Warning: Clicking on any links in this post will take you to gross-out humor complete with expletives.

Watch tonight’s opening episode of season 2 of Comedy Central’s Sarah Silverman Show. Here’s a sample…

The Sarah Silverman Program
Abortion Montage
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Silverman obviously gets a rise from shock and disgust, so I won’t give her that.

I do find it interesting, though, that after almost 35 years of legalized abortion, it’s still not funny, try as they might to break through the taboo. So doing would remove abortion’s stigma, which they desperately want because laughing at abortion would normalize it.

The fact that they can’t do that and I think by now have realized they never will is a frustration this establishment-type delights in. It’s also a red flag that abortion is as wrong and unfunny as 9/11.

The last laugh would therefore be on our end, again, if abortion were funny.

[HT: reader Angela]

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