An unashamed aborting father in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times attempted to tie the partial birth abortion ban with selective reduction abortions.
The other side typically attempts to evoke emotion to support death. This is hard in the case of partial birth abortion, but I do commend this warped man for trying.
But what I found most interesting was his rationale for aborting his two boys rather than his two girls. One reason he considered aborting the girls was because they might some day lose their right to abortion. He considered killing two of his children for fear they might someday lose the right to kill their children….

My wife and I just had an abortion. Two, actually. We walked into a doctor’s office in downtown Los Angeles with four thriving fetuses – two girls and two boys – and walked out an hour later with just the girls, whom we will name, if we’re lucky enough to keep them, Rosalind and Vivian. Rosalind is my mother’s name.
We didn’t want to. We didn’t mean to. We didn’t do anything wrong, which is to say, we did everything right. Four years ago, when Tina and I set out on this journey to have children, such a circumstance was unimaginable. And yet there I was, holding her hand, watching the ultrasound as a needle with potassium chloride found its mark, stopping the heart of one male fetus, then the other, hidden in my wife’s suffering belly….
Some wanted to know how we decided to keep the girls. Partly, it was a matter of how the fetuses were arranged. Partly, it had to do with other factors. Some studies show offspring of older fathers (I’m 47) run a higher risk of autism, and males are four times as likely to be autistic. Still, I had reservations about bringing girls into the world now, when forces seemed to be aligning to disenfranchise them (nine of 10 GOP presidential candidates favor reversing Roe vs. Wade). I hate to think my girls will have to fight the battles their mothers and grandmothers fought.

No, you blind man, you did not do “everything right.” You and your wife contrived to thwart nature at every turn, first forcing this pregnancy at an advanced age, then baling when her health was apparently threatened by exterminating two of the children whose lives you forced.
This seems like a good time to replay the laughing quadruplets video.

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