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Safe, Legal, and Rare

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(Prolifer)ations 8/27/07

On the pro-life blogs…. Are those attorney jokes hitting too close to home? Want to make a change, give your life purpose? web page and then check out her blog post from Saturday: Flashpoint, she describes “ignorant rhetoric” she found on John Edwards’ website showing he “hasn’t a clue about the science of….” Canada’s Dawn […]

“The one-year anniversary of hell breaking loose”

On testified before an FDA committee against making the MAP available over-the-counter. My focus was on the danger to underage girls. To celebrate the one-year anniversary, Christina Page at RH Reality Check

Coverage of Aurora Planned Parenthood protest

I was pleasantly surprised news organizations covering the Aurora Planned Parenthood protest Saturday approximated our numbers accurately, calling it “huge” even. Good photo in the Daily Herald. But there were other signs of bias. Sometimes it is subtle, but it’s usually there.

Two federal lawsuits filed against City of Aurora

The pro-life protest against Planned Parenthood Aurora was scheduled for Saturday, August 25, at 9:00a. But to ensure that constitutional freedom, Chicago’s Thomas More Law Center, this morning. Tom said they filed the lawsuit against Aurora ordinances that are clearly unconstitutional and subjectively enforced. There are two contentions….

Gag me

The headline of this August 26 CNN story triggered the first gag:

Did Planned Parenthood commit fraud against Aurora, or are officials in on it?

Backdrop…. From the Chicago Tribune, July 27, 2007: Neighbors who drive by the bustling construction site in Aurora think they are seeing the completion of the “Gemini Health Center,” just as the sign says…. But in a few weeks the sign will be changed to reflect the true owners of the building: Planned Parenthood…. “Frankly, […]

Pro-life protest at Aurora Planned Parenthood

by Jill Stanek

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