I previously blogged that it appeared new pro-abort KS AG Paul Morrison was stonewalling on 30 criminal charges brought by his pro-life predecessor Phill Kline, whom he defeated last fall, against late-term abortionist George Tiller. My linked post contains more details and a timeline. Update:
Wichita Eagle, June 29:

… Those charges were dismissed on a jurisdictional issue and Morrison chose not to revive any of them, choosing instead to file on a different issue….


Morrison [pictured right at press conference] filed 19 criminal charges against… Tiller on Thursday, alleging Tiller had financial and legal ties to a doctor who signed off on late-term abortions he performed.
The charges stop short of alleging that the abortions were unjustified, and Morrison said the violations he cited are technical….
Although all are misdemeanors, each count carries a potential sentence of a year in jail and a $2,500 fine.
If convicted, Tiller could also face disciplinary action against his medical license… rang[ing] from no action to censure, suspension, or revocation of a doctor’s license to practice….
Morrison stressed that the charges he filed are different than those contemplated by Kline….

More from the Capital-Journal, June 29….


Morrison, speaking at a Topeka news conference amid heavy security, said… Tiller has been charged… with 19 counts of failing to obtain a second opinion from a consulting physician “not legally or financially affiliated” to him before performing the abortions….
Of the abortions at issue, 13 of the 19 women were 16 years of age or younger, including a 10-year-old….

More on that second abortionist from the KS City Star, June 28:

The physician who signed off on abortions performed by George Tiller was disciplined in 2001 by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts.
The board placed temporary limitations on the medical license held by Ann Kristin Neuhaus after its staff filed legal documents alleging, among other things, that Neuhaus performed an abortion after the patient withdrew her consent.


Neuhaus, 49, could not be reached for comment Thursday. But at the time, her attorney denied the allegations. Neuhaus accepted the limitations to resolve the petition filed in December 2000.
According to the petition, a patient agreed to an abortion but then withdrew consent and tried to leave. But Neuhaus sedated her and performed the abortion, the petition states.
The petition also alleged that she failed to document the patient’s previous adverse experiences with sedation and failed to document her vital signs.

Pro-life feedback on these developments:

  • “While we are happy that charges are being filed against Tiller, we are guarded about this because we believe that these charges are the weakest…” said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue in Wichita (as quoted by Capital-Journal).
  • “Part of me is a little bit gratified to see that (Morrison filed charges),” said Cheryl Sullenger, policy adviser for… Operation Rescue. “In another part of me, I am disappointed to see he didn’t file late-term charges” (as quoted by the Wichita Eagle).
  • [Hat tip: LifeNews.com]

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