From Reuters, April 23:

The Vatican’s second-highest ranking doctrinal official on Monday forcefully… denounced abortion and euthanasia as forms of “terrorism with a human face”….
In an address to chaplains, [Archbishop Angelo] Amato said newspapers and television bulletins often seemed like “a perverse film about evil.” He denounced “evils that remain almost invisible” because the media presented them as “expression of human progress.”
He listed these as abortion clinics, which he called “slaughterhouses of human beings,” [and] euthanasia….


After denouncing “abominable terrorism” such as that carried out by suicide bombers, he condemned what he called “terrorism with a human face,” and accused the media of manipulating language “to hide the tragic reality of the facts.”
“For example, abortion is called ‘voluntary interruption of pregnancy’ and not the killing of a defenseless human being, an abortion clinic is given a harmless, even attractive, name: ‘centre for reproductive health’ and euthanasia is blandly called ‘death with dignity’,” he said in his address….

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