NY1 featured a story August 14 on a controversial billboard advertisement by Manhattan Mini Storage:


Tacky? I’d say here’s another counterproductive move by pro-aborts. Americans, even if “pro-choice,” don’t find abortion cute or funny. Most commenters to NY1 agreed….

Bear in mind New York is hard-core pro-abortion. Ten percent of all U.S. abortions – 100,000 – are committed there annually. On the other hand, perhaps that’s exactly the reason why they by and large didn’t care for the reminder:

“I think it’s a little bit over the top, a little bit shocking, a little bit unacceptable and I think they should take it down,” said New Yorker Gerry Creamer.
“I’ve always felt that their ads were just a little risque, just a little unsettling, but I think that takes it too far,” added New Yorker Kirsten Carlson.
“I think it’s kind of crazy that they put it up there like that,” added New Yorker Dalton Adams. “I think it’s a little disrespectful. I think it’s a little inconsiderate and it’s big! I mean, it’s not hidden, people can see it.”
But others said they don’t have a problem with the ad’s message, or its imagery.
“I think a woman’s right to choose is definitely shrinking and it’s making a statement and definitely makes people think. It’s interesting how they put the two together,” said Laura Hollin.
Vanessa Valenti works for a reproductive rights organization and posted a picture of the billboard on her blog.
“This is fantastic. We love Manhattan Mini Storage,” said Valenti. “It was really refreshing to see a private company take a stand on such an important issue.”

[Hat tip: Feministing; photo courtesy of Feministing]
UPDATE, 9:35a: Here’s a press release from the Catholic League yesterday with good quotes by Bill Donohue.
UPDATE, 8/17, 9:25a: CBS News, NY, “Storage co.’s pro-choice billboard causes uproar” [HT: #2 son]