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Two federal lawsuits filed against City of Aurora

The pro-life protest against Planned Parenthood Aurora was scheduled for Saturday, August 25, at 9:00a. But to ensure that constitutional freedom, Chicago’s Thomas More Law Center, this morning. Tom said they filed the lawsuit against Aurora ordinances that are clearly unconstitutional and subjectively enforced. There are two contentions….

Gag me

The headline of this August 26 CNN story triggered the first gag:

Did Planned Parenthood commit fraud against Aurora, or are officials in on it?

Backdrop…. From the Chicago Tribune, July 27, 2007: Neighbors who drive by the bustling construction site in Aurora think they are seeing the completion of the “Gemini Health Center,” just as the sign says…. But in a few weeks the sign will be changed to reflect the true owners of the building: Planned Parenthood…. “Frankly, […]

Pro-life protest at Aurora Planned Parenthood

by Jill Stanek

Joe Scheidler interview at Aurora PP protest

by guest poster Fran Eaton, editor of Pro-Life Action League’s founder Joe Scheidler if what the president of Illinois NOW told me was true – had he indeed been arrested 40 times, some for assault and battery? [JLS note: Besides viewing a great interview with Joe, you can get a sense by this video of […]

Weekend question

Pro-abort “Liberal misogynitis,” was “silly.” One of several points I made to demonstrate that in reality, pro-aborts, not pro-lifers, are the misogynists, was their promotion of abortion – of which way more than half aborted are female – had caused such a gender imbalance in Asian and Third World countries that a sex slave trade […]

Our worlds kiss rather than collide

Today the protest/prayer vigil of the Aurora Planned Parenthood was held. The crowd was huge, somewhere between 750-1,000! It is the largest protest of any kind I have ever attended next to the annual March for Life. I have to sort through over 150 photos to whittle down to 10-15 to post, but in the […]

(Prolifer)ations 8/24/07

On the pro-life blogs…. Vital Signs Reasoned Audacity. Ah, it’s that time again. The 2nd annual Wash for Life is September 15. Read details at HumanLifeMatters writes on the human journey, “During the last few days of [my 92-year-old mother’s] life she… was unconscious. The nursing staff asked if the family still wanted meals brought […]

Planned Parenthood goes underground

It’s our fault Planned Parenthood is sneaking around, lying, and deceiving the public, so its says. More on that momentarily. But it’s interesting that we’re apparently driving PP underground. We may not be impairing its bottom line (posting on PP/USPS’s 1972 family planning stamp. I don’t think it would see the light of day today. […]

Kaiser funny

Today’s was the funniest ever….


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by Carder

Jemima KirkeThe viewer’s sympathies are rightly with Kirke, who is earnest and direct in what she relates. Yet, at the fear of sounding callous, my immediate reaction to her account was to shrug my shoulders and sigh, “So what?” To be clear, it wasn’t her story I was dismissing, but the tenor of debate it perpetuated.

Here was another woman — a famous one, a mother, no less — telling a thoughtful story about all the good reasons she had an abortion.

~ Emily Shire, who is very, very concerned about the need to change current abortion laws, and isn’t convinced that sharing abortion stories like actress Jemima Kirke’s (pictured) will accomplish that, The Daily Beast, April 14

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