Aurora Planned Parenthood's B-2 bomb

shrubs.jpgI had lengthy conversations yesterday with pro-life IL attorneys Peter Breen and Vince Tessitore about the Aurora Planned Parenthood zoning appeal situation....

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The Great Reagan


by Gary Varvell of

On that topic, Charles Krauthammer wrote a column critical of Reagan on October 26, "Taking Reagan Out of the Race," to which Mark Levin, who worked for Reagan, immediately responded, "Getting Reagan Right: Charles Krauthammer misses the crucial distinctions."

What I appreciated in Krauthammer's column was his point that none of the GOP presidential candidates are perfect, but....

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Aurora and the IL Democrat Machine

madigan%20weiser.jpgPictured right are Aurora Police Chief William Powell, IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan, and Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner on October 26 at Aurora's Annual Police Luncheon. Madigan was the guest speaker and "honored for her office's efforts to fight the spread of illegal drugs."

The photo is taken from the AG's website. And here we see how politics works, the "scratch-back-while-watching-back" system. Madigan is Weisner's reward for being a good pro-abort Democrat as well as a subtle reminder of the support he will lose if failing to keep Planned Parenthood Aurora's doors open....

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New Stanek WND column, "Inside Planned Parenthood"


I recently got my hands on two lawsuits filed this year by former employees against Planned Parenthood Chicago Area and its CEO, Steve Trombley (Pelta v. Planned Parenthood and Chesis v. Planned Parenthood) .

One of those employees, Dr. Murray Pelta, was an abortionist for PP/CA from 1992-2007, its medical director from 1997-2007. The stories he must have to tell, and he indeed tells a couple in his complaint....

Trombley fired Pelta on Feb. 28, 2007, which triggered his complaint. He began by alleging a pharmaceutical quid pro quo....

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Was Lisa Madigan misleading?

parent%20and%20daughter.jpgThree aldermen in the City of Aurora have introduced a parental notification ordinance so the local Planned Parenthood could not abort underage girls without their parents knowing.

The State of IL passed a parental notification law in 1995, but it laid dormant 12 years awaiting judicial bypass rules, which finally came from the IL Supreme Court a year ago. The Supremes instructed rabidly pro-abort Attorney General Lisa Madigan (she voted as state senator against IL's Born Alive Infant Protection Act) to have the injunction overturned. When she tried a delay tactic, they wrote her a directive to knock it off, which she did. The ball has now been in U.S. District Court Judge David Coar's court several months to decide whether state courts are ready to handle any need for judicial bypass.

So there is still no IL parental notification law. Back to Aurora. Madigan was asked her legal opinion on the city ordinance. In a letter stating she thought it was illegal, she also said this (click to enlarge):

What do you think Madigan was stating?

PP's big abortion picture

I received the letter below a week ago from head of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists with the following preface:

PLEASE READ THIS LETTER CAREFULLY. It concerns the world-level meeting in London to discuss improving women's healthcare on a worldwide basis, and especially in the undeveloped countries....

The agenda for this meeting was not set up by flesh and blood, but by the rulers, the authorities, the powers of this dark world and by spiritual forces of evil in high places, to quote a well known writer. This is what we face on a world scale.

Well, I did read the letter carefully. Our side wrote it in response to the recently held Women Deliver Global Conference, held under the guise of reducing infant and maternal mortality, as you would think by this graphic from its site as all others on this post:


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(Prolifer)ations 10-29-07

pro-lifeblogbuzz3.jpgMy list of great pro-life blogs has grown to the point I can't cover all of them at once in
(Prolifer)ations. The other day I covered a block (A-C) and today will cover another, and that's how I'll have to do this from now on.

Jivin Jehoshaphat links to a column in London's Telegraph that imagined a future abortion museum....

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BBQ baby

bbq%20babt.jpgA couple in West Chester, OH, is under fire for a Halloween yard display neighbors think goes too far.

I don't know why a barbequed baby would defy the sensibilities of a pro-abort.

Here's the news story:

[HT: WorldNetDaily via friend Arlene; photo credit: WLWT]

Planned Parenthood Chicago: Peyton Place

peyton%20place.jpgIt never occurred to me before today that the shorthand we use for Planned Parenthood, "PP," could also stand for Peyton Place.

Eric Scheidler has posted two juicy lawsuits against PP Chicago Area and its CEO Steve Trombley.

First there's the one filed by former PPCA head abortionist Murray Pelta. According to the lawsuit, he started aborting for PPCA in 1992, was promoted to chief baby killer in 1997, and was fired by Trombley on February 28, 2007.

Here's one bit of juice from the lawsuit, leading up to the reason for the complaint (click to enlarge; page break removed for flow)....

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Biased Denver Planned Parenthood coverage

al2.jpgThe first red flag you'll note re: this Denver NBC affiliate's coverage yesterday (click to video link) of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains' ambitious plan to build PP's new largest abortion mill in the U.S., at 50,000 sq. ft., is there are only two talking heads in the picture: a news anchor and one interviewee, a PP proponent. Hello, balance?

The interviewee is Denver Post business columnist Al Lewis, who had no business writing a pro-abortion opinion piece under the guise of reporting on the Weitz Company, hired by PP to build the mill....

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Bella weekend showing

eduardo%20car2.jpgFirst, in an October 27 column, "'Bella' and the pro-life film trend," Brent Bozell of Media Research Center wrote:

The bohemian worldview of Woodstock Nation is in some ways dominant, and in some ways passe in our popular culture.... [T]he "free love" spirit of "if it feels good, do it" still runs strong, especially in our entertainment world. And yet, burbling beneath a noisy culture of sexual excess and self-love, there's a quiet undercurrent in our movies carrying subtle, and even obvious, pro-life themes.

Bozell gives examples of recent film releases: Children of Men, Waitress, Knocked Up, and Bella (pictured above right).

I would add another, due out this holiday season, Juno, starring Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman, Ellen Page, and Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute for Office fans) [HT: moderator MK]:

Back to Bella, you done good....

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Live blogging, "Facing Reality: Choice"

choice.jpgLet's talk about the documentary we're watching on Fox News, Facing Reality: Choice....

My notes from the show are on page 2.

Now that the documentary is over, what did you think? Did it help, hurt, or not make a difference in the debate?

UPDATE, 10/28, 7a: We are gratetful to have heard from Bobbie in the comments section last night, the sister of Brooke, the third mother in the Fox News documentary....

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Will live blog Fox's "Facing Reality: Choice" tonight

choice.jpgI will live blog thoughts about Fox Cable New's documentary, Facing Reality: Choice, tonight beginning when its starts at 9p EST (8p CST, etc.) and welcome you to live blog alongside me with your analyses.

I spotlighted this documentary and my concerns on October 24. Every clip of the show's promos now includes that kindly looking abortionist creep William Harrison, which makes my skin crawl.

Fox commentator Fr. Jonathan Morris wrote reassuring words about the documentary....

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Weekend question

question mark 2.jpgAt least two questions arise from Planned Parenthood's contention that abortion accounts for only 3% of the women's "health care services" it offers. I'm sure you can think of others.

  • Due to all the negative publicity, legal drain, and community opposition, why doesn't PP simply remove abortion from its list of "services" if it truly comprises such a small portion?

  • If PP would remove that 3% service, could it still survive?

    [HT: moderator Bethany, who gleaned the idea from one of your comments]

  • (Prolifer)ations 10-27-07

    pro-lifeblogbuzz3.jpgLast night marked my final speaking engagement for the fall, with the exception of one locally in December.

    My blog's subtitle is Pro-Life Pulse, but it's hard to keep a finger on the pulse when you're running. I feel a bit out of the loop.

    So I particularly looked forward to perusing the blogs of fellow pro-lifers for a long overdue (Prolifer)ations. So much great information, I can only get through 1/3 of my list of favorite bloggers....

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    Attend Aurora rally protesting Planned Parenthood tomorrow


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    See Bella this weekend

    (Click to enlarge)

    The movie Bella opens tonight, and if possible, please see it this weekend. The first weekend of a film's opening is its most important.

    Bella is an indy movie with a strong pro-life theme, which I think explains why it has juxtaposedly received wide audience acclaim at film festivals (see awards above) but halfhearted if not panned critical acclaim and difficulty nabbing a distributor.

    Here's the trailer....

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    Planned Parenthood does not commit abortions?

    We've been tracking Denver Planned Parenthood's plans to build a 50,000 sq. ft. abortuary, in an apparent contest to earn the coveted title of PP's largest U.S. abortion mill, which Aurora Planned Parenthood currently holds at 22,000 st. ft.

    Weitz Construction is the Denver PP's intended builder, and pro-lifers have been picketing Weitz and homes of its vp's for a month now. (See here, here, here, and here.)

    weitz2.jpgNow word comes that a meeting held yesterday between pro-lifers and the CO head of the IA based company did not go well. Its president, Bill Hornaday, refused to reconsider building the mill.

    Meanwhile, Denver pro-lifer Will Duffy recorded a conversation with Sue Damos, wife of the IA Weitz CEO
    Craig Damos, wherein she said Planned Parenthood does not commit abortions. Listen:

    Sue Damos audio

    Seriously, how ignorant can a person be?

    Worse, the PP Denver mill will focus on killing black babies in the heart of a minority neighborhood, 1/2 block from Martin Luther King Jr. Park no less, standing true to its founder Margaret Sanger's eugenic plans.

    [HT: John Jansen, Lolita, Will]

    Bloody Kansas abortion wars unleash nationwide attack on Planned Parenthood

    bloody%20kansas.jpg150 years ago it became known as Bloody Kansas for violence erupting between pro-choice slavery supporters of the Kansas-Nebraska Act and anti-slavery abolitionists.

    Now the state known as the abortion capital of the world thanks to infamous late-term abortionist George Tiller is at the center of identical opposing ideologies, erupting in nationwide warfare against the US's largest preborn baby killer, Planned Parenthood.

    Columnist Robert Novak reported today....

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    Fox to air abortion documentary Saturday

    fnc.jpgFox News will show a documentary on abortion this Saturday:

    Fox News cameras went inside an operating room as a 20-year-old student underwent an abortion, as part of a documentary titled "Facing Reality, Choice," that will air Saturday, Oct. 27, at 9 p.m. ET on Fox News Channel....
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    College day of service: Planned Parenthood

    rmu2.jpgThis past Saturday a student at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh learned something new: Planned Parenthood commits abortion. Duh to many of us, but not to that college freshman.

    RMU requires that first year students complete some form of community service throughout the year, and on Saturday's Day of Service, the Planned Parenthood of Western PA abortion mill in Pittsburgh was one of 14 options RMU offered. RMU representative Kyle Fisher told me this was PP's 2nd year on the list.

    dental%20dam.jpg10 students chose PP to volunteer to assemble "safer sex kits." Five calls to various PA PP's yielded ignorant staffers who had no idea what was in those kits. Nor did Ms. Fisher.

    But I found perusing the web the kits contain a male condom, female condom, flavored lubricant, latex glove, dental dam, and finger cot....

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    Hell House

    hell%20house2.jpgJust in time for Halloween, reader Jess has sent me an intriguing video produced by the Festival Travel Channel wherein "Melody visits a Haunted House in Brooklyn based on the fundamentalist Christian's Hell House."

    What sets this Hell House apart is it was produced and staged by Les Freres Corbusier, an off-Broadway professional acting troupe, which earned it rave reviews. For the most part, the troupe tried to stick true to the original intent with no sarcasm, so the whole thing is a mix of the bizarre, shocking, scary, camp, and sometimes embarrassing, all the while very well done.

    What is a hell house? Les Freres Corbusier explained....

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    Ron Paul

    ron%20paul.jpgI have received many emails from Ron Paul supporters, including this one from John in response to my column today:

    I appreciate your contemplative remarks on this subject (presidential politics), and measured reaction (analytical vs. emotional).

    I thought I'd share a brief observation of my own, if you have the time to consider it....

    The Iowa straw polling data you refer to that put Huckabee at #2 was taken of the same field of respondents at the same time that 51% indicated they would like to see our troops withdrawn from Iraq within six months. Six months! Add to this the fact that the general public would like to see a general draw down (to the tune of 71% of respondents), and we're talking about a significant contingent of the voting public that holds views quite divergent from the views espoused by all the RP candidates, save one....

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    SS SOS

    This October 22 cartoon by Lisa Benson was just plain sad, even haunting.

    They know not what they did. And now they will die because of those they killed.


    New Stanek WND column, "Behind the scenes at FRC Briefing"


    Saturday I attended a private meeting of conservative leaders during the Family Research Council Washington Briefing, a Salt Lake City II if you will, to discuss dilemmas we face with the 2008 presidential candidates.

    Instructions were given not to speak to the media, and since I am the media, I took that to mean details discussed were off-the-record and, of course, I'll honor that.

    But speaking in generalities, two dilemmas were hashed....

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    King Middle School to be investigated for sex abuse cover-up?

    amanda%20rowe.jpgLast week the King Middle School board in Portland, ME, made national news for voting to offer hormonal contraceptive pills or patches to girls ages 11-13 without parental knowledge or consent.

    This was because, according to a quote from NPR:

    Five of the 134 students who visited King's health center during the 2006-07 school year admit to having had sex, according to Amanda Rowe, lead nurse in the city's school health centers.

    Those five students were potential sex abuse victims. ME law, according to a Department of Health and Human Services document....

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    Obama the rock star sinks

    It was already clear that Barack Obama, who supports infanticide and raises campaign cash on partial birth abortion fear-mongering, has psychological problems.

    Now it's clear he has patriotic problems. On the heels of Obama's announcement earlier this month that he don't need no stinkin' flag lapel pin comes this video, released yesterday by ABC News, showing Obama don't need no stinkin' hand over his heart during the National Anthem either.

    The video was shot last month at an event in Iowa. The only excuse I might have entertained for Obama's lack of decorum would have been had he needed to use his hands to plug his ears during the awful singing. Click on the graphic to link to video:


    The man is going down. Good riddance.

    [HT: moderator MK]

    Democrats using children as decoys

    The criticism of Democrats exploiting children to push SCHIP continues, as well it should. This cartoon by Mike Lester in yesterday's was spot on:


    The days of Democrats pulling this trick from their bag are waning. As Rush said yesterday....

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    Bloggers as media

    new%20media.jpgThis past weekend's FRC Washington Briefing afforded me the first real world experience, as opposed to virtual world experience, of functioning as news reporting blogger at a newsmaking event shoulder to shoulder with the mainstream media.

    I wanted to talk about the coolness of it all but didn't see a hook for discussion until reading this comment from anonymous on my Outcome of FRC Briefing post:

    You are the media? A bit grandeous and quite dishonest Jill. You aren't in any danger of the BBC offering you a post in Irag. You couldn't get a job reporting hog ventures in Iowa....
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    Annie Leibovitz

    lennon.jpgYesterday afternoon, my daughter Daena and I went to the Corcoran Gallery of Art in DC to view the just opened exhibit, Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer's Life, 1990-2005.

    I have always loved Leibovitz's work, from the Lennon/Ono shot taken just hours before he was literally shot in 1981, to Queen Elizabeth's portrait taken by Leibovitz just this year, and everything in between.

    But I should have known I could not escape the liberal agenda even there.

    Naive me, I didn't know until yesterday Leibovitz is a lesbian....

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    Cures without cloning confusion

    robin.jpgCures without Cloning filed a lawsuit Friday against MO Secretary of State Robin Carnahan.

    They want to add an initiative question to the next MO election ballot asking voters whether they want to ban somatic cell nuclear transfer, i.e., human cloning. Simple. Straightforward

    They're exposing and attempting to fix language deceptive human embryonic stem cell/cloning supporters added to the 2006 initiative, which was to say it banned human cloning, when it did the opposite simply by changing the definition of cloning.

    Carnahan's job as SOS was to review the new initiative and write a ballot summary. Here's what she came up with....

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    Outcome of FRC Washington Briefing

    vote%20values1.jpgYesterday I attended a private meeting of conservative leaders during the FRC Washington Briefing, a Salt Lake City II if you will, to discuss dilemmas we face with the 2008 presidential candidates.

    Instructions were given not to speak to the media, and since I am the media, I took that to obviously mean details discussed and who said what were off-the-record and, of course, I'll honor that.

    There are two dilemmas....

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    Dr. Dobson gala; anxiety

    Last night my daughter Daena and I attended a gala honoring Dr. James Dobson, hosted by FRC. Click on the image below to view a 4-minute synopsis of Day 2 of the FRC Washington Briefing and Dobson gala. Also watch a video clip of Day 1 at this link:


    I took notes of Dobson's speech:

    I sense an ominous feeling in the air.... storm clouds on the horizon....
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    Live blogging from FRC's Washington Briefing - Day 2

    vote%20values1.jpg3:50p: There is controversy stirring over the online vs. onsite straw poll- that the combined total does not accurately reflect the sentiment of the Briefing, since it is thought that at least three candidate support groups tried to influence the online vote. So the vote totals have also been made available separately.

    Here is the outcome of the presidential straw poll of the onsite votes cast, those who actually heard all the candidates speak:

    1. Huckabee (488)
    2. Romney (99)
    3. Thompson (77)
    4. Tancredo (65)

    Total: 952

    The question was additionally asked, which candidate would you least likely like to see elected....

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    Live blogging from FRC's Washington Briefing - Day 1

    vote%20values1.jpg8:05p Gary Bauer, President, American Values:

    Every now and then the press gets on a theme that they replay over and over. They've got a theme going right now. For the last 8 weeks, they've been riding a theme of the death of the values voter movement. I say, we've only just begun to fight. You haven't seen anything yet….

    Without the first right in the Declaration of Independence, the right to life, the Founders knew the other rights were irrelevant.


    Our country 150 years ago made a mistake. Unbelievably the highest court in the land said of Dred scott, the runaway slave, that he was not a person for the purposes of the Constitution. That Supreme Court decision unleashed in our society a poison.... It nearly destroyed the union. That poison is still in our society today....

    But you'd think when a court did something history had judged to be so evil that it would never do it again. But in 1973 the Supreme Court did do it again and made the same mistake as Dred Scott.... They unleashed a poison in our society that we must overcome.... We have elevated the destruction of the unborn to a constitutional right like the right to free speech....

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    Real SCHIP losers: Kids exploited by Democrats

    nancy.jpgToday House Democrats failed to override President Bush's veto of their thinly veiled scheme to codify universal health care by expanding SCHIP.

    That was a relief. But their shameless exploitation of children during this debate was inexcusable and should not be given a pass.

    It should come as no surprise. If liberals exploit preborn children for power and money, why not postborn?...

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    Brownback to drop

    brownback.jpgFox News and the Associated Press are reporting Republican presidential candidate Sen. Sam Brownback plans to drop from the race tomorrow.

    Brownback is scheduled to speak at the Family Research Council Washington Briefing tomorrow morning, although the AP is reporting he will announce in KS.

    Brownback is very strong on the pro-life issue, but his campaign never got traction. Third quarter filing reports showed he came in 7th of the 9 GOP candidates on fundraising and only had $94k on hand, according to the AP.

    Future plans? "It's widely anticipated Brownback will run for Kansas governor in 2010," reported the AP, which would be great. I think he would be a much stronger candidate for that position and well suited to challenge the rabidly pro-abort current Democrat governor and protector of late term abortionist Tiller the Killer, Kathleen Sebelius.

    The Underground Railroad's incrementalism

    Another FRC Washington Briefing prequel....

    blackwell.jpgI attended a private meeting at which Ken Blackwell spoke, and he gave me permission to quote him. Blackwell is a former OH Secretary of State who unsuccessfully ran for governor last year. He is currently FRC's Senior Fellow for Family Empowerment.

    Blackwell prefaced this remark by stating pro-lifers should pursue incremental and purist strategies simultaneously. Regarding incrementalism he made an analogous point....

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    Vote in FRC's straw poll II

    vote%20values1.jpgThis is a prequel to the live blogging I'll begin tomorrow afternoon from the FRC Washington Briefing.

    I am in DC and saw Gary Bauer yesterday, who gave me permission to blog his thoughts. Bauer is the former head of the FRC. He ran for president in 2000 and currently heads American Values and The Campaign for Working Families, which he founded....

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    Vote in FRC's straw poll

    vote%20values1.jpgI will be live blogging beginning Friday from this weekend's Washington Briefing in DC, hosted by Family Research Council, billed as "the largest gathering of pro-family activists in the nation's capital."

    David Brody of Christian Broadcasting Network said the Briefing "will have all the social conservative heavyweights in town and it really will, more than any other event so far this year, give a real sense as to who social conservatives will rally around."...

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    Planned Parenthood's misleading math

    An expose on Planned Parenthood in the October 22 issue of The Weekly Standard explains how PP does the math to say with a straight face abortion accounts for only 3% of its services, as this pie chart from PP's 2005-06 report (click to enlarge) tries to show:

    Deciphers The Weekly Standard....

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    Select a candidate quiz


    Take the 11 question quiz on this website to determine which presidential candidate lines up closest to your convictions. I was a little surprised by the #1 and #2 candidates I picked - Duncan Hunter and Fred Thompson - although not surprised by which GOP candidate came in last - Rudy Giuliani.

    Of course, all Democrats scored at the bottom of the barrel. Dodd sat at the bottom of the bottom.

    [HT: friend Donna]

    Happy Halloween, pedophile-style

    A company called Party City must be run by pedophiles. Here are some of its costume options for girls:

    "French Maid":


    Is there any earthly reason to promote costumes like this other than to sexualize little girls? See more on page 2.

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    China's one-child ad campaign updated

    China Daily reported October 11 and 12 that the government's kindler, gentler ads promoting its forced one-child per family policy have replaced 76% of its hard sell ads since late July. (76?)

    china%202.jpgCD reported the minister of commission thought the previous "vulgar and harsh" slogans "stoked great anger among the public and probably led to misunderstanding and even objection to the national policy."

    But I thought they were actually quite catchy, like the one pictured left, courtesy of Laogai Research Foundation, which reads in English, "Those who refuse to use birth control, have a ligation, and pay the extra birth fine will be severely punished."

    Here are a few other "coarse" ads disappearing from the Chinese landscape....

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    Busy weekend for pro-life activists in Aurora, Denver

    On Saturday, pro-lifers displayed the truth of abortion with graphic signs to everyone driving into and by all entrances of the Aurora Dominick's shopping mall:


    Regretfully, Dominick's forced pro-lifers to spread out to all possible Planned Parenthood Aurora access points when it erected an urban ghetto chain link fence around its vacant lot across from PP late last week....

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    Halle Berry promotes fetal ultrasounds

    It was an odd promotion, but I'll take it, Halle Berry's October 12 appearance on David Letterman , which made TV's Top 5! today:

    Powered by AOL Video

    Berry also had this answer to the question, "What beautiful discoveries are you experiencing [about pregnancy]?" in an piece published yesterday...

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    New poll/old poll

    thinker.jpgI just closed the poll that asked the question:

    For Republicans: Who are you supporting for president?

    Now it's Democrat readers' turn. Be sure to vote, and then make your comments here, not on the poll website.

    The stats for my last poll were....

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    Fetal pain: Brits discuss what we won't

    16%20year%20old.jpgLondon's The Daily Mail, followed a 16-year-old (photo right) aborting her 16-week baby and told their story in, "What REALLY happens during an abortion: One surgeon finally tells the truth," October 12.

    What a refreshingly honest article, which we are certainly unused to in the U.S. Part of it discussed fetal pain....

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    Weekend question

    question mark 2.jpgGerman philosopher Oswald Spengler, a contemporary critic of Hitler and the Nazis, said, "Every act alters the soul of the doer."

    How do you think abortion alters the soul of the doer, if at all?

    Aurora becomes Auschwitz

    Eric Scheidler just sent over photos of the striking fence Safeway/Dominick's erected around its vacant lot across from Planned Parenthood Aurora late last night.

    I'm sure neighbors will be pleased as Aurora begins to look more like Auschwitz by the day.

    Here, I'll show you. You won't know unless I explain, but Aurora PP is on the left and Auschwitz on the right:


    Again, PP Aurora on the left, Auschwitz on the right....

    Continue reading "Aurora becomes Auschwitz"

    Stanek on Across the Nation today

    sirius3.jpgFYI, Bob Dunning of the Across the Nation radio program on SIRIUS Satellite Radio's The Catholic Channel will interview me at 2p CST today about my Dobson column.

    Looks like the show can be heard online but only by signing up for a free trial.

    How well do you know the candidates?


    NARAL has put together a fun little quiz on the pro-life/pro-abortion position of the major presidential candidates:

    I scored 8 out of 9, or 89% (missed #4).

    How well do you know their positions? I hope I'm not giving away any answers when noting this test underscores why the Democrat Party is known as the Party of Death.

    United they sat

    nrl2.jpgAccording to a reliable source who was in the room, only 2 people of over 50 did not stand at the September 29 meeting of conservative leaders in Salt Lake City when asked whether they would support a minor-party pro-life candidate in the event Republicans put forth a pro-abort, i.e., Rudy Giuliani.

    They were Darla St. Martins, National Right to Life's executive co-director, and James Bopp, National Right to Life's general counsel.

    Bopp also serves as special advisor on life issues to the Romney campaign.

    Dominick's has erected a fence

    breaking.jpgReceived information from reader Dennis that beginning at 10p last night and completed by 11:30p, a fencing company erected a fence around the perimeter of the vacant lot owned by Safeway/Dominicks across from Planned Parenthood Aurora.

    Just spoke with Eric Scheidler, who has also received the same information from numerous sources. He is going to the site to take pictures. Will post when up. The fence is apparently an 8-foot chain link.

    Also see:
    "Planned Parenthood Aurora: Dominick's freaks, police check grocery lists," October 7
    "Planned Parenthood Aurora targets neighborhood grocery store," October 5

    Focusing on one issue in one issue

    It is interesting that those constantly telling pro-lifers that politics is about more than one issue are now the same ones telling pro-lifers to focus on just one aspect of the pro-life issue when considering Rudy.

    Do they really think pro-lifers are so stupid as to think the sole influence presidents wield on the abortion issue is judicial appointments, or are they that stupid?


    [October 11 cartoon by Michael Ramirez is courtesy of]

    NARAL: Rudy nomination "would help" pro-aborts

    From the Huffington Post newspaper, October 10:


    The religious right is threatening to rebel should Rudy Giuliani win the nomination for the White House. But while the former New York City mayor's stance on abortion rights is making him a pariah within some conservative circles, it could win him favor among pro-choice advocates....

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    Lake of Fire

    Over the course of 18 years, director Tony Kaye filmed a 2-1/2 hour documentary about abortion called Lake of Fire, released on a limited scale 1 week ago. By limited I mean one theater in NY. It will open in LA this Friday, likely on just as small a scale.

    I first read about Lake of Fire when it debuted at the Toronto Film Festival last September. I had hoped to personally review it, but this now appears unlikely until it is released on dvd. Instead, I will piece together a review based on reviews, all by pro-abort movie critics as far as I can tell. All who identified their positions were such. Before I go on, here's the trailer:

    Continue reading "Lake of Fire"

    Dem exploitation of 12-year-old draws fire

    graem.bmpI wrote the other day on the Democrats' shameless exploitation of brain-damaged, 12-year-old Graeme Frost to read their September 29 weekly radio address promoting their SCHIP expansion plan.

    In the statement prepared for him, Frost insinuated he would not have received the help he needed after a presidential veto of the new Democrat plan, which was false.

    Now the New York Times reported October 9 the Frost family is coming under fire for having too much means to qualify for SCHIP. Nancy Pelosi managed to exploit the boy again by hiding behind him to avoid fire....

    Continue reading "Dem exploitation of 12-year-old draws fire"

    Stanek on Adam McManus today

    adam.jpgI'll be on Adam McManus's Take a Stand radio show at 4:30p CST today to discuss my Dobson column.

    The show can be heard via Internet.

    Sentence, counseling for forced-abortion kidnap attempt

    kampf%202.jpgThis slap on the wrist for felony kidnapping is all about abortion.

    On September 15, 2006, Lola and Nicholas Kampf ambushed their 6-months-pregnant, 19-year-old daughter Katelyn ("My father chased me down our driveway and tackled me, and I had grass stains all over, and I was screaming for help."), bound her hands and feet, and attempted to kidnap her across state lines to force her to undergo a late-term abortion, all the while threatening to kill her and commit double suicide.

    After Katelyn escaped at a shopping center, police found a rifle, duct tape, and rope in her parents' car.

    Katelyn was white, impregnated by her black boyfriend. Her parents called the baby a "science project," according to the Kennebec Journal.

    For all that, the couple was sentenced to counseling yesterday under a plea agreement with Cumberland County (ME) DA Stephanie Anderson....

    Continue reading "Sentence, counseling for forced-abortion kidnap attempt"

    Aurora City Council meeting, October 9


    Pro-abort commenter Laura queried late last night, "How did the big council meeting go? Was anyone there? It's pretty hard to drum up a crowd once these things are a done deal..."

    Continue reading "Aurora City Council meeting, October 9"

    New Stanek WND column, "Why Dobson is right"


    Monday night, Sean Hannity interviewed Dr. James Dobson on the recent news that many conservative leaders may support a third-party candidate if Rudy Giuliani is put forth as the GOP presidential candidate.

    This third-party business is a huge deal.

    Hannity makes no bones about supporting Giuliani (an issue for another day). So I was not surprised he took the "lessor of two evils" approach with Dobson, i.e., if we don't accept Giuliani, we'll certainly get Hillary.

    Dobson responded not just with solid moral arguments but two solid political arguments....

    Continue reading "New Stanek WND column, "Why Dobson is right""

    Planned Parenthood Aurora: protests and ponderances

    1. Attend city council meeting tonight

    Tonight will afford citizens their first opportunity to respond to the three investigative reports about the shady manner in which Planned Parenthood built its abortion mill in Aurora and Mayor Tom Weisner's hasty response.

    protest.jpgPreceding that will be picket heaven. Eric Scheidler has called for a pro-life rally at 5p. Also, police ("hundreds" according to OpenlineBlog) will be protesting against the Mayor because they are working without a contract, and the pink PP's will likely show for another of their adolescent abortion pep rallies....

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood Aurora: protests and ponderances"

    Stanek answers Focus on the Family's "Friday 5" questions

    friday%205.jpgTwo weeks ago Focus on the Family's Citizen Link premiered "an ongoing series of interviews with newsmakers of interest to pro-family Americans. The format is simple: Five questions and answers every Friday."

    I was honored to be asked to answer the Friday 5 last week. You can read them on page 2.

    Continue reading "Stanek answers Focus on the Family's "Friday 5" questions"

    Strange love: The Osbournes' suicide pact

    From the Daily Mirror, September 29:


    Sharon, mum to Aimee, 24, Kelly, 22, and Jack, 21, explains: "Ozzy and I have absolutely come to the same decision. We believe 100% in euthanasia so have drawn up plans to go to the assisted suicide flat in Switzerland if we ever have an illness that affects our brains. If Ozzy or I ever got Alzheimer's, that's it - we'd be off.

    "We gathered the kids around the kitchen table, told them our wishes and they've all agreed to go with it.

    "I saw my father suffer from the day he came back into my life in 2002 to the day he died in July. There's no way I could go through what he did, or put my kids through that...."

    Continue reading "Strange love: The Osbournes' suicide pact"

    Chris Danze strategizes with Denver pro-lifers

    I previously reported pro-lifer Chris Danze planned to travel from TX to CO to help Denver pro-lifers plot a boycott drive against Planned Parenthood's planned 50,000 sq. ft. mega-mill on one square city block in a minority neighborhood.

    Following is a photo of Chris' visit over the weekend, taken at PP's 29th and Vine mill location. Two more are on page 2. You can't see the building due to the great lengths PP went to erect a Berlinesque wall to evade democracy and protect its lies and bondage from truth and freedom. Click to enlarge.

    UPDATE, 11:10a:: To clarify, these aren't photos of the property PP is intending to build on. These are photos outside another established PP mill in Denver.

    Chris on left, pro-lifer on right

    Continue reading "Chris Danze strategizes with Denver pro-lifers"

    Planned Parenthood Aurora: Dominick's freaks, police check grocery lists

    dominick%27s.gifThe information on page 2 comes from an email sent by a Planned Parenthood Aurora sidewalk counselor yesterday, who took copious notes of the day's events.

    Apparently Safeway, the parent company of the Aurora Dominick's grocery store, which owns the vacant lot across from Planned Parenthood Aurora, would rather appease it than the pro-life community surrounding Dominick's....

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood Aurora: Dominick's freaks, police check grocery lists"

    Weekend question

    question mark 2.jpgModerator Tim Russert posed the following to Sen. Hillary Clinton during the September 26 Democrat presidential debate:

    RUSSERT: I want to move to another subject, and this involves a comment that a guest on "Meet the Press" made, and I want to read it, as follows: "Imagine the following scenario. We get lucky. We get the number three guy in Al Qaida. We know there's a big bomb going off in America in three days and we know this guy knows where it is. Don't we have the right and responsibility to beat it out of him? You could set up a law where the president could make a finding or could guarantee a pardon. Should there be a presidential exception to allow torture in that kind of situation?"

    In actuality, this was a pro-life question, and a particularly deep one if the extent of torture allowed in this scenario could lead to death. So I'll likewise pose it to you.

    (FYI, Clinton's response was, "As a matter of policy it cannot be American policy period...." Then, in a classic journalist "gotcha" moment, Russert responded: "The guest who laid out this scenario for me with that proposed solution was William Jefferson Clinton last year. So he disagrees with you." See video of entire exchange here.)

    Aurora Planned Parenthood weekend catch-up

    1. Someone asked for the actual occupancy permit zoning appeal pro-lifers filed with the City of Aurora. Here 'tis:

    Appeal as filed with the City of Aurora Clerk's office
    Appeal as filed with the Aurora Zoning Board of Appeals

    Both are the same, just submitted to different City departments . Of note is they were dated and timed before Planned Parenthood's scheduled opening October 2 at 10a.

    2. Jeff at Chicago ProLife Activist attended Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner's hastily assembled October 1, 3p, press conference, to forego alerting, and certainly involving, the City Council in his unilateral decision to let PP open 19 hours later, the following morning at 10a.

    Of particular interest in Jeff's as usual well done and pithily cut video is the admission by the Mayor's office that it did apparently think to alert PP of his decision beforehand:

    3. NAUSEA ALERT: If you were looking not to get riled on this pleasant autumn Saturday, do not watch the following t.v. ad PP Aurora began airing this week, which contains not just misinformation but actual false advertising. Can you spot it? Click on this very nice graphic to go to the ad:


    [HT: reader Pat B.; moderator MK]

    4. INSANE MSM BIASED BLAME GAME ALERT: This Aurora Beacon editorial blames pro-lifers for the legal stir PP provoked by its deceptive and stealth entry into its fine city (read entire piece on page 2):

    Anti-abortion activists pushed for an investigation and got it, which cost the city thousands of dollars in legal fees. But now that they don't like the outcome, they want to fight another expensive court battle that will cost the city more tax dollars. They should accept the result of the independent review they influenced in the first place.

    [HT: OpenlineBlog]

    5. Eric Scheidler's October 5 email alert answers the question (read entire alert with plan and instructions on page 2):

    Last week I asked you to sign up to speak at the next City Council meeting, this Tuesday, October 9. Now that Planned Parenthood has opened (at least for now) people are asking whether we still need to go to the meeting.

    The answer is ABSOLUTELY. In fact, this is arguably the most important City Council meeting for us yet.

    Continue reading "Aurora Planned Parenthood weekend catch-up"

    Life Chains this Sunday


    This Sunday afternoon, October 7, hundreds of Life Chains will be held for the 20th year across the United States and Canada.

    Life Chain is a peaceful, prayerful public witness of pro-lifers standing for 1 hour praying for an end to abortion. It is a visual of solidarity by the Christian community that abortion kills children.

    For a list of places and times go here.

    Life Chains offer an easy, quick way to become involved in pro-life activism. Please participate in a Life Chain near you this Sunday.

    News flash: Aurora Mayor Weisner cancels police protection

    security.jpgOpenlineBlog tells me Mayor Tom Weisner cancelled his police protection at 5p last night, which I mentioned yesterday he had initiated.

    The mayor likely feared an et tu Brutus scenario, since Aurora police are planning a protest before the Aurora City Council meeting this Tuesday over an ongoing labor dispute. OLB is calling for every contingent with any complaint against the mayor to pile on the protest, which sounds like fun.

    Meanwhile, OLB reports Alayne Weingartz has zoned out on our side's zoning appeal....

    Continue reading "News flash: Aurora Mayor Weisner cancels police protection"

    Planned Parenthood Aurora targets neighborhood grocery store


    For the previously naive, one enlightenment from the Aurora Planned Parenthood spectacle is it's a Chamber of Commerce's anti-Christ.

    Forcing its way into Aurora with brazen lies, PP broke every CC business conduct rule and I'm sure gave CC pause to consider new ones.

    Then, on the very day it opened, PP began executing its successful city sundering model on the neighborhood level, setting its sights on the nearby Dominick's grocery store, which owns the vacant lot across from PP's private drive. (Photo I took, above, looks south across the vacant lot to PP. PP's driveway and parking lot are just off the right side of the picture.)

    Reported the PP Aurora blog on October 3....

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood Aurora targets neighborhood grocery store"

    Eric Zorn profiles pro-lifers

    japanese%202.jpgWere he a columnist in WWII, Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune would have demanded that all Japanese-Americans pledge not to bomb any ships at sea.

    That's the equivalent of his insulting October 2 post, "Will abortion protesters be as good as their lawsuit claims they are?"

    After writing about the libel suit pro-lifers filed against Planned Parenthood and Steve Trombley, Zorn wrote....

    Continue reading "Eric Zorn profiles pro-lifers"

    Supremes decline forced contraceptive coverage case

    supreme%20court.jpgOn Monday the Supreme Court declined to consider the appeal of a lower court ruling uphodling a 2002 New York state law forcing some religious employers to cover contraceptives in their health insurance drug plans, which violated their religious beliefs.

    Four points on this....

    Continue reading "Supremes decline forced contraceptive coverage case"

    Bush vetoes SCHIP expansion

    Yes. Earlier today President Bush vetoed the Democrats' $30 billion expansion of SCHIP, the State Children's Health Insurance Program.

    Bush has agreed to increase SCHIP by $5 billion over 5 years, or 20%.

    But the Democrat plan would have expanded government health coverage to include children of "poor" families making up to 400% over the federal poverty level, or $83,000. This was simply a backdoor attempt to codify universal health care into federal Americana.

    frost.jpgSCHIP was designed in 1997 to cover children from families not qualifying for Medicaid but with annual incomes at or below 200% of the poverty level or 50% above a state's Medicaid eligibility level.

    Did any of you liberals wince Saturday when Democrats shamelessly exploited that brain-damaged 12-year-old boy, Graeme Frost, to read their weekly radio address? Worse, the script they had him read was a lie. He got help via SCHIP but insinuated he would not if injured after a presidential veto of the new Democrat plan. False....

    Continue reading "Bush vetoes SCHIP expansion"

    Survivors arrest taped

    My quote of the day today (see page 2) is about the unlawful arrest yesterday of 8 Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust on the Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College campus. Unlawful because they were showing the truth about abortion with displays and literature on public property in accordance with their First Amendment rights....

    Continue reading "Survivors arrest taped"

    Sarah smiles about her abortions

    Warning: Clicking on any links in this post will take you to gross-out humor complete with expletives.

    Watch tonight's opening episode of season 2 of Comedy Central's Sarah Silverman show, "as Sarah looks back on her three abortions," which she made just to get a rise from people like me to the delight of anti-establishment rebels without a cause across America. Here's the trailer:

    I never heard of Silverman before today but figured from that trailer her humor was the mindless gutter type that gets a laugh simply for swearing and discussing bodily functions. This was confirmed by watching the intro for season 1....

    Continue reading "Sarah smiles about her abortions"

    Reverse spy games

    Here was the backdrop (click for enlarged pdf view):


    Playing a spy of the spy game, The Interim reporter Samantha Singson infiltrated the NOW event to hear about Bader's infiltration of the NRLC event....

    Continue reading "Reverse spy games"

    New Stanek WND column, "Planned Parenthood's bulletproof glass"


    I've always thought that portrayals by pro-aborts of pro-lifers as violent abortion mill stalkers must hurt their recruitment drives for abortion mill workers. One reason for the shortage of abortionists has to be that the industry has conditioned the ignorant among them, which, come to think of it, is all of them, to be fearful of us.

    But this past month the "pro-lifers are violent!" accusations have been ricocheting off the abortion industry's bulletproof glass back at it so wildly even I feel like ducking....

    How many gazillion times have we heard that line, a key talking point abortion linchpins devised decades ago to indict hundreds of millions of pro-lifers for the .0001 percent who opt for vigilante justice....

    But, hey, it's a label I've never minded. So what if the other side thinks I'm liable to draw out my six-shooter if they look at me funny? I would find that power amusing if I knew the ringleaders of the movement really thought that, which they don't.

    Which brings me to three observations from the Aurora Planned Parenthood spectacle....

    [T]o reinforce the "pro-lifers are violent" brand, PP built a fortress in Aurora with a security system worthy of Danny Ocean, complete with bulletproof windows, doors and walls, and maybe even snipers on the roof.

    But in an ironic twist, this backfired....

    Continue reading my column today, "Planned Parenthood's bulletproof glass," on

    Planned Parenthood Aurora's occupany permit just appealed

    zone%202.jpgFrom Tom Brejcha, lead attorney at Thomas More Society, comes this news.

    At 9:54a this morning, right before Planned Parenthood Aurora was scheduled to open, attorney Peter Breen, on behalf of TMS, filed an appeal of the granting of the occupany permit with the Aurora Zoning Board of Appeals. He filed a copy of the appeal with the Aurora zoning administrator at 9:58a.

    Explained Brejcha in an email to me....

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood Aurora's occupany permit just appealed"

    Items of interest from Aurora Planned Parenthood investigative reports has posted links to the three investigative reports that led Mayor Tom Weisner to declare yesterday Planned Parenthood Aurora could open for business.

    sherlock.jpgYou can access pdfs for the 18 supporting documents at OLB. Here are pdfs of the 3 reports:

    Barsanti's opinion
    Luetkehans report
    Martens report

    Neither the Luetkehans nor Martens reports, completed September 17 and 13 respectively, evaluated whether PP was required as a nonprofit entity to file for special use permits. Luetkehans did not address that issue at all, and Martens did only to say he did not have enough information (click to enlarge)....

    Continue reading "Items of interest from Aurora Planned Parenthood investigative reports"

    News coverage of Aurora's ok for Planned Parenthood to open

    Last night (this morning's coverage is on page 2):

    Fox News Chicago:

    Continue reading "News coverage of Aurora's ok for Planned Parenthood to open"

    Chicago Trib: "2nd gen activists take lead in abortion battle"

    From the Chicago Tribune, today (read complete story on page 2):

    2nd-generation activists take lead in abortion battle
    Daughter of ex-governor and son of prominent abortion foe build reputations of their own


    On the surface, Cecile Richards and Eric Scheidler couldn't be more polar opposites.

    She's the president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, which is trying to open one of its largest clinics in Aurora to provide women's health services - including abortions. He is communications director of the Pro-Life Action League, which has vowed to do everything in its power to keep it shuttered.

    Richards' side won the latest round Monday as Aurora officials said the clinic would be allowed to open.... Foes said they will continue their legal fight against the clinic.

    Lost in the intractable battle is that the two opponents are second-generation activists who learned at an early age not to back down from a fight....

    Continue reading "Chicago Trib: "2nd gen activists take lead in abortion battle""

    Commercial break

    See how that person conceives evil,
    is pregnant with harm,
    and gives birth to lies.
    He digs a pit and shovels it out.
    Then he falls into the hole that he made for others.
    His mischief lands back on his own head.
    His violence comes down on top of him.
    I will give thanks to the LORD for his righteousness.
    I will make music to praise the name of the LORD Most High.
    ~ Psalm 7:14-17

    My latest favorite worship song....

    Here's the one it bumped, although now that I listen to it again... hard call....

    Continue reading "Commercial break"

    Planned Parenthood Aurora says it's "now open!"

    pp%20logo.gifIt really does appear as if the fix was in between Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner and Planned Parenthood.

    I cannot believe his audacity in thinking he can unilaterally make such a monumental decision with national eyes watching sans input from the City Council or the people of Aurora.

    Eric Scheidler wrote in an email a little while ago, "[I]t looks like Planned Parenthood was the first to learn about this decision - before the City Council, before the press, before the people."

    I just received this PP email from pro-lifer Brian Burch. The time on the email is odd, but here 'tis....

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood Aurora says it's "now open!""

    Dueling Chicago Tribune columnists: Byrne slams Zorn for supporting Planned Parenthood

    rosa.jpgChicago Tribune columnist Dennis Byrne had two columns out today, one in the Trib and one at

    The topics of both were the same: the deceptive practices of Planned Parenthood Aurora, but the columns went different directions. In the RCP piece, Byrne took on fellow Tribune columnist Eric Zorn for his September 20 piece, which we discussed, "In defense of Planned Parenthood's deceptions in Aurora: Sometimes the only way to get fairness will make your foes cry foul."

    I don't know if the Trib disallows columnists from publicly jousting one another on its pages, or if Byrne just thought better of it. But here's what he said about Zorn's column in RCP. The last two paragraphs were particularly inspired....

    Continue reading "Dueling Chicago Tribune columnists: Byrne slams Zorn for supporting Planned Parenthood"

    Aurora will let Planned Parenthood open

    breaking.jpgBeing reported by the Associated Press via WBBM radio in Chicago:

    Aurora Gives Up Fight Against Planned Parenthood

    AURORA, Ill. (AP) -- City officials say they will allow a new Planned Parenthood clinic to open.

    [HT: reader Chicagoplow]

    Developing story....

    UPDATE, 4:03p: This report comes from Jeff of Chicago Pro-Life Activist, who just left the press conference....

    Continue reading "Aurora will let Planned Parenthood open"

    Libel lawsuit filed this morning against Planned Parenthood

    breaking.jpgSee press release on page 2.

    See also the Daily Herald, Associated Press, Aurora Beacon, and Chicago Tribune.

    Continue reading "Libel lawsuit filed this morning against Planned Parenthood"

    Reponses by both sides to Barsanti press release


    From Eric Scheidler, in an email alert, followed by Planned Parenthood Aurora from its blog....

    Continue reading "Reponses by both sides to Barsanti press release"

    Barsanti: Planned Parenthood commited no crimes

    breaking.jpgFrom the Naperville Sun, this morning:

    Kane County State's Attorney John Barsanti announced this morning that Planned Parenthood did not commit any crimes while gaining approval for its new Aurora clinic under a subsidiary name....
    Continue reading "Barsanti: Planned Parenthood commited no crimes"

    Give us Giuliani and we'll give you a 3rd party

    dobson.jpgFrom the New York Times today (read complete article on page 2):

    Alarmed at the possibility that the Republican Party might pick Rudolph Giuliani as its presidential nominee despite his support for abortion rights, a coalition of influential Christian conservatives is threatening to back a third-party candidate.
    The threat emerged from a group that broke away for separate discussions at a meeting Saturday.... Participants said the smaller group included James Dobson (pictured right) ... Tony Perkins (pictured on page 2)... and dozens of other politically oriented conservative Christians....
    Continue reading "Give us Giuliani and we'll give you a 3rd party"

    Planned Parenthood catches Joe Scheidler praying

    Ah, those sly devils at Planned Parenthood caught him in the act.

    Using a hidden video camera across the street from Chicago's near north Planned Parenthood, the PP techno-geeks managed to catch Joe Scheidler reading prayers!

    Veronica from PP Aurora blogged histrionically:

    With all the action happening over here in Aurora, you would think that the anti's would have other things to do with their free time. Nope. Joseph Scheidler has been spotted outside the Near North clinic in Chicago....
    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood catches Joe Scheidler praying"

    Extra coverage needed


    Cartoon by Mike Lester from

    Denver Planned Parenthood security guard pulls double duty at pro-life protest

    IMG_2773%20%283%29.jpgThis past "glorious autumn" Saturday, pro-lifers picketed the Lakewood, CO, home of Gary Meggison, Senior VP of Weitz Construction.

    Weitz is the current general contractor for the proposed Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains' 50,000 sq. ft. abortuary to be built on one city block in a Denver minority neighborhood.

    CO Right to Life VP Leslie Hanks was on hand to file a report and take photos....

    Continue reading "Denver Planned Parenthood security guard pulls double duty at pro-life protest"

    Video of Aurora City Council September 25 meeting

    Jeff from Chicago Pro-Life Activist has boiled down 3 hours of testimony from the September 25 Aurora City Council meeting to a 4-minute "best of" video montage of the most shocking, profound, and comical statements (sometimes all by the same person) made about Planned Parenthood that night....