daily%20herald.jpgI was pleasantly surprised news organizations covering the Aurora Planned Parenthood protest Saturday approximated our numbers accurately, calling it “huge” even. Good photo in the Daily Herald.
But there were other signs of bias. Sometimes it is subtle, but it’s usually there.
Chicago Tribune:

… Efforts to shutter the clinic continued with an abortion protest Aug. 16 that drew 400 abortion opponents… and a few dozen abortion-rights proponents….

Why are we “abortion opponents” and they “abortion-rights proponents”? The word “rights” codifies their position….

The Aurora Beacon News, a member of the liberal Chicago Sun-Times news group:

Police estimated that 1,200 people peacefully picketed… with the large majority of them being anti-abortion advocates carrying signs, praying the rosary or chanting slogans.
They heavily outnumbered the 20 or so pro-choice advocates….

The Sun-Times News Group is behind the times, likely on purpose. The bigger news organizations do not use the word “pro-choice” any longer.
That said, I hope you’re sitting down for the next example, from the AP:

More than 1,000 abortion protesters gathered today outside Aurora’s Planned Parenthood facility that’s under construction…..
About 25 pro-abortion protesters also showed up to today’s event.

My oh my. “Pro-abortion” rather than “pro-choice”?!
Fox News Chicago was quite fair, calling us “pro-life”:


Thanks to moderator Bethany for preparing the direct link to the Fox News video.