Breaking News: Chinese maker of RU-486 involved in tainted drug scandal

breaking.jpgThe New York Times reports today on its front page that the sole manufacturer of RU-486, a Chinese state-owned drug company named Shanghai Hualian, "is at the center of a nationwide drug scandal" involving contaminated leukemia drugs that caused paralysis in 200+ Chinese patients and an attempted cover-up afterward....

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New poll/old poll

poll%20graphic%20correct%20size.bmpMy new poll question is up, and it's a toughie:

Have you lost a child to abortion? Do you personally know someone who has?

You are allowed up to 3 answers.

Make comments about either the old poll question or new one on this post, not the Vizu website.

Who knew my poll question posted earlier this week would so quickly be answered? We were right on the Republican, which was Giuliani, but not the Democrat, which was Edwards....

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Reagan and O'Connor

candidates.jpgAnderson Cooper divulged some interesting information while asking an interesting question during the CNN debate last night with the remaining Republican nominees for president:

On July 6, 1981... Ronald Reagan wrote in his diary about Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. And the Reagan Library has graciously allowed us to actually have the original Reagan diary right here on the desk....

And in it, he wrote by his hand, he said, "Called Judge O'Connor in Arizona and told her she was my nominee for Supreme Court. Already the flak is starting, and from my own supporters. Right-to-life people say she's pro-abortion. She declares abortion is personally repugnant to her. I think she'll make a good justice."...

[W]as she the right choice?...

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The color of abortion

Here's an example how the psychological make-up of at least 1 pro-lifer and pro-abort is polar opposite.

Amanda Marcotte, in a post entitled, "Harlotry unleashed," written in response to my post about her yesterday, thought I drew attention to the fact she wears red to infer she walks on the slutty side:

Anti-choice nut Jill Stanek is making hay over the fact that I wear a lot of red clothes. No, seriously.
Well, this is a red letter day. Amanda Marcotte gets mentioned here twice. I see she also likes to wear red. Appropriate.

Ha! I also show my ankles in public. Truly a living example of the decline of Western civilization....

aborted%20baby.jpgUm, no, Amanda, I was thinking red as in blood, the color of abortion.

Not that you'd let me set you straight on your blog. Apparently I'm banned there, shunned, like a scarlet woman perhaps.

Amanda, I curse you to henceforth think of the blood of abortion every time you see or wear the color red.

National Right to Life: No more endorsements

love2.jpgIn the wake of the political demise of National Right to Life's first endorsed presidential candidate, Fred Thompson, it issued a statement Monday saying what it should have said in the first place: We love every pro-life candidate.

Someone close to the situation has told me Darla St. Martin of NRLC admitted to him/her that NRLC endorsed too soon.

I appreciate NRLC's attempt to consolidate votes around one pro-life candidate, so our votes wouldn't be split and Giuliani walk away with the nomination.

But Thompson was problematic because he opposed a human life amendment to the Constitution and supported states having the right to impose euthanasia.

One revelation in all this was that the NRLC apparently abandoned support of a human life amendment to the Constitution long ago, which is troubling.


NOW NYS prez "fights like a girl"

pappas.jpgOuch. Marcia Pappas, president of New York State NOW, is getting skewered by her own side for skewering Ted Kennedy because he endorsed Barack Obama, which I posted on yesterday.

Here are some comments from the left-leaning Politico blog. Seems that their view of modern feminists, at least this one, is the same as mine.

This is really pathetic. The pro-choice community has been angered by the Clintons' attempt to label Obama as not strong choice, etc. This is another attempt. According to these wackadoos, anyone who doesn't support Clinton does so because they hate women. Yeah, right. Posted By: kickbuttdemocrat
Earth to NOW. Grow up now. Posted By: Mark
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Amanda preaches on the Holocaust

amanda.jpgWell, this is a red letter day. Amanda Marcotte gets mentioned here twice. I see she also likes to wear red. Appropriate.

And there's more symmetry. This is also the same day her former boss, John Edwards, will terminate himself from the presidental race, much as he terminated Amanda for being too liberal.

Which right there explains how far left Amanda leans.

Case in point, Amanda's January 28 lambast against the March for Life, which included this gem:

[W]hy on earth are all those people standing around listening to speeches while their sex cells die unused inside them? A holocaust! Never mind the actual holocausts where people suffered and died, people with names, families, lives. You know, actual people. Once you start breathing and feeling, these supposed pro-lifers stop caring. I'd suggest they all go take a visit to the Holocaust Museum, which is in the same city as the march after all. Wonder if they could muster up some sympathy for victims of the actual Holocaust, or if real people just interest them less than potential people.

I wonder if Amanda has actually ever toured the Holocaust Museum. If she hasn't, I'd recommend she steer clear near the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Sandy, MK, Jacque, and I arrived there January 21 when it opened at 10a, and the line of pro-lifers waiting to get in - mostly teens - stretched around the building. Our ticket into the exhibit was stamped 12:45p, so we had to wait nearly three hours.

Pro-lifers understand there's quite the correlation between the Jewish Holocaust and the Abortion Holocaust.


And someday there will be an Abortion Holocaust Museum, perhaps in DC, although likely in Wichita.

And Amanda will find herself in it, as disgraced and on the wrong side of history as the Nazi prison guards who also enabled the killing of millions of innocent people.

[HT: reader Phil]

Presidential race developments

According to news sources, Rudy Giuliani and John Edwards are both planning to drop out of the presidential race today.

According to my ongoing poll, you expected this of Giuliani but thought Gravel on the Democrat side would quit before Edwards.

Color me surprised by the turn of two events following yesterday's Florida primary.

no3.jpgFor social conservatives, our worst case scenario has evaporated, and much easier than I expected. Giuliani, the only overt social liberal, is gone. Big relief. Had he carried the nomination and then the election, the social conservative base of the Republican Party would have likewise evaporated or our status greatly diminished....

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New Stanek WND column, "Abortion leaders concede?"


Abortion matriarchs Kate Michelman and Frances Kissling ceded quite a few points to pro-lifers in a Los Angeles Times op-ed marking the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Actually, "matriarchs" isn't quite right since Michelman and Kissling have helped facilitate the killing of their movement's progeny.

The only recruits they can now entice are young women they convince that whores are happier and that those aren't really babies despite the overwhelming evidence - in other words, stupidos.

Or those they pay handsomely for their souls - political prostitutes, sell-sex traffickers, and bottom-feeding abortion mill workers who can't get work anywhere else.

Not much to work with.

But I digress.

In a nutshell the barrennesses admitted in their column that pro-aborts are losing the battle thanks to....

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Tiller's late-term abortions on parade

Kansas law only allows abortions after 22 weeks if two physicians who are not legally or financially affiliated agree "a continuation of the patient's pregnancy would cause a substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function." That's it.

If you haven't been following the story, a grand jury investigating George Tiller's late-term abortions has issued 2 subpoenas: One, for all abortions Tiller committed after 21 weeks from July 1, 2003, to January 18, 2008; and one for all patients post-21 weeks who did not get one. The jury has specified that all identifiers be removed.

Tiller attorneys say this amounts to 2,000 records, and they filed a motion yesterday to block the subpoenas.

Troy Newman of Operation Rescue testified before the grand jury the week before they issued the subpoenas, providing 200 pages of evidence, including photos of obviously late-term mothers entering Tiller's mill, below. My guess is many of these moms were carrying babies who were diagnosed, in their 2nd trimester, with handicaps.

To this day, Tiller advertises late term abortions for fetal handicaps, which is not an accepted exemption by KS law.

The first photo is of a non-aborting 22-week pregnant mom, to provide context.


See more photos on page 2.

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Bush's State of the Union speech: Cloning

Democrats sat on their hands during this section of President Bush's State of the Union address last night...

On matters of science and life, we must trust in the innovative spirit of medical researchers and empower them to discover new treatments while respecting moral boundaries. In November, we witnessed a landmark achievement when scientists discovered a way to reprogram adult skin cells to act like embryonic stem cells. This breakthrough has the potential to move us beyond the divisive debates of the past by extending the frontiers of medicine without the destruction of human life. So we are expanding funding for this type of ethical medical research.

How in the world could anyone oppose that, except, of course, if fixated on death?

Meanwhile, almost everyone in the house gave him a standing o when calling for a ban on human cloning:


And as we explore promising avenues of research, we must also ensure that all life is treated with the dignity it deserves. So I call on the Congress to pass legislation that bans unethical practices such as the buying, selling, patenting, or cloning of human life.

But liberals were lying. They only appeared to support a ban on cloning because the American public does. Mark my words, no ban on human cloning will come from this Congress unless it is a sham bill outlawing "reproductive" human cloning but not "therapeutic" human cloning.

Cloning is the only possible means to make human embryo experimentation work. It is the only theoretical way to provide an exact match between donor and recipient.

The Parable of the Good Abortionist

In the Parable of the Good Samaritan, two people pass by a man on the side of the road who has been robbed, beaten, and left for dead. But a noble 3rd passerby sees that the beaten man has a child and stops to kill the child to spare the man more angst.

parker.jpgWait. That's not what happened.

No, the 3rd person spots the beaten man, roughs him up for more money, and then kills the child.

Yes, that's it.

That is actually the Parable of the Good Abortionist, as told by abortionist Willie Parker at the Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health website....

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40 Days for Life x 2


Last autumn saw the first national 40 Days for Life campaign in 80+ cities in 30+ states with 340+ children known to have been saved from abortion.

The effort involves round-the-clock vigils at abortion mills for 40 days straight accompanied by prayer, fasting, and community outreach.

Organizers have announced a second 40 Days event has been added to the 2008 schedule, during Lent, February 6 - March 16. So far, the Spring 40 Days has been scheduled in 59 cities in 31 states. See where here.

This video was shot during the 2008 March for Life by a 40 Days organizer. Be sure to watch the last 30 seconds....

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What they're not telling you about the March

From Population Research Institute, what MSM won't tell you about the March for Life:

NOW skewers Kennedy

My, it was only yesterday that I posted NARAL prez Nancy Keenan's plead for factions within the abortion cabal to stop verbally aborting one another.

Now comes this whopper of a rant, verging on hysterical, which doesn't bode well for the group that tries so hard to be men, NOW.

And, strange that NOW expresses surprise at Kennedy's abandonment of women. Leaving them to drown must not meet NOW's criteria.

This really is a remarkable display of total loss of control, and Keenan saw it coming. Liberals, who always try so hard to put on a unified face, are fracturing. Click to enlarge:

[HT: Nathan Sheets]

McCain plays politics with embryos and us

mccain.jpgSurprise. John McCain parsed words and made contradictory statements to reiterate support for human embryo experimentation last week, according to the Catholic News Agency, January 26:

Sen. McCain called his decision to back the research "a very agonizing and tough decision."

He continued, saying, "All I can say to you is that I went back and forth, back and forth on it and I came in on one of the toughest decisions I've ever had, in favor of that research. And one reason being, very frankly, is those embryos will be either discarded or kept in permanent frozen status."...

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NARAL calls for truce

get%20along2.jpgThere is trouble in abortion paradise. Factions are warring. Love it.

Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL, has called on pro-abort presidential candidates and groups to reserve slicing and dicing to preborn children and not one another. Keenan wrote a public message on January 24:

Beginning in Iowa... there has been an undercurrent of speculation and innuendo that calls into question Sen. Obama's record on choice.

This has the potential to divide the pro-choice community and create tension where none should exist. Today, for the sake of our issue and our movement, I am asking that these tactics stop....

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Papaya abortions

papaya.bmpWithin one day, the smart collegians at Yale Daily News last week yanked a garish article on a commemoration of the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade by the Reproductive Rights Action League at Yale and Yale Medical Students for Choice.

Ah, but through the wonders of caching, the piece is still available in all its tawdry glory:

Students who walked into WLH 119 on Tuesday night were greeted with models of the female pelvis complete with fallopian tubes, cervixes, vaginas - and papayas on which to perform mock abortions....

[RALY and YMSC] demonstrated different abortion methods and techniques, answered questions students had about the procedures and encouraged... the assembled crowd of about 15 students... to be active in abortion-rights groups....

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4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days snubs and snobs

While pro-life themed Juno soared past the $100 million earnings mark this weekend, the critically acclaimed anti-life film 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days opened in just 2 theatres nationwide.

And while the The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences nominated Juno for Best Picture, it snubbed Sure Thing 4 Months (see below) for Best Foreign Film.

More evidence Hollywood has begun to bank on life? I think so.

You can't tell by the trailer what 4 Months is about, unless you have abortion on the brain, as I do. Wonder why they hid the sole topic of the movie, a mother's length of gestation before aborting:

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Condoms, a "safer" sex staple


Funny, but jokes mimic life....

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Weekend question

weekend%20question.jpgSince the very day the U.S. Supreme Court overturned every state abortion law by its Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions on January 22, 1973, liberals and MSM accomplices have attempted to distort them by saying they only legalized abortion in the 1st three months of pregnancy.

Was there a time when you understood this falsehood to be true? (Perhaps you still believe it?) When did you learn the truth, that the U.S. has virtually no gestational restrictions on abortion?

See page 2 for Roe and Doe docket and page numbers.

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Planned Parenthood tries to censor pro-life ads

Yesterday, I spotlighted 1 of 2 pro-life ads sponsored by the Second Look Project running on radio stations in liberal cities including the worst, San Francisco.

Dawn Eden of Dawn Patrol just sent me this email alert from Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, trying to censor the ads (click to enlarge):

Interestingly, when I clicked on PP's link that it said would disprove the radio ad, I got this:

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New poll/old poll

poll.bmpMy new poll question is up:

January has been a cold, hard month for presidential candidates, freezing 6 out of the race: Biden, Dodd, Hunter, Kucinich, Richardson, and Thompson. Who do you think will be the next to drop? Pick 1 Republican and 1 Democrat.

Regarding our previous poll question, 37% thought Alan Keyes would make an appearance at the March for Life in DC.

Alas, 1/3 of pollees were cynically correct. The pro-lifers' dance card remained empty, reminding us, once again, we're a mistress supposedly pro-life politicians want kept hidden, all the while whispering sweet nothings (empty promises?) in our ear when alone, but not wanting to be seen with us in public. Oh, they were too busy? Mm-hm.

UPDATE, 6:30p: Per moderator MK, Ron Paul made an appearance at the March.

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Roe v. Wade funnies

by Gary McCoy from, January 24...


by Glenn McCoy from, January 25......


Demonic deathscorts

These freaky videos were taken in front of a Vienna, Austria, abortion mill owned by inaptly named abortionist Christian Fiala. He pays "escorts" to taunt pro-lifers from Human Life International praying in front of his mill.

Each video is described in English and is between 4-4:30 minutes long. (See 2nd video on page 2.) picked up the story yesterday:

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What the other side is thinking

From the Los Angeles Times, January 22, a fairly candid op ed by Frances Kissling (pictured 1st), former president of Catholics for a Free Choice, and Kate Michelman (pictured 2nd), former president of NARAL. Am posting excerpts here. Read entire piece on page 2.

Abortion's battle of messages
It's not 1973. Pro-choice forces must adjust to regain the moral high ground.

... Since Roe, U.S. public opinion has been relatively stable and favorable to legal abortion. Early efforts to overturn Roe failed miserably. Given this reality, the anti-choice movement changed tactics. It no longer focused primarily on banning abortions but concentrated on restricting the circumstances under which abortion would be available. It succeeded in shifting public attention from broad support for legal abortion to strong support for restricting access. Twenty years ago, being pro-life was déclassé. Now it is a respectable point of view.


How did this happen? Did the pro-choice movement fail? Or did those opposed to abortion simply respond more effectively to the changing science as well as the social shift from the rights rage of the '60s to the responsibility culture of the '90s?

In the 1970s, the arguments were simple and polarized: Abortion was either murder or a woman's right to control her body. The fetus, however, stayed largely invisible. The pro-choice movement stayed on the message offensive, tactically shifting in 1989 from women's bodies to the "who decides" question posed by NARAL.... But this was rapidly parried by the anti-choice demand that we look at what was being decided, not just who was deciding....

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Heartbeat ad

Through January 26 the Second Look Project is running a compelling radio ad in four of the most liberal U.S. cities: Boston, DC, San Francisco, and Seattle.


The American public doesn't know this stuff. Here's the text of the ad, although it's much better heard:

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Guttmacher report inaccurate

I reported earlier in the week I was skeptical of The Guttmacher Institute's most recent report indicating that by 2005 abortion had dropped 25% from its all time high of 1.6 million in 1990 to 1.2 million. Guttmacher, after all, is the research arm of the head of the abortion cabal, Planned Parenthood. Why no one in the MSM was skeptical comes as no surprise.

Now Guttmacher has been found way off its numbers in at least 1 state, Illinois. Kudos to Bill Beckman of IL Right to Life for uncovering this. According to the Chicago Tribune, January 17:

Rachel Jones, lead author of the report, noted that abortion rates can differ... from one part of the country to another. "Some states, such as Connecticut, had increases in the abortion rate," Jones said. "But Illinois had a larger-than-average decline -- the rate came down 19% from 2000 to 2005."

Beckman responded in a Trib letter to the editor, published January 18:

... I did not recall such a drop being consistent with the data published by Illinois Dept of Public Health. I checked the IDPH Web site. [See stats right; click to enlarge]....

Abortions in 2000 were 45,884 and in 2005 43,409. That change is only a 5.4% drop, far lower than the stated 19% drop. In my mind, this raises questions about what data is being used in the Guttmacher Institute report... and what level of reliability it should be given. If such inconsistencies exist for Illinois, what about the data for other states?

To further emphasize my point, IDPH data for 2006 shows 46,467 abortions in Illinois, higher than the total for 2000, so no decrease at all.

Why would Guttmacher lie? Lots of reasons....

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Breaking News: Hannity to profile Hodari tonight

breaking.jpgJust received a call from Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life, the group that secretly videotaped late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari's speech at Wayne State University November 9.

I profiled a clip from that video here.

Kristan said Fox Cable News' Hannity & Colmes will be profiling Hodari on its show tonight, based on that video. Excellent.

Planned Parenthood abortion mill "blessed"

satanist3.jpgPlanned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson announced the blessing of its new 18k sq. ft. building, which includes a "surgical wing," by press release, "On Sacred Ground - Blessing of the Building by Schenectady Clergy," according to the Times Union blog.

Someone snapped a couple of photos of the clergy, although, I didn't think images of these people showed up on pictures. Maybe I'm thinking of vampires.

A vampire blessing would have been more fitting, but they don't come out during the day, even one as tempting as the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, January 22, when this blessing was held.

Speaking of which, the Times Union eeked a 438 word article on the March for Life, with crowd estimates anywhere from 100-250k, while lavishing 804 words to the PP blessing with "about three dozen" attendees. Plus that 127 word blog announcement. But I'm just getting picky. Back to the blessing. Quoting the TU:


[T]he Rev. Larry Phillips of Schenectady's Emmanuel-Friedens Church declared the ground "sacred and holy ... where women's voices and stories are welcomed, valued and affirmed; sacred ground where women are treated with dignity, supported in their role as moral decision-makers ... sacred ground where the violent voices of hatred and oppression are quelled."...

The Rev. Abby Norton-Levering... [said], "We pray that you will make this a place of safety and give a sense of sanctuary."...

The Rev. Bill Levering, senior pastor of First Reformed Church of Schenectady, said the right to privacy is endowed by God....

"Even God respects the right of privacy. We make women into children when we say they cannot control their own bodies," Levering said.

Phillips led everyone outside where they laid their hands on the brick and limestone as the minister declared, "This is sacred ground."

"We make women into children when we say they cannot control their own bodies"? What?

[HT: Dawn Patrol]

Catholic coach: pro-abortion, pro-Hillary

According to yesteday's New York Times, Archbishop Raymond Burke has asked St. Louis University officials to take "appropriate action" against head basketball coach Rick Majerus, who told a reporter while attending a Hillary Clinton rally over the weekend he's pro-abortion and supports "stem cell research," which to me can only mean human embryo experimentation in light of the context of the reporter's question, unless he clarifies (click on graphic for link):


According to the NYT, Burke responded, from the March for Life, coincidentally:

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Babyboating Obama

obama%20kerry.jpgSome wise guy signed me up for Barack Obama's email list, but they've been fun to read.

Yesterday's Obamagram was a note from new supporter John Kerry (which in my opinion is no positive).

Kerry thinks Obama's opponents are "swiftboating" him, I term I love, btw, as it exemplifies how bloggers can now go around MSM to get out truth:

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Students for Life: text messaging

sfl2.jpgI ran into Kristan Hawkins, executive director of Students for Life, yesterday.

One sharp guy in her group, Ben Clapper, said something interesting: "We're not the future, we're the present." I realized it's patronizing and disengaging when older pro-lifers verbally pat younger pro-lifers on the head and say that....

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DC V: Epilogue

MK, Sandy, and Jacque just left for the airport so Daena and I can walk in the apartment without fear of falling on someone now. But it's too quiet... :(

Those asking about Nellie Gray: I heard last night her glasses cut her face but other than that she was ok. I may hear more today. I'm staying in DC until Friday and then fly to OR to speak Saturday. I have another pro-life function today.

We've been going nonstop the last 2 days, most of which time MK has been crying. She started at the Holocaust Museum Monday and kept it up at the Basilica Mass for Life when she saw hundreds of priests participating. Then she started up again yesterday morning listening to a speech about a little boy whose parents were pressured to abort because he was handicapped but did not.

march%20wash%20post.jpgWe began yesterday with the Blogs4Life conference, which went fabulously, and then MK and Sandy marched with Bro. Francis while I blogged from the 4th floor at 1st and Constitution. Estimates of crowd size ranged from 100k to 200k. Someone who did math by counting heads and multiplying came up with 110k. The temp was 35-40 degrees and gray - not bad. The rain held off.

Then we 4 went to a wonderful tea hosted by Dawn Eden of the Dawn Patrol blog. Judie Brown was there, and we all engaged in stimulating conversation on pro-life philosophies and politics thanks to probing questions by a reporter from the New Republic.

After that we picked up Jacque and Daena and went for pizza and beer at Andrew and Jacqueline's hotel. Not wanting the night to end, we strolled about 10p by the Vietnam Wall, Lincoln Memorial, and Korean War Memorial.

Still charged with adrenaline, we went to Dubliner's Pub, where pro-lifers hang out after the March, and sat for a couple more beers with Eric, Ann, and Joe Scheidler and John Jansen and Matt of Pro-Life Action League, Ruben of NoRoomforContraception blog, and Brian Kemper of We engaged in a healthy debate on NFP, this Protestant girl holding her own against 4 Catholic boys... :)

Now I'm off for the day but will try to post my speech from yesterday, which I promised.

[Photo courtesy of the Washington Post]

DC IV: March for Life

We're moving on to the 2nd half of the Blogs4Life conference, at the corner of 1st and Constitution, where the March for Life will nearly end, just 1/2 block from the Supreme Court building, where the infamous Roe v. Wade decision was made 35 years ago today.

Watch the March for Life rally on EWTN now.

2:45p, EST: End of the March


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DC III: Blogs 4 Life conference

MK, Sandy, and I are attending the Family Research Council headquarters in DC for the Blogs4Life conference.

Go to to see the conference via the Internet now.

11:25a, EST: My dear friend Hadley Arkes, who crafted the federal Born Alive Infants Act, is up, and the last speaker. Everyone is surprised we're running so well on time.


Hadley is saying pro-life politicians have become fixated that abortion is in the hands of the courts. This is diversion - an artful evasion - of responsibility. Hadley says we're at the end game. There are things to do before or aside from overturning Roe. About 60% of the country believe about 90% of abortions should be overruled.

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Less sex, less abortions

It's ridiculous that the most supposedly credible source of abortion statistics is the abortion industry, and Planned Parenthood to boot.

Proven over and over to be full of liars, crooks, and creeps, PP is as trustworthy as Hugo Chavez providing statistics of Venezuelan supporters. The numbers will certainly be skewed for their purposes.

But here we have The Alan Guttmacher Institute, "research" arm of PP, releasing the latest abortion stats it garnered from other abortionist low lifes who we also know underreport due to cash and favor abortions, and we are to believe it.

So I view with skepticism, as does not one MSM outlet, Guttmacher's January 17 press release stating abortion declined in 2005 to its lowest level since 1974, 1.2 million, 25% below the all-time high in 1990 of 1.6 million.

I will say the CDC, which admits its own unreliable numbers due to a few antagonistic state governments, also reports a downward trend.

If those numbers are true, a decline is great, particularly since the U.S. population has risen from about 200k then to 300k now....

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Blog friends Jacque, Jill, MK, and Sandy are together in DC to attend the March for Life. MK has blogged an activities update on DC I.

We're staying at Jill's daughter Daena's apartment, wonderfully located just 2 blocks from the White House but miniscule. Life is full of trade-offs, right?

So MK took photos of our "slumber party" last night - 5 chicks in a 425 sq. ft. space, 85 sq. ft. per person, not including luggage.

5 girls blogging...

(See more photos on page 2.)

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The 3-legged stool and the 3 primary winners

The Family Research Council has proposed an interesting theory as to why Republican primaries have thus far appeared fickle. FRC also maintains Rudy is toast:

The lesson that some are drawing from the results of the Republican presidential voting to date is that the race for the party's nomination is wide open. The deeper lesson is that the race for the GOP agenda is anything but wide open. The Republican caucus and primary contests to date prove incontrovertibly what we and others... have been saying all along....


The simple truth is that the conservative coalition - a three-legged stool - stands when social, economic and defense conservatives work together on an interlocking agenda. The coalition collapses when any of the legs is missing. [Dick] Armey and others, especially the early enthusiasts for Rudy Giuliani, suggested the social conservative leg of the stool is dispensable, or at least that it can be appreciably shortened without impact on the greater stability of the coalition. This thesis is not only false in theory, it now has been decisively shown not to represent what the conservative coalition actually believes. The three winners of the contests to date are each emblematic of one of the legs of the stool, and each is attempting to shore up his standing with the other two "legs":

... Mike Huckabee: Social leg
... John McCain: Defense leg
... Mitt Romney: Economic leg

In Michigan, these three individuals, now leading their party's nomination race, won more than 85% of the vote....

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Us at the White House West Wing (L to R): Sandy, MK, Jacqueline, Jill.


Daena in White House Rose Garden with Oval Office over right shoulder.

(More photos on page 2.)

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Weekend question

weekend%20question.jpgOn January 7 the Los Angeles Times attributed American Psychiatric Association president Nada Stotland as stating, "It may be... that women who have abortions are more emotionally unstable in the first place."

Do you agree?

New poll/old poll

poll.bmpProofreader Angela has suggested a great new poll question, the ultimate answer to which I think will be telling:

Of the presidential candidates professing to be pro-life, who, if anyone, do you think will show up (as in show up, not send a video or message) at the March for Life in DC on January 22?
You can choose up to 6.

The more I think about that, the madder I get that any would not attend, because we comprise their largest constituency. In one place at one time will likely be 100,000 assuredly active leaders and participants in the political process with influence over many others.

We'll see.

On to results of last week's poll. You handily decided you like Hillary Clinton least on the Democrat side and Rudy Giuliani on the Republican side....

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That would be?

Sorry, off topic but can't help but post this... :)

[HT: moderator MK]

Blogs 4 Life conference in DC Tuesday

Well, I'm very excited. MK and I are flying to DC this afternoon, with blog friends Sandy and moderator Jacque not too far behind.

march.jpgThe annual gathering on January 22 of pro-lifers in DC on the anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision has become both a commemoration of death and celebration of life. I so look forward to seeing friends I only see once a year from around the country whose special bond is the sanctity of life. It's a time to let one's guard down, to commisserate, to all speak the same language, most notably the phrase "pro-abort"... :)

Plus I'll get to see my daughter Daena, who works and lives in DC. As a matter of fact, we 4 are staying in her already cramped 425 square foot efficiency apartment, where we'll all get to know each other much, much better.... :)

And I'm particularly excited about the Third Annual Blogs4Life Conference ( ), scheduled for January 22 at Family Research Council headquarters....

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Cloning dinner

On January 15, the FDA announced it considered cloned meat and milk safe for human consumption. It also announced it would not require food labels specifying products were cloned or from cloned animals.

Pretty much everyone is squeamish about this, particularly liberal vegetarian types.


Many, if not most liberals, however, consider cloning humans for research and potential use for human cures just fine.

Another example of an upside down world.

[Cartoon by Tony Auth for the Philadelphia Enquirer]

Snap: who we are


Who are these people?

Why, they are us, names you know well as participants in this blog, from left to right, starting with top row: Bethany, Amanda, Midnite, Doug, Rachael (and hubby), Will, Elizabeth (and daughter), and Carla!

Moderator Bethany has created a snapshots page of us all, linked in the "discussions" box on the right side of the home page. Email your photo to Bethany today!

Abortion: A reflection of society

From Cal Thomas on, today:


Thirty-five years after the Supreme Court unilaterally struck down state laws restricting abortion, the cost of that decision continues to increase our moral deficit, which will have far greater (and eternal) consequences than the impact from economic challenges during a possible recession.

Depending on how one counts the number of abortions per year since 1973, more than 50 million people who might have been are not. These were people who, regardless of the circumstances of the women who carried them, had the potential to contribute to the country and to the world. But now they cannot, because they are not. Would we be fighting the battle over immigration had we not rid ourselves of a generation of humans who likely would have done the work for which we are now importing illegal aliens? Actions have consequences....

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[HT: proofreader Angela; photo courtesy of]

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Killing girls

A 54-minute documentary called Killing Girls is supposed to be in production now for release in 2008. (I wrote the director, David Kinsella, for more info but have not yet received a response.)

The film is about a Russion late term abortion "department" for teens who abort up to 8 months gestation. Abortion is epidemic in Russia, where they say mothers have 2-10 each, despite the availability of contraceptives.

I watched the trailer a few days ago on YouTube and remain distressed about these killing girls.

Abortion is fashionable

Last week it was Vogue showing us partial birth abortion chic with a photo of a post-pba mother modeling the latest in fashion smiling at her wanted live child.

This week it's Planned Parenthood of Hawaii's tacky "Choice is fashionable" fundraiser (click to enlarge):

If "choice" is indeed fashionable, they've chosen the wrong "haute" color.

Should be red.

[HT: Rock for Life]

Obama's lie about Born Alive's paragraph (c)

nys2.jpgThe New York Sun almost got it right this morning.

The headline reads, "Clinton: Obama should vote 'No' on abortion issue she backed," which is good. Clinton has been lambasting Obama to pro-aborts for voting "present" on the Born Alive Infant Protection Act as state senator when she voted "yes" for it as U.S. senator, "holding him to a tougher standard than she holds herself," states the NYS article.

Obama's excuse, quoting the NYS....

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"The Business of Being Born"

Rikki Lake has just released a documentary, The Business of Being Born. From the film's website:

Birth: it's a miracle. A rite of passage. A natural part of life. But more than anything, birth is a business. Compelled to find answers after a disappointing birth experience with her first child, actress Ricki Lake recruits filmmaker Abby Epstein to examine and question the way American women have babies.

The film interlaces intimate birth stories with surprising historical, political and scientific insights and shocking statistics about the current maternity care system....

Should most births be viewed as a natural life process, or should every delivery be treated as a potentially catastrophic medical emergency?

I'll answer that. Pro-lifers say the former; pro-aborts the latter, and not just about delivery but about the entire pregnancy.

Here's the trailer:

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"This Common Secret: My Journey as an Abortion Doctor"

this%20common%20secret.jpgAbortionist Susan Wicklund is on the circuit touting her new book, This Common Secret: My Journey as an Abortion Doctor.

From interviews and reviews I get that Wicklund was inspired to her career path by an abortion she had herself at age 22 by a typical thug who told her to "shut up and lie still."

But abortion was in Wicklund's genes. Her grandmother killed a girl during an illegal abortion, or as Wicklund put it, "The young girl that was pregnant, and that my grandmother helped, died."

So much fodder. She admits in the book "of an abortion she performed for a rape victim, only to find out afterward that the fetus she terminated was conceived earlier than thought and would have been the much-loved child of the woman and her husband," according to

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Obama: worst or weak on abortion?

polar%20opposite.jpgThere are polar opposite arguments ongoing in liberal and conservative camps regarding Barack Obama's position on abortion.

It's wild, and I can't quite believe these debates are occurring simultaneously.

As I've documented (here and here), our side is wondering whether Obama is the most pro-abortion senator and presidential candidate ever.

Meanwhile, the other side, driven by Hillary Clinton, is arguing whether he's weak on abortion. On Monday Clinton issued a press release again targeting Obama's "present" votes as state senator....

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State ranking on Life

Yesterday Americans United for Life released its 5th annual state ranking of most and least pro-life states.

Click here for criteria. AUL grades in major areas: abortion restrictions, bioethics (human embryo experimentation, cloning), end of life, and healthcare provider conscience rights.

Click here to view specifics on your state.

Michigan topped the list for the 3rd year in a row:

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If only preborns were puppies

I received this email yesterday:

I am a law student at Chicago-Kent. The school is quite liberal in general. (Don't even ask about how much fun my Roe v. Wade class was in constitutional law last year.)

I thought you might find some sort of ironic, sad humor in this poster (right, click to enlarge) that was recently displayed on the billboard for one of our largest student orgs, the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

It reads, "We may be the only lawyers on earth whose clients are all innocent," which struck me as someone who has been hanging out with people the statement really applies to - like Peter Breen and Tom Brejcha.

It is actually incorrect to state that all animals are innocent, because some are not. The law student is right. There is only one category of attorney whose clients can assuredly be considered to have been innocent.

And most of them dead.

While perusing animal rights sites to learn more about ALDF, I came across this horrid series of photos of a South Korean woman killing a puppy with her high heel....

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New Stanek WND column: "Obama's 10 reasons for supporting infanticide"


I was intimately involved in the five-year process to pass the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act, testifying before committees twice that then-state Sen. Barack Obama sat on.

Following are 10 excuses Obama has given through the years for voting "present" and "no" on on BAIPA.

10. Babies who survive abortions are not protected by the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution.

Obama, the sole opponent ever to speak against BAIPA, stated on the Illinois Senate floor on March 30, 2001....

8. Aborting babies alive and letting them die is a doctor's prerogative.

An Obama spokesman told the Chicago Tribune in August 2004....

5. Aborting babies alive and letting them die is a religious issue.

During his U.S. Senate contest against Obama, Alan Keyes famously said....

And the No. 1 reason Obama voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act was....

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Planned Parenthood boycott and portfolio

baby%20money.jpgLast week, someone forwarded me a article listing Life Decisions International's updated partial boycott list of businesses and non-profit organizations that donate or are affiliated with Planned Parenthood.

I spotted two companies our family does business with: Carlson Travel Agencies and Wachovia.

In fact, we were in the process of planning a vacation through Carlson, and I called my agent and said the deal was off if Carlson did not refute. I told the same to our Wachovia rep. Neither was happy about news of the possible PP connection, and both immediately checked into it.

Carlson's corporate response came the next day....

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Wendy Wright: Worst person in the world!

Congratulations to my friend, Wendy Wright. Liberal Keith Olbermann of liberal MSNBC recently proclaimed Wendy, president of Concerned Women for America, the Worst Person in the World!

See Keith Olbermann's diss of Wendy beginning at 1:23:

Explained the CWA website....

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Who pays for Planned Parenthood's "sell sex" ads?

We the taxpayers do. American Life League has just posted its latest video report spotlighting Planned Parenthood's new "Mile High" ad as well as favorite moments from other PP ads. Who could forget, for instance, the PP superhero who blasted pro-lifers to smithereens with a gun loaded with condoms?

ALL makes the connection between selling sex, selling contraceptives, and selling abortion. Of course.

In ALL's release announcing its latest video it noted that PP is starting to take notice of its ads in blogs and podcasts. Kudos!

Across the pond: Showing compassion for embryos

stored%20embryos.jpgThis December 30 Times Online article was both upsetting and encouraging.

It stated that in the last 14 years, 1.2 million embryos fertilized for in vitro fertilization have been destroyed, due to overproduction or damage:

As many as 40 eggs can be [retrieved] in some treatments and all are fertilised in IVF.

The embryos are then assessed for viability, with only about 20% usually considered strong enough to implant successfully in a woman.

I'm not crazy about IVF and there's a new reason why....

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Pro-abort: Juno means something but not sure what

I got quoted in a The New Republic column January 11 on the topic of Juno:

The politics of films like Juno, Waitress, and Knocked Up have become new turnbuckles in the wrestling ring of the culture wars.
Befitting the binary nature of the abortion debate, they also serve as something of a civic Rorschach test: For every conservative celebrating Juno as what Pro Life Pulse blogger Jill Stanek calls "the movie pro-aborts will hate," there's a pro-choicer declaring that the real power of the movie lies in their autonomous lead characters' ability to make their own decisions. "The flick is pro-choice in the most literal sense of the term," The American Prospect's Ezra Klein wrote of Knocked Up. "She has a choice; nothing is forced on her." But critics on both sides of the debate imply something new and dramatic is afoot, even if no one quite agrees on what it means.

Nice spin! The pro-abort columnist, Michael Schaffer, of course ignores the truly contempt-ridden reviews his side has given Juno, like this one from RH Realtity Check, which is the actual truth....

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Weekend question

surrogates.jpgCNN recently reported on a new industry: outsourcing pregnancies. It spotlighted an Indian clinic where closely monitored surrogate mothers grow the fertilized egg and sperm of parents from the U.S. and other countries for 9 months in a group home and present them with their newborn.

The positives are that this is a rather inexpensive way for infertile couples to obtain their own healthy biological children, and surrogates make more money for 9 months of labor (pardon the pun) than they would in 15 years.

The negatives are concerns of overall ethics about this way of producing children, whether this exploits poor women, the legalities of change of mind by any of the involved parties, that "wombs for rent" will next become a convenience for the rich who don't want the bother of pregnancy, and because this is an unregulated industry, its standards will fall.

What is your opinion?

[HT: reader Lyssie]

New poll/old poll

poll.bmpEarlier this week, long-time commenter prettyinpink asked me if I had to choose a Democrat presidential candidate, who would it be? I thought about which of them I least disliked, but I couldn't bring myself to select the best of the worst.

This exercise made me consider which of them I disliked the most, however, which I found interesting. So that is this week's poll question for you:

Which of the presidential candidates do you most dislike?

This week you can select 2 answers. Pick the Democrat and Republican you most do not want to see become president.

Here are the results of last week's poll, indicating a scare majority of pro-lifers thinks we made progress in 2007....

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Planned Parenthood ♥s Barack Obama

I'm flattered. The Truth About Margaret Sanger blog is calling Day Gardner and me "the other Obama girls." Day is president of the National Black Pro-Life Union and also has had plenty to say about Obama's radical pro-abortion position.

But Obama girls like us won't be sending him any valentines this year. Not to worry, Obama's girls at Planned Parenthood are sending him plenty of love. This will be tricky since they're all heartless.


Obama loves PP, too. Actually, they prostitute one another. PP helps elect Obama so he can turn around and appropriate tax money to it. He's trying to legislate PP an abortuary load of cash at the moment. PP explains why in its Obama love note....

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Planned Parenthood Denver forgets it aborts

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains is now advertising its new mega-abortion mill, currently under construction (click to enlarge):

Two probs with the ad....

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Smoothie operator flees country

patel.jpgThis is a follow up to my November 29 post on Manishkumar Patel, accused of slipping his mistress RU-486 on 2 occasions, once in a smoothie, to cause her to abort twice.

Patel has apparently jumped bond in WI and fled to India, leaving friends and family who posted his $750,000 bail high and dry. A Sify story states his formerly pregnant girlfriend has claimed part of the money. Get this, his wife supposedly took off with him.

What losers, all.

[HT: moderator MK; photo courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

High school maternity leave?

The View had 2 segments yesterday on the emerging issue of granting pregnant high school students 4-6 weeks of maternity leave. You can watch the segments here.

view2.jpgLiberals Whoopie Goldberg and Joy Behar expected conservative Elizabeth Hasselbeck to disapprove, which she did not.

They just don't get us. Of course pro-lifers want to remove any obstacles to carrying a baby to term, including a policy such as being debated in the Denver Public School System that currently demands new young mothers return immediately after delivering or face unexcused absences and/or expulsion.

In the 2nd segment of The View, the conversation veered on to the topic of abstinence, which Hasselbeck handled well, making the analogy to a totally secure seatbelt and a seatbelt that may not work or break 15-35% of the time. Kids should be taught the difference.

[HT: proofreader Angela, JM]

Rabbis: Abortion delays Messiah

delegation.jpgAccording to on January 8, 3 pro-life congressmen (Joe Pitts, Chris Smith, Frank Wolf) met with Jewish officials in Israel "to promote American-Israeli cooperation in the battle against abortions," which they have agreed upon.

Two fascinating points on rationale. The most intriguing to me was this, quoting

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American Psychiatric Assoc. prez: lesbian pro-abort feminist

slotman%201.gifNada Stotland, president-elect of the American Psychiatric Association, is a lesbian feminist who sits on the board of Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health.

An unbiased source to opine on post-abortive stress syndrome? Yeah, sure.

I googled Stotland after reading her shockingly calloused comments belittling men and women who suffer psychiatric after-effects of abortion in a January 7 Los Angeles Times story on men and PASS.

Stotland went so far as to say women who abort may be unstable. Yes, she said that, according to LAT....

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Vogue: partial birth abortion chic

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ABC News, "The abortion vote the GOP is planning to use to bring down Obama"

obama%20point.jpgBill and Hillary Clinton recently complained the press has not scrutinized Barack Obama's "poetry" and "fairy tales."

Yesterday, several political pundits anticipated that any day now the MSM will begin knocking Obama off the pedestal upon which they have placed him, particularly in light of the Clintons' criticism and the embarrassment of their pollsters getting the NH primary so wrong.

That day has arrived. Finally.

From ABC News today, titled, "The abortion vote the GOP is planning to use to bring down Obama"...

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Top 10 reasons Obama voted against the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act

obama%20and%20baby.jpgHere are the top 10 reasons Barack Obama has variously stated why he voted against Illinois' Born Alive Infant Protection Act when state senator....

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Planned Parenthood's "Mile High" ad

MK and Sara emailed me a link to this ad last week, and I just didn't see anything new to get worked up about. I think I'm jaded. But pro-life news orgs and friends have been spotlighting it, so I'll join the gang:

The only part of the ad I think worth noting is Planned Parenthood's flagrant stereotyping of homosexuals. Were our side to make a comedic ad featuring a flaming lispy gay with bent wrists, the movement would beat us with rainbow flags.

But the homosexual and abortion movements are best buds, as I often say, so they laugh and work together. They both have the same goal: illicit sex with no consequences.

Perhaps you see something else in the ad to discuss...

Planned Parenthood promotes NFP?

Is this Planned Parenthood promoting Natural Family Planning? Not quite, but close.

Cyclebeads are based on the new Standard Days Method developed in 1998 by the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University.

The diff?...

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Strike, please


They'll show us. The New York Times reports today that abortion mills in Spain began a 5-day strike yesterday....

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Obama: "Most pro-abortion presidential candidate ever"

obama.jpgTerry Jeffrey, editor of, has been talking up Barack Obama's position on the IL Born Alive Infant Protection Act. He discussed them, and me, on EWTN last week and on Bill Bennett's radio show Monday. He described Obama as the most pro-abortion U.S. senator in history.

He followed that up with a column today, "Obama is the most pro-abortion candidate ever."

It's true. By voting against the Born Alive bill in IL, Obama demonstrated support of infanticide. A vote taken on virtually the same bill in the U.S. Senate passed 98-0 - unanimously - including one cast by Hillary Clinton.

Jeffrey wrote today....

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Blogs 4 Life conference schedule

blogs%204%20life.jpgThe Family Research Council and Blogs 4 Life have posted a tentative schedule for the Blogs 4 Life Conference to be held in D.C. on January 22, in the morning before the March for Life.

If you're in DC, drop by!


UPDATE, 10:40a: You heard it here first. Bloggers are in for a real treat the 2nd half of the day. We have secured a 4th floor meeting room on the corner at Constitution and First Avenues to blog on the March from 12-4pm. The view of the March will be spectacular, and we're going to encourage leaders of the movement to stop by as they round the corner toward the nearby Supreme Court Building for a group blog interview. Seating will be limited to 50.

Also, Kevin McCullough of has agreed to emcee the morning event.

New Stanek WND column, "Obama's 'present' danger"


The mainstream media makes much hay about conservatives being split between candidates but none whatsoever about liberals being split - particularly abortion proponents.

Most notably, Planned Parenthood affiliates are divided between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The rift was readily demonstrated in New Hampshire last weekend where the fight really took off over which of the two was more ardently pro-abortion. We even saw battling PPers in the same article. From the Concord Monitor, yesterday:

A glossy flier sent out over the weekend said Obama voted "present" instead of "yes" or "no" on anti-abortion legislation in the Illinois state Senate. Yesterday's letter - signed by leaders from state affiliates of Planned Parenthood... reiterated the criticism.

Obama launched an automated phone message from a Planned Parenthood official, defending his support for abortion rights Sunday....

The call was made by Wendy Frosh, chair of PP in Northern New England, who suddenly thereafter took a "leave of absence" from PPNNE and has issued an e-mail apologizing for "the confusion."

Love it.

I also love the argument, much of which revolves around Obama's fence-sitting votes as Illinois state senator for the Born Alive Infants Protection Act....

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What I did on my college break

We've been chronicling the Denver Families Against Planned Parenthood protests of various executives helping build the Denver Planned Parenthood mega-abortion mill.

On December 29, they were again protesting the home of Bill Hornaday, president of The Weitz Company Rocky Mountain division, the PP project's general contractor, when his son appeared, home from college. What a sterling example his father has set for him. Hope the big, fat bonus is worth it.

At any rate, father and son packed up and left right after the group arrived, son shielding his face from the video camera with a newspaper. As Will Duffy, group organizer, said in an email to me, "Who would want to put up with this?" I agree. And they certainly don't have to.

Here's a funny addendum. The Greenwood Village City Council, where Hornaday lives, recently passed ordinances trying to stifle pro-life protests, limiting length of stay, number of protesters, etc. So on New Year's Day, pro-lifers protested the home of Jerry Presley, ringleader of the city council First Amendment squash attempt. He promptly called the police, but the group was following the rules, so they couldn't be stopped....

[More photos on page 2]

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Survivors disrupt Obama

At a NH campaign stop last night, the Survivors disrupted an Obama town hall meeting of about 1,000 people. See video above. According to the Wall Street Journal...

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Hillary cries

Every now and then we veer off topic for a change of pace. So here we go.

Yesterday Hillary Clinton became verklempt during an interview, provoking lots of questions. Was it real or fake? Is it acceptable for presidents/presidential candidates to cry? Is it sexist for us to focus on Hillary's tearful moment? Do you think she was really crying for her country or because she was admittedly tired? In other words, were she well rested and not under such pressure following her loss in Iowa, would she have become so emotional?

Live blogging from the Aurora ZBA meeting

attorneys.jpgGo to Families Against Planned Parenthood now.

[HT: AB Laura]

UPDATE, 8:05p: The Aurora Zoning Board of Appeals voted unanimously to dismiss our side's appeal. We're going to state court.

[Photos of our side's attorneys courtesy of Families Against Planned Parenthood]

Borat and the abortion turf wars

I didn't know Borat had gotten into the abortion business, but clearly he wrote the tantalizing press release today about this big announcement (click to enlarge):

Curious to learn more about abortion clinics in dire need as well as how the world of female medical problems could be revolutionized, I went to

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Showdown at the Denver Planned Parenthood corral


Protests. This is what executives of The Weitz Company, general contractor helping Planned Parenthood build its new mega-abortion mill in Denver, can expect for as long as the facility is open if they don't bail on the project by January 31. The aforementioned was taken at a New Year's picket January 1.

The Denver Families Against Planned Parenthood has drawn a line in the sand by launching the Collaborator's Project:

The deadline has been set. The Weitz Company has until January 31st to stop building America's largest child-killing facility or inherit permanent collaborator's status. Permanent collaborator's status includes home protests as long as they are killing little children in the facility they build.

The group includes as collaborators....

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Planned Parenthood Aurora: financed under false pretenses

In May 2007 Planned Parenthood Chicago Area requested and received a bond rating as a nonprofit organization ("501(c)3") from the IL Finance Authority that allowed it to borrow at a cheaper rate to build its Aurora abortion mill (click to enlarge):

In an excellent article today, WorldNetDaily is raising that issue as well as recapping multiple zoning and ordinance violations by PP as well as city official apparent cover-ups....

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Weekend question

weekend%20question.jpgAbortion proponents often claim pro-lifers who support the death penalty are inconsistent (an admission that preborns are human, btw).

This January 4 opinion in the LA Times about GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee was typical:

When analyzing Huckabee's platform more closely, however, a major contradiction arises. Huckabee claims to value the "sanctity of every and each human life." Yet, he also declares that capital punishment is needed within American society.

Accepting this premise for the sake of argument, does this mean that those who oppose the death penalty but support abortion are grossly inconsistent, considering the innocence and guilt of the parties involved?

January 7: Big day in Aurora Planned Parenthood saga

There will be an important Aurora Zoning Board of Appeals meeting this coming Monday, January 7, with 3 big issues on tap.


Based on the 3 issues, the ZBA will either decide to close down Planned Parenthood for multiple ordinance and zoning violations, or not.

If so great, the rule of law has prevailed. If not, our side will take the City of Aurora to court if the ZBA agrees with it on #1 to force the City to follow its own city laws, according to Thomas More Society attorney Peter Breen in an email to me.

The 3 issues....

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Iowa caucus results

caucus%20results2.jpgHere are the Iowa caucus final results, from the Washington Post.

The big story last night for Republicans was the turnout of Christian conservatives. See the quote of the day.

A split between social and fiscal conservatives has emerged, with the former largely supporting Huckabee and the latter Romney. For now, social conservatives have shown more muscle.

That said, there are concerns with Huckabee's fiscal conservatism. Rush Limbaugh is incensed at comparisons of Huckabee to Reagan, with valid examples.

Richard Viguerie, author of Conservatives Betrayed: How George W. Bush and Other Big Government Republicans Hijacked the Conservative Cause, called Huckabee a "Christian socialist," according to

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Christina Aguilera: pregnant pin-up

marie%20claire%202.jpgThe January 2008 issue of Marie Claire magazine sports pregnant and mostly naked Christina Aguilera on the cover.

I spotted it on the newstand and was mostly thrilled, despite misgivings of the pose. I love when the pop culture promotes pregnancy, particularly of the rare married celebrity, although this promotion was indeed a bit disconcerting. The accompanying story included more risqué shots. See one on page 2.

I also love to read the altered language when the pop culture promotes pregnancy. Were Aguilera discussing her abortion, names would have been changed to deflect from the innocent. Words like "child," "baby," and "roommate" would have been nixed for "fetus" and the generic "pregnancy."...

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Empty manger appears at Planned Parenthood Aurora

Recall that Dominick's/Safeway erected a now illegal temporary fence on its vacant lot across from Planned Parenthood after PP complained. (The fence is now illegal because its temporary permit expired a couple of weeks ago.)

Well, Mary Lu at the Families Against Planned Parenthood blog posted a photo on Christmas morning of an empty manger spotted inside the fence (click to enlarge):

That's the PP mill in the background. The roof of the manger was a two-sided sign....

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President Bush, please tear down Title X

Most pro-lifers wish the federal government would abolish Title X, its "family planning" program.

Title X is really a comprehensive sex ed and contraception program, and its prime recipients are Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry, which is why they spin and promote it:

While Title X funds cannot be used directly to fund abortion, taxpayers indirectly underwrite abortion by underwriting the abortion provider. Furthermore, Title X funds can be used inside an abortion mill.

The Democrat-controlled Congress bumped up Title X funding by almost $17 million for Fiscal Year 2008, so it will be funded at a record high this year: almost $300 million.

Now a group of 48 pro-family groups has sent President Bush a letter asking him to reinstate a regulation established by President Reagan, which Bush I continued....

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Pro-life = Pro-forced abortion?

Debs over at the Abortion is a Woman's Right blog has created what she is aptly calling the Pro-Choice Carnival.

"This Carnival aims to highlight some of the best writing on the theme of a woman's right to choose," explained Debs, who then listed some winners, including an interesting January 2007 post from Jill at Feministe. I missed that one, although I'm often too busy to keep up with the pro-abort circus, I admit. But it's a new argument to me:

I am pro-choice because I believe that if we outlaw a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy, there is no legal argument against forcing a woman to terminate a pregnancy, or disallowing certain people from reproducing.


Love the logo, btw.

What Jill means is if we outlaw a woman the right to say yes or no to abortion, the government can force her to abort....

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Abortion hybrids

Jeremy Siegman in The Cornell Daily Sun blog wrote yesterday:

Obama himself has made a choice, perhaps a kind of leap, to see things differently. He wasn't born an idealist. He has made the choice not just to see polarized voters and a polarized society (it is there if you want it). Rather than pro-choice and pro-life, he see [sic] hybrids: "the middle-aged feminist who still mourns her abortion, and the Christian woman who paid for her teenager's abortion." That's from his book.

I agree these people (men, too) exist, which is pretty much the problem.

We have polarized pro-lifers and polarized pro-aborts, but then there's the mushy middle, the great unwashed, moderates, whatever you want to call them. Many, if not most, have been complicit with abortion but feel bad about it. They've either had one, caused the "need" for one, paid for one, coerced one, helped someone get one, or known someone close who's had one.

These are the people who don't want to think about abortion. They feel guilty and torn, so they psychologically shut down. They hate being reminded, although they can never really get away from it by inestimable triggers....

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The #1 most moronic story of 2007

I'm so excited! According to blogger spatula at the left wing, the #1 Most Moronic Story of 2007 was (drumroll, please)...

Had the other side not been damaged by the Aurora PP debacle, it would not even have been remembered to make the list, but #1! It even beat Iraq!

And by the way, there is plenty of evidence of wrong-doing. But Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner and city attorney Alayne Weingartz are going to moronic lengths to overlook the rule of law in their strange quest to enable PP. Meanwhile, pro-life investigations, lawsuits and subpoenas still abound. Stay tuned.

And to all pro-lifers helping fueling the Aurora PP story, please take a bow.

New poll/old poll

poll.bmpA new poll question is up:

Looking back on 2007, how do you think the pro-life movement fared?

In your opinion, are the movement and innocent lives better off now than they were a year ago? Or worse off? Or perhaps you will only see good when abortion is made illegal.

Flesh out your answer here, not on the Vizu website.

Pro-lifer of the Year

brian%20rohrbough2.jpgCongratulations to Brian Rohrbough for being named the Stanek blog's 2007 Pro-lifer of the Year by our poll.

Brian received over 41% of the vote, which he got from all over the country - not just supporters in his home state of CO - as evidenced by the little yellow flags scattered about on the vote tracking map below (click map to enlarge)....

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