Sarah smiles about her abortions

Warning: Clicking on any links in this post will take you to gross-out humor complete with expletives.

Watch tonight’s opening episode of season 2 of Comedy Central’s Sarah Silverman Show. Here’s a sample…

The Sarah Silverman Program
Abortion Montage
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Silverman obviously gets a rise from shock and disgust, so I won’t give her that.

I do find it interesting, though, that after almost 35 years of legalized abortion, it’s still not funny, try as they might to break through the taboo. So doing would remove abortion’s stigma, which they desperately want because laughing at abortion would normalize it.

The fact that they can’t do that and I think by now have realized they never will is a frustration this establishment-type delights in. It’s also a red flag that abortion is as wrong and unfunny as 9/11.

The last laugh would therefore be on our end, again, if abortion were funny.

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  1. Ms. Silverman is getting more and more popular. Her humor really is revolting. It’s sad when I see Christians raving about her. Whatever happened to being separate from the world?

  2. I’ve always hated Sarah Silverman. I don’t find her funny at all, just in general, and her first season was horrendous. the only time I ever saw it was when I was waiting for south park/showbiz show to come on.
    I don’t think her show ever meant to do anything like “break taboos” or promote a “great social message” she just says stuff like that to offend/provoke laughter, but often these things she does to offend/provoke laughter are just not funny at all, and I have a great sense of humor. I mean, I like South Park, but I hate Silverman.

  3. Those on my facebook:
    Look closely at my interests section. One of them says, “bi***ing about the Sarah Silverman program.” Been there since it started.

  4. Oh, abortion can be funny. There was a fantastic South Park episode where baby mountain lions learned how to perform abortions and then had to abort the anti-Christ from a Jew. It was hysterical.

  5. I love South Park! That episode was funny. I don’t care much for Sarah Silverman, she seems like she is just out to piss people off with no real point. I also like family guy. Great satire.

  6. PIP, glad we’re on the same wavelength on this. Colbert demonstrates use of anti-establishment humor that is at least intelligent.
    Erin, you have to think that.

  7. Jill- No, I admit that Silverman is a terrible comic. She isn’t funny at all. But by and large, almost ANYTHING can be funny when done right. And seriously. That was a great episode. A happy little Christmas special with satan-worshipping animals. It was awesome.

  8. I don’t mind being made fun of when it’s funny. Colbert always amuses me. Jon Stewart, however, can do the same anti-conservative bit and offend me becauser he comes across as a pompous idiot.
    Silverman, however- I watched her intro to the VMA’s and was thoroughly offended at her calling two little children “the cutest little mistakes.” Not funny. Sick and wrong.
    I hate to sound like the 2nd grade here but this must be said: Sarah Silverman is just ugly.

  9. During a Rolling Stone interview Sarah Silverman joked: “I didn’t lose my virginity until I was twenty-six. Nineteen vaginally, but twenty-six what my boyfriend calls ‘the real way’.”
    …whatever that means, who knows these days…

  10. South Park made fun of choicers when Cartman’s mom decided she wanted an abortion (to abort Cartman, who was 8 years old). Everyone kept telling her she couldn’t kill her 8-year-old since it was against the law and she shot back with the tired cliches “Get your laws off my body” etc.
    Since it was the 32nd trimester and abortion is only legal through the 3rd trimester, she slept with every public official (up to and including Bill Clinton) to secure the right to kill her 8-year-old son. When Clinton consented to kill Cartman, she looked horrified and said, “Oh no…Not that…What’s that other “a” word?”
    “Yes, that’s what I wanted…”
    I was amused because it shows just how irrational choicers are. You can kill your pre-born infant, why not your annoying 8-year-old?

  11. …whatever that means, who knows these days…
    If you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you.

  12. Silverman aside, there is nothing funny about abortion. Nothing at all. But that does not indicate some “red flag” that abortion is “wrong” (a loaded word). There are many activities, protected by the Constitution that are not funny — neo-nazi’s marching in Skokie comes immediately to mind. Feel free to distinguish these situations in some fashion (like, “the neo-nazis aren’t actually allowed to kill people in Skokie”), but the fact of the matter is that, at least right now, some right to abortion is Constitutionally protected.
    I’m not sure why I’m chiming in here, I guess this Aurora PP stuff has gotten me more interested in the issue. To the extent anyone cares, I consider myself neither “pro-life” (obviously), nor “pro-choice” (not so obvious). I believe there should be some right to abortion. However, I would be happy with that right being far less absolute than is generally recognized today.

  13. I had seen some isolated clips of Silverman before her first season and thought her show might be good, but was sorely disappointed. She’s trying much too hard to be offensive, and does it in a very heavy-handed, self-conscious, “look-at-me” manner. Can’t quite put my finger on why South Park and Colbert succeed where she doesn’t, but they do.
    That being said, I thought her abortion piece was mildly clever. And more or less pro-life, even if unintentionally. The ultimate point of the “joke” was that there’s no equivalence between the joy of having a baby and the “joy” of having an abortion.
    I suppose that Silverman might think that the “abortion is fun” theme is an extreme caricature of the pro-choice position (because we all know that PP actually thinks abortion is always a “difficult and tragic” decision) and have intended the piece to convey how deluded pro-lifers are if they think pro-choicers don’t take abortion very, very seriously. If that’s the case, though, it’s even funnier that she thinks it’s such a caricature.

  14. Being 24, I’ve definately heard of her, and seen some of her work. I detested her at first, but then read an article about her (I swear it was on, but I haven’t found it since) that talked about her motivations, and what set her apart from other comedians (the author even admitted to not liking her until after interviewing her). Her style is different – she says she takes the “dirty little ideas” people have, but may not realize they have, and blow them up in a comedic way. I don’t remember where I saw her say this, but she said something along the lines of (paraphrased) “if I just go and say something, I’m a self-righteous prick, but if I make it into a joke, everyone gets the point and laughs.” Her character is meant to be a selfish airhead. I’m really interested in seeing where she takes it tonight, but more importantly, I’d be interested in seeing how pro-aborts feel they are portrayed (just like how South Park routinely portrays Planned Parenthood as being all about killing “babies”).
    And so far, she is the only comedian I know who has spoken up about the harmful nature of birth control (in a raunchy comedic piece that nevertheless throws a wrench in the “BC is perfectly fine” machina).
    While shows like South Park are graphic and crude, they are bringing subtle messages (like Planned Parenthood being all about abortion) to an demographic that is increasing (according to polls) accepting the pro-life viewpoint. Hopefully this is as crude as they will ever get (I still remember when “The Simpsons” was considered bad, and now its one of the cleanest shows on television).
    Either way, make sure no children are around if you watch the show tonight…..she’s got the reputation of being one of the most vulgar comedians ever.

  15. “PIP, glad we’re on the same wavelength on this. Colbert demonstrates use of anti-establishment humor that is at least intelligent.”
    Awww yes glad we are agreed. That’s why I love him.
    “Jon Stewart, however, can do the same anti-conservative bit and offend me becauser he comes across as a pompous idiot.”
    Jon usually doesn’t intend to be taken seriously (if he does he makes it known). He would be considered Ridicule to Colbert’s Satire. He just makes fun of people. And that includes democratic candidates as well as republicans. I can’t count how many times he slams Hillary per show. He makes plenty of Obama jokes too, he just generally makes fun of everyone. In the interviews his political side pops up, but at times it is useful to bring out the main point of the person’s book (etc). This is part of Colbert’s method too, but obviously his ridiculously conservative character is part of the satire of the show. I believe McCain is a big fan and a friend of the Daily Show. Huckabee is a friend of the Colbert Report.
    South Park does make good political commentary a lot. My recent favorites are when Satan throws that sweet sixteen party, when Cartman dressed up like the Dawg, the Muhammed 2 parter, the atheism episode, and the one about gay camp.

  16. I generally don’t like Sarah Silverman on her TV show, but I saw her do stand up (there are a bunch of clips on YouTube), and I found those quite funny. Her humor is VERY off-color, but when she isn’t singing stupid songs about “doodie” (*headdesk*) I can stand her.
    Re: South Park–very funny! I don’t know why, but the idea that eight-year-olds can be SO vulgar and SO ridiculous just tickles me.

  17. Anything – when done on “South Park” or “Family Guy” – is funny! My favorite SP episode, however, still remains the “chimpokomon” episode… anybody remember that one? :)
    All that being said, isn’t Sarah Silverman the one who pushed Britney over the edge recently? Otherwise, I don’t know her. Sounds tasteless.

  18. This is the woman who seemed to be trying to push Britney Spears into killing herself after the disasterous performance at the video awards. She made some nasty comment about Britney being “25 and already accomplished all she’s going to go in her life.”
    In other words, she’s nasty, cruel, and loves to kick other people when they’re down. Of course she’d find abortion funny. Other women are crying. That’s when you kick them. Just like she dug into Britney Spears.

  19. Sarah Silverman…
    I haven’t seen much of her comedy, but I did see one segment (can’t remember where) that I loved.
    Heh, the first clip was mildly amusing, and the second was just weird.

  20. Ok, watched a few more clips on YouTube. She’s mildly amusing at best. Singer/comedian seems to be her style. Kinds of ruins it by saying “doodie”.
    I much prefer Stephen Lynch. His stuff is SO bad, but so funny.

  21. Stephanie, I LOVE STEPHEN LYNCH. He’s gorgeous. Hilarious. MMMM….Damn, that’s one ugly baby.
    MK, I’m thinking impure thoughts….SAVE ME!!!
    By the way, I’m actually going to see Sarah Silverman here at my university. Ten-dollar show. I don’t mind her stuff, because it’s obviously said to be caustic. That’s the point. It’s offensive for a reason, and it doesn’t bother me.
    It’s the same reason that Lisa Lampanelli is my favorite comic. She’s caustic and mean, but it’s funny as hell (Sarah Silverman isn’t nearly as good, but heck, a ten dollar comedy show is cheap).

  22. Super Avilyn, why would you blame the pro-life nurse, rather than the horrible parents who treated the girl in this fashion? Why not blame them?

  23. Super Avilyn,
    V (not his real name) is a brilliant fiction writer, but this is his most inane and obviously fiction pieces. In the others, you can tell that he atleast tries to make it sound autobiographical- but a pro-life nurse in an abortion clinic? Please.
    By the way, just because a baby is saved from death and dismemberment doesn’t mean that she will be abused with snakes in her private parts. And that fictional pro-life nurse certainly didn’t put snakes in that girl’s private parts. The abusers are responsible for her abuse, not the woman that saved her life. Do EMT’s that save people from carwrecks then responsible for anything bad that befalls those they save (because they saved them)?
    I reitterate: Responsibility 101.

  24. I watched it last night, probably only because it was on after South Park. Sarah Silverman most of the time just comes off as ridiculous to me, I see previews for her show and I’m like “eh, pass”. The thing is if I didn’t spend so much time hanging out with you guys I probably would have passed on last night’s episode too.

  25. She’s like the female version of Howard Stern. She’s just a little bit better looking. Not much.

  26. Sarah’s quite funny sometimes.
    SS’s comedy might not be just “oh-that’s-so-wrong!” comedy (as Stephen Lynch’s is), but rather I think she’s trying to make the opposite point. There’s Sarah Silverman the real-life person and then there’s Sarah Silverman the title character, and you have to distinguish between the two. In the first season, I believe, the character pretended to be HIV+ because other HIV+ people were treating her as a hero, looking up to her, and she loved it. Despicable, yes, but I don’t think we’re supposed to identify with the title character at all.
    Whether or not Silverman is pro-choice, I think the point is she takes very serious topics like rape, racism, and abortion, and carries them out to the level of the absurd. I don’t think she’s crusading either way, here.

  27. “Lisa Lampanelli”
    UGH. No offense man, I just can’t stand her. Don’t get me wrong there is crass humor I just looove (again SP a good example of this), but it seems like she just wants to say gross things, and just her saying it somehow makes people laugh. I just don’t get it. If in front of my friends I want to describe in detail my last visit to the gynecologist and start accentuating details, my friends wouldn’t think its funny, just disgusting. Then we turn on Triumph and it’s all fine.

  28. “Super Avilyn” – takes me back to the pre-compact-disk days when I used a boatload of TDK and Maxell cassette tapes to record off all my records.
    Gotta love the new technology.

  29. I loathe Sarah Silverman. She’s so bloody shrill and most of the stuff she says isn’t remotely funny.
    In all honesty, I’m not a fan of terribly crude/vulgar humor…South Park is about as crude and vulgar as I get. I prefer comics like Eddie Izzard who has nerdy-geeky humor (even though he is dressed in drag) and he doesn’t have to talk about sex or whatever in order to be funny.
    However, I do love Stephen Lynch. He has a wonderful singing voice and I can play, “Dr. Stephen” on my guitar, mwahahahahahahaha.

  30. Ahhh, you know that Stephen Lynch played the part of Robbie in the Broadway Musical The Wedding Singer? Incredible!!!

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