100_3936.jpgPerhaps inspired by the determination of Operation Rescue leaders against late-term abortionist George Tiller in Wichita, or perhaps enraged by the audacity of Aurora’s Planned Parenthood, it seems to me pro-lifers are just not taking it any more.
Three evidences….

Planned Parenthood in Aurora, IL
Thomas More Society gave Aurora’s outside counsel an ultimatum yesterday: Agree to let teens proceed with their rally tomorrow at the Planned Parenthood mill without permit or police overbearance or make another trek to court today.
Aurora counsel agreed in an email the kids could “bring protest signs in addition to the white crosses to their rallies… carry those signs… lay them down in the parkway when they are tired… lean them against parkway trees… [and] protest without acquiring an assembly permit under the City Code.”
Aurora counsel further desired to “either reach permanent or temporary resolution of them, or bring them before the judge in a manner that does not waste judicial or legal resources.”
Reporting this, Thomas More lead attorney Tom Brejcha said in an email, with language that always captivates me:

[S]o things are going foward in a positive way although we remain very aggrieved by the city’s adamant refusal to simply give the pro-lifers the same treatment which they routinely give to labor union strikers and picketers and even to commercial vendors, who have staked signs and tents into Aurora’s city parkways all over town without so much as a gesture of interference on the part of Aurora’s finest.
We had photos of labor signs and commercial signs taken by Eric [Scheidler] a week ago today appended to our verified complaint last week, and yesterday – in the wake of the police directive that vigil participants give up their big box in which they kept rain gear, Bibles, leaflets, water bottles and snacks, etc. – Eric photographed a tent that a labor union had put up and staked into a parkway at another Aurora location, under which the strikers’ and picketers’ private effects were sheltered from the elements! So, this is what we call egregious “viewpoint discrimination” – a blatant First Amendment violation.
The Aurora lawyer seems anxious not to “waste judicial resources,” but he’s got a surprise coming if he thinks we’ll put up with and settle for these mere half-measures, welcome as they are. The pro-lifers are fully deserving of equal, non-discriminatory treatment on the same terms as those enjoyed by Aurora’s labor and commercial spokespeople.

Pro-lifers are not second class citizens. Bravo, Tom.
Planned Parenthood in Bellmawr, New Jersey
Reported Life Advocacy Briefing today:

Controversy is stirring around a Planned Parenthood outpost in Bellmawr, New Jersey, which “operates,” writes Courier-Post reporter Jim Walsh, “from a Camden County regional health center in the municipal complex.”


Citizens are “collecting signatures,” reports Mr. Walsh, “sending letters and expressing their displeasure to elected officials.”
The cooperative arrangement has existed for several years, according to the South Jersey Courier-Post report, but is now the focus of concern by area clergy, led by Pastor Vincent Kovlak Jr. of Bellmawr Baptist Church. “‘Planned Parenthood promotes abortion and promiscuity,'” said Pastor Kovlak, apparently in a letter to other area clergymen, quoted in the Courier-Post. “‘They are on the wrong side of God’s laws.'”
The deputy county administrator for human services, defending the arrangement, acknowledged to the Courier-Post, “the protest ‘has gained a little bit of momentum.'”

Planned Parenthood in Ann Arbor, MI
An email sent by Lauren Werda, Lex Vitae president, Ave Maria School of Law, today:

The students of Ave Maria Law… will be forming a Life Chain out on 3100 Professional Dr… September 1 from 10am-11am! We are kicking off our semester witness at PP by this unique stand for life…. If we fill the street, we will spill onto Huron Dr. We hope to have an incredible presence out there….
As you may know – we are still in a dispute with the city about where we can stand on Professional Dr. We are currently working to resolve this important dispute.

Isn’t all this news encouraging? Unless you’re a PP exec, then oy.

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