lauren%20high%20school.jpgHere we go again, Terri II.
This information comes from Bess McAneny of the Delaware Pro-Life Coalition, who I spoke with this morning.
I’m told Hannity & Colmes will tonight feature the story of Lauren Richardson of Delaware, a now 23-year-old who overdosed on heroin in August 2006 while 3-4 months pregnant.
Lauren was kept on life support until she delivered a healthy baby girl in February 2007, and then the fight began to euthanize Lauren.
Lauren’s mother, Edith Towers, is fighting to dehydrate and starve her to death, while her father, Randy Richardson, is fighting to keep Lauren alive and assume responsibility for her care.
So far Edith is winning. Last week a court awarded her guardianship of Lauren, but any actions to kill Lauren are being staved pending appeals….
UPDATE, 2/2, 4:50a: Lauren’s family has put her video up on YouTube. I’ve switched links to the video on page 2. And Hannity & Colmes did feature Lauren’s story last night. No video available yet.

After delivery, Lauren’s trach was removed, and she began breathing on her own, although she is now considered in a “persistent vegetative state.” This comes despite a neurologist’s report:

Nonetheless, her definite vocalization increase after I speak to her and the character of the movement of her arms suggests the possibility of her awareness of her surroundings, and thus, some cognitive capability.

There is also the following video, released by Randy, showing Lauren responding to family and a dog, sometimes verbally. Click on the graphic below to go to the video, although it could be removed at any time. I’m told Towers’ attorney is supposedly furious Lauren’s “right to privacy” has been breached even as he fights to kill her. I told McAneny to get the video on YouTube asap [2/2 update: done]:

Towers says Lauren watched the Terri Schindler Schiavo case unfold and expressed a wish not to live in that state, a wish made when 18 and before she was a mother.
Towers has never let Lauren see her baby and, in fact, pressured her to abort, according to McAneny, which she refused – clearly demonstrating she was pro-life.
No person should ever be starved and dehydrated to death, all the more if a loving family member wants to take responsibility for care. Only yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court stayed the execution of James Callahan, a convicted rapist and murderer in Alabama, due to concerns lethal injection may be cruel and unusual punishment. How can people have such schizophrenic opinions on life and death?
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