chris.jpgI said the other day I wasn’t vouching, just reporting, on an August 26 Times Online article that reported Amnesty International may have “duped” some stars who sang on a recent fundraising album after which AI added abortion as a “human right.” Specifically, the article tagged two potentially “duped” singers:

[Christina] Aguilera, 26, is a devout American Catholic. She is reportedly expecting her first child and has taken part in a television show in which she interviewed a teenager who had kept her baby rather than have an abortion.
[Avril] Lavigne, 22, is a French-Canadian from a tight-knit Christian family. Her song Keep Holding On is the backing track to a pro-life video on YouTube that declares “abortion is murder.”…

Pro-life bloggers have been running with this while pro-aborts desperate for it not to be so have found Aguilera to have a pro-abort history. Whew, although they’d better stand guard. Who knows if she’ll rethink things if indeed pregnant?
And if that’s all there is, it is weak to conclude Lavigne is pro-life because one of her songs was used in a YouTube video. But here ’tis, at any rate.

[Photo of Aguilera, supposed evidence she is sporting a “baby bump,” is courtesy of, August 24]

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