pro-lifeblogbuzz3.jpgMy list of great pro-life blogs has grown to the point I can’t cover all of them at once in
(Prolifer)ations. The other day I covered a block (A-C) and today will cover another, and that’s how I’ll have to do this from now on.
Jivin Jehoshaphat links to a column in London’s Telegraph that imagined a future abortion museum….

It could buy up a 20th-century hospital building as its space, and take visitors round, showing them how, in one ward, staff were trying to save the lives of premature babies while, in the next, they were killing them….
It could display the various instruments that were used to remove and kill the foetus, rather as the manacles and collars of slaves can be seen today….
Just as, today, we are invited to glare at the Georgian portraits of fat, bewigged English sugar planters or pro-slavery politicians, there could be a rogues’ gallery of pro-abortionists….

Along these lines I had an abstract thought yesterday that while pro-lifers often accuse pro-aborts of being on the wrong side of history, you never hear pro-aborts accusing pro-lifers of same. Do they realize that moral argument falls flat for them?
katiemccoy.jpgDawn Eden reported on 19-year-old Kathryn McCoy (pictured left), who secretly delivered and drowned her baby girl in a dorm toilet at Bellarmine University in Louisville, after keeping her pregnancy a secret.
Dawn made the point that while this liberal Catholic university specializes in (failed) pro-abortion teaching, it apparently does not educate about the other choice, “access to information about local agencies that would have given her support had she chosen life,” wrote Dawn or about KY’s baby safe haven law.
Forest Nymph linked to a column promoting abortion in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer with this interesting paragraph:

“Anybody can look at data and pick and choose whatever they want,” Jim Sedlak, vice president of the American Life League, told me. “The real fact is that abortion is ending life in the womb and should never be legal.” I asked him if he accepted the finding that abortion was more dangerous where it was illegal. No, he said. “When something is illegal, people are more careful.” So legal abortion is more unsafe? According to Sedlak, it is indeed.

day%20of%20silence.jpgGenerations for Life has several good posts, two on Saturday’s protest at Planned Parenthood Aurora here and here (and which I’ll spotlight more tomorrow), and one on last Tuesday’s student Pro-Life Day of Solidarity, sponsored by Stand True.

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