garbage%20disposal.jpgI reported in July the New Jersey Health Department had closed the Alternatives abortion mill in Atlantic City for multiple health and safety violations, including this, lifted directly from the 116-page report, which I received:

The soiled utility room… is equipped with a garbage disposal. Staff member #6 stated the garbage disposal was used for the “disposal of tissue”….

Today came word the fetal garbage dump has disposed of itself. According to The Press of Atlantic City….

The decades-long presence of an embattled city abortion clinic has finally come to an end.
A New Jersey Health Department spokesman confirmed Tuesday that the Alternatives abortion clinic has opted to surrender its license to the state instead of correcting the list of violations detailed in a report that caused the sudden closing of the clinic more than three months ago.
Atlantic City Councilman John Schultz, who leased the facility to Alternatives, said the clinic’s equipment was emptied out of the building last month and the space is available for lease.
“They moved out, everything is out of there,” Schultz said in a phone interview. “My lawyers just sent them a letter telling them they’re like a month behind on their rent.”
The state’s report detailed a slew of violations at the clinic, including bloodstained operating tables, expired drugs and the absence of a sterilization sink.

All worried that women’s access to safe, legal, and rare abortions may be encumbered by this closure need not fear. According to The Press:

Alternatives owner Dr. Alan Kline… also owns the Princeton Women’s Center in Princeton….

This is located just three miles from Princeton University. I’m sure, given his upscale clientele, Kline runs this chop shop much cleaner and safer than he did the Alternatives mill.
[HT: Operation Rescue]

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