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Most polls these days show a majority of Americans support stricter abortion regulations or a ban. Those ok with abortion as is are in the minority.
This poll fits with other polls, but several things set it apart….

First, the poll was conducted by two liberal news organizations and… well, how do you describe MTV? Double D, super steroid liberal? So the results cannot be dismissed as biased conservative.
Second, it was of young people, ages 17-29, the age group by and large aborting. And by almost a 2:1 margin, these young people said they wanted stricter limits or a ban on abortion. Fully one-fourth said they wanted abortion outlawed altogether.
Third, poll answers should have skewed left, since 35% of respondents were Democrat and 23% Republican. But they did not. (And although the GOP took a bigger hit, both parties lost members to the Independent or Unidentified group.)
Fourth, 28% of respondents said they were liberal, 40% moderate, and 27% conservative. The conservative and moderate percentages were reflected as you would expect, almost like a template over the abortion poll results. It was those calling themselves liberal who skewed right on abortion.
Fifth, although it’s certainly can’t be called permanent, the abortion numbers from May to June went our way.
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