The Great Reagan


by Gary Varvell of
On that topic, Charles Krauthammer wrote a column critical of Reagan on October 26, “Taking Reagan Out of the Race,” to which Mark Levin, who worked for Reagan, immediately responded, “Getting Reagan Right: Charles Krauthammer misses the crucial distinctions.”
What I appreciated in Krauthammer’s column was his point that none of the GOP presidential candidates are perfect, but….

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Aurora and the IL Democrat Machine

madigan%20weiser.jpgPictured right are Aurora Police Chief William Powell, IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan, and Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner on October 26 at Aurora’s Annual Police Luncheon. Madigan was the guest speaker and “honored for her office’s efforts to fight the spread of illegal drugs.”
The photo is taken from the AG’s website. And here we see how politics works, the “scratch-back-while-watching-back” system. Madigan is Weisner’s reward for being a good pro-abort Democrat as well as a subtle reminder of the support he will lose if failing to keep Planned Parenthood Aurora’s doors open….

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New Stanek WND column, “Inside Planned Parenthood”


I recently got my hands on two lawsuits filed this year by former employees against Planned Parenthood Chicago Area and its CEO, Steve Trombley (Pelta v. Planned Parenthood and Chesis v. Planned Parenthood) .
One of those employees, Dr. Murray Pelta, was an abortionist for PP/CA from 1992-2007, its medical director from 1997-2007. The stories he must have to tell, and he indeed tells a couple in his complaint….
Trombley fired Pelta on Feb. 28, 2007, which triggered his complaint. He began by alleging a pharmaceutical quid pro quo….

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Was Lisa Madigan misleading?

parent%20and%20daughter.jpgThree aldermen in the City of Aurora have introduced a parental notification ordinance so the local Planned Parenthood could not abort underage girls without their parents knowing.
The State of IL passed a parental notification law in 1995, but it laid dormant 12 years awaiting judicial bypass rules, which finally came from the IL Supreme Court a year ago. The Supremes instructed rabidly pro-abort Attorney General Lisa Madigan (she voted as state senator against IL’s Born Alive Infant Protection Act) to have the injunction overturned. When she tried a delay tactic, they wrote her a directive to knock it off, which she did. The ball has now been in U.S. District Court Judge David Coar’s court several months to decide whether state courts are ready to handle any need for judicial bypass.
So there is still no IL parental notification law. Back to Aurora. Madigan was asked her legal opinion on the city ordinance. In a letter stating she thought it was illegal, she also said this (click to enlarge):

What do you think Madigan was stating?

PP’s big abortion picture

I received the letter below a week ago from head of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists with the following preface:

PLEASE READ THIS LETTER CAREFULLY. It concerns the world-level meeting in London to discuss improving women’s healthcare on a worldwide basis, and especially in the undeveloped countries….
The agenda for this meeting was not set up by flesh and blood, but by the rulers, the authorities, the powers of this dark world and by spiritual forces of evil in high places, to quote a well known writer. This is what we face on a world scale.

Well, I did read the letter carefully. Our side wrote it in response to the recently held Women Deliver Global Conference, held under the guise of reducing infant and maternal mortality, as you would think by this graphic from its site as all others on this post:

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