nea.gifIs momentum building to force the powerful National Education Association to stop its inexplicable support of abortion?
I posted a few days ago that a federal court ruled last week teachers could not be forced to join the NEA based on religious grounds that their dues would support abortion.
Now comes word a picket by pro-life NEA members and pro-lifers in general is planned tomorrow at the NEA convention in Philadelphia, attended by 9,000 delegates. NEA claims to represent 3.2 million members.
Pro-Life Educators and Students has called for the picket at 11:00 a.m. at 1101 Arch Street “to call attention to policies the nation’s most powerful teachers’ union has adopted that encourage unrestricted abortion and other controversial family-planning measures,” according to The Evening Bulletin.
Continued EB:

[PLEAS coordinator Bob] Pawson believes one reason a teachers union shouldn’t want to espouse a favorable view toward abortion is that more abortions mean fewer children, therefore fewer students, and therefore fewer needed teachers.
“I could present the issue to them from a totally moral or biblical perspective,” Pawson explained. “But I know their ears are in their wallets.”

teacher1.jpgHow true.
NEA involvement in abortion promotion is extensive. Read the EB article for list of resolutions and other evidence.
Teachers certainly see abused kids, hungry kids, neglected kids, poor kids.
So the NEA’s logic is to help kill these problem kids before they’re born?
That’s the same logic of many pro-aborts, both self-serving and lazy.

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