I will be shortly posting a new poll to vote for the Stanek blog’s Pro-Lifer of the Year. Who would you nominate?

  • President Bush for in June vetoing for the 2nd time a bill to federally fund human embryo experimentation, while issuing an executive order to fund alternative pluripotent stem cell research? Only five months later he was vindicated on both decisions as two teams of scientists simultaneously announced they had made skin cells behave like pluripotent cells.
  • Eric Scheidler for spearheading the protest against the Aurora Planned Parenthood, which drew national attention to PP’s spurious business practices?
  • KS district attorney Phill Kline, who continued to surmount political pressure and legal foul balls to charge Planned Parenthood of KS and MO with 107 criminal charges in October?
    Who, who? Nominate away!

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