Rich and Jill get Lost in Hawaii

We’re on Day 3 of our Hawaiian vacation, and I thought I’d say aloha and show some photos.
If you don’t watch Lost, you won’t understand our photo montage. You may not understand it anyway.
It has been overcast and even rainy, but this development has merely spared us from having to make the tortured decision between bumming on the beach or seeing the sites. We’ve now travelled from top to bottom of the Big Island and today are scouting its interior. Tomorrow we head to the east side….
Photo 1: Help! We got on the wrong airline, Oceanic, and our plane crashed on a strange island! (Actually this is Jill on the edge of the Kilauea Caldera (“big crater”….)


Photo 2: Smoldering remains of the plane. (Actually, sulfur fumes still smoldering from the site’s last volcanic activity in 1982….)


Photo 3: Word to the wise. Don’t try looking in volcanic steam vents with your glasses on….

Photo 4: Fortunately, Rich found us an abandoned VW van….

Photo 5: This is a shot just before Rich drove us into the ocean, belatedly discovering nonworking brakes. (Actually, this is a mud road not intended for convertibles that Jill heroically but mistakenly thought we could negotiate on a hunt for an ancient Hawaiian site….)

Aloha! We’re off on another big adventure. (It’s 10:35a here now. Time to start the day.)

8 thoughts on “Rich and Jill get Lost in Hawaii”

  1. Come on everyone if they were really lost how did they manage to put these pics up on the web?
    P.S. Jill some friendly advice, if they tell you the rocks are cursed don’t take one home with you.
    And you’re wearing far too many clothes for Hawaii. Where’s your bikini!?

  2. Oh and BTW, I’m watching The Day After Tomorrow right now and Jill’s in Hawaii. Coincidence? I think not.
    *Mad @ Jill for not taking me with her*

  3. Jill,
    While in Lahaina on Maui, several years ago, we went to a small white clapboard church for a Saturday night mass. The music was Hawaiian and it was beautiful. l. I’d love to go back some day. We also took a catamaran ride to a small beach for snorkeling. It was awesome. Have fun!

  4. Talk about a gal who needs a vacation.
    She’s in Hawaii and she is talking about seeing the “sites?”
    Go watch some whales – sights – and get off the computer!
    Prayers the weather breaks.

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