinence with access to peer support. They give free baby supplies to mothers. They help with after-abortion counseling. Here is one of their promises:

“You will receive accurate information about pregnancy, fetal development, life-style issues, and related concerns. The pregnancy center does not provide abortion or referrals for abortion, but we are committed to offering accurate information about abortion procedures and risks”

These people must be horrible! They teach abstinence and don’t do abortions. Let’s shut them down.
Go here and here so you can see for yourself just how horrible it all is.
(Thanks Jill for letting me be a Guest Blogger this week!)
[photos courtesy: Christine Sullivan

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