(Prolifer)ations 3/31/08

I sure have missed my (Prolifer)ations posts. I launched (Prolifer)ations a few months back to spotlight good info gleaned from other pro-life blogs, because there's no way I can keep up with all the news.

But I kept running short of time to research, and so (Prolifer)ations faded from "site," although not from mind.

jj2.jpgBut there's another great blogger, JivinJehoshaphat, who follows nearly the same concept with his Life Links blog posts.

I'm happy to announce JivinJ will be contributing (Prolifer)ations 3-4x a week here. He will cross-post these on his site, along with other good information, so be sure to visit his blog.

Here is JivinJ's first (Prolifer)ations contribution. Welcome, Jivin'!...

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Terri's Day

terri.jpgToday marks the 3rd anniversary of the killing by dehydration and starvation of Terri Schindler Schiavo, and Terri's Foundation along with Priests for Life have established an annual Terri's Day observance.

Terri's brother Bobby Schindler has an op ed at Townhall.com today. In it he takes all 3 presidential candidates to task for opposing governmental attempts to intervene to stop Terri from being so cruelly killed...

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Faithful condom users die

faithful condom2.jpg

Last week Human Life International got a "nuclear reaction" to 3 billboards it erected in the capital city of Tanzania in East Africa, where condoms are promoted to stave off the AIDS epidemic. (The title is rewritten in Swahili.) Reported HLI...

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Hannity's America tonight last night: Obama/Planned Parenthood

hannity's america.jpgFYI, tonight Hannity's America will feature 2 segments of interest to pro-lifers: Obama's position on abortion and Planned Parenthood's willingness to accept bucks to kill blacks. For the latter it will play the calls secretly recorded by UCLA pro-lifers.

UPDATE, 8a: Hannity combined an exposé on Barack Obama's radical support of abortion with an exposé on Planned Parenthood's willingness to take money to abort black babies, since Obama supports PP.

The segment was very good except on one key issue...

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Sunday funny

by Glenn McCoy for Townhall.com, March 24:

klan parenthood.jpg

Pfleger welcomes Wright

Welcome, Michelle Malkin readers.

Michelle linked to my March 5 column, "Fr. Pfleger's black heart," in her post yesterday on Rev. Jeremiah Wright's surprise appearance Friday night at Pfleger's southside Chicago Catholic church, St. Sabina's.

What a nonsurprise.

Click on graphic below for link to see the reception Wright received:


Reported the Houston Chronicle...

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New poll/Old poll

poll%20graphic%20correct%20size.bmpThe new poll question is up:

Should the international community boycott the Beijing Olympic Games due to China's recent crackdown against Tibet and/or its forced one-child-per-family policy?

Responses to last week's poll surprised me. I didn't expect so many to think aborting mothers should be considered criminals. Perhaps this shows true thoughts of pro-lifers; perhaps it shows how some pro-aborts think pro-lifers should think...

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Weekend question

weekend question.jpgLast week came the first noticeable hurdle to Barack Obama's race to the White House: his pastor, Jeremiah Wright.

News organizations held their collective finger on the replay button showing sermon clips from "best of" videos Wright sells at his Trinity United Church of Christ bookshop.

In these Wright displays himself as an anti-American black racist who thinks the U.S. government secretly launched the AIDS epidemic to wipe out blacks; that Jesus was "a poor black man" killed in a country "controlled by rich white people" by "Italians"; that 9/11 was a terrorist turnabout, giving the U.S. back what it has given; that Israel's nuclear weapons are "ethnic bombs" designed in part to wipe out blacks, and much more.

Not news: I am an Obama cynic. I live 30 minutes from Obama's church. I have attended it. My take is Obama joined TUCC, the largest black UCC church in the U.S., to garner southside Chicago black church power to help elevate him in politics, which worked at the time. As a community organizer before garnering his IL senate seat, Obama had access to all the southside churches and picked Wright's for good reason.

This week, as reporters pored over old Wright sermons, speechs, and videos, more vileness came out, such as that Wright called Italians "garlic noses." We can expect more in weeks and months to come.

So here's a Gary Varvel comic inviting readers to write the caption as Barack and Michelle shake hands with Wright one fine Sunday morning.

varvel cartoon.jpg

Try your hand. What do you think Obama is saying?

Stanek makes list of top 10 female bloggers

Well, thanks!

I've been informed I made Women's Voices Women Vote's list of top 10 female bloggers due to your votes!

I mentioned earlier this month having received notice of the contest and that I'd sure like to see a pro-lifer make the list. Thanks!

WVWV is now holding a run-off, although I'm seriously content just to have made the the top 10.

It does appear by the bios and a scan of my competitions' blogs I'm not only the sole pro-life woman represented but also the sole conservative.

And my oh my, at least one of my liberal sisters apparently can't handle the 9:1 ratio, in particular little ole me! Wrote Taylor Marsh...

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Breaking News: Planned Parenthood made $1 BILLION 06-07

breaking.jpgThis just out, Planned Parenthood's 2006-07 annual report, for the reporting period July 1, 2006, through June 30, 2007.

I'm linking to it post-haste, fyi. The biggest news is PP for the 1st time made over $1 BILLION in 1 reporting year, $1,017,900,000 to be exact. Last year it made $902 million....

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Planned Parenthood's biggest advo-Kate

kate 3.jpgThis March 27 blurb from Family Research Council is so full of rich sidebars, I'm simply reposting it (including the title):

Actress Kate Walsh isn't a doctor in real life, but apparently playing one on ABC's Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice qualifies her to talk about reproductive health on Capitol Hill.

Yesterday, Walsh, who sits on Planned Parenthood's Board of Advisors, hosted a congressional forum sponsored by the nation's biggest abortion trafficker....

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They're persons now

American Life League has released a compelling new video spotlighting the CO personhood amendment drive and also taking unnamed organizations to task for sitting on their hands or worse, opposing this voter initiative:

This seems like the right time to post a March 7 op ed by Judie Brown, also compelling, taking CO, GA, and MT Catholic bishops to task for opposing their state's personhood amendment. I've included Judie's column in its entirety on page 2.

The bishops are not alone. I am saddened that some of my good friends in the movement, with good organizations behind them, are contesting these efforts.

Back to the video, at its end ALL thanked bloggers - meaning you - for contacting YouTube when it unceremoniously yanked ALL's previous video, Planned Parenthood sells sex, for its "inappropriate content" while leaving PP's ads up that ALL was exposing. Sheesh. YouTube quickly responded to your complaints by reinstating the video.

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Hodari's babies

We've talked much the last couple weeks about MI late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari, in the news for tossing aborted babies and medical records into his dumpsters. Read my Hodari archives here.

But just what does an abortionist do with all the money s/he makes from aborting poor mothers in crisis?

Pro-lifer Judy Papa has sidewalk counseled at Hodari's Flint, MI, pole barn abortion mill for years and sent photos of Hodari's hobby, classic car collecting. He even takes them to shows.

Where does Hodari keep his babies? Inside the mill, at the service entrance.

These first photos are of Hodari leaving the mill in his favorite car. He mentioned it during his infamous talk at Wayne State U last November...

Thumbnail image for hodari car 1.jpg

See more photos on page 2.

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Planned Parenthood to spend $10 mil on election? Puleeze

Much has been made of Planned Parenthood's Big Annoucement that it plans to spend $10 million on the 2008 elections. ABC News has a story on it today:

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund is promising to spend $10 million this election cycle - three times more than the organization has spent in any previous election.

Look, making these Big Announcements to attract friends and scare enemies is PP's modus operandi. Words, words. It's all a scam. PP is just going for the media splash. That's its endgame here.

PP doesn't expect anyone to check back after its media splashes. Well here's 1 person who does.

Does the following sound familiar? In 2002, our old friend Steve Trombley and Planned Parenthood of Chicago promised to spend $1 million in the IL governor's race, as quoted by Crain's Chicago Business, June 24, 2002 (click to enlarge):

PP spend 4.jpg

And this is what PP actually spent, according to the IL State Board of Elections website...

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The born nonperson

Here's a new, tragic twist, thanks to abortion.

lage.jpgOn November 6, 2007, 24-year-old Logan Lage (pictured right) was fleeing in his vehicle from police in Grand Junction, CO, when he crashed into an SUV being driven by 26-year-old Shea Lehnen, 8-1/2 months pregnant. Police found marijuana and heroin in Lage's vehicle.

The injured Shea was rushed to the hospital, where an emergency c-section was performed. Coincidentally, Shea had been scheduled for a routine c-section....

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Update on FL Planned Parenthood closures

embezzlement.jpgI reported March 25 that the Planned Parenthood Federation had closed 5 FL clinics apparently due to financial shenanigans by member(s) of their oversight affiliate.

American Life League's Planned Parenthood watchdog arm STOPP added this in an email alert yesterday:

There is much confusion about the status of Planned Parenthood clinics in Boca Raton, FL and the surrounding areas. According to various reports, PP is scrambling as the local affiliate, Planned Parenthood of South Palm Beach and Broward Counties, is having severe financial difficulties....
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VA to continue funding Planned Parenthood

This update is overdue, but I want to close the loop on this topic for those who hadn't heard.

On March 3 I reported the VA Senate narrowly voted to cut off state funding to Planned Parenthood. I warned at the time this would not likely survive pro-abort Gov. Timothy Kaine's line-item veto.

close.jpgWell, it didn't get that far. Since the amendment was not in the House approved budget, it was up for debate in the secret General Assembly conference that wrangled out differences between the 2 chambers' approved budgets.

The Richmond-Times Dispatch reported March 15 that PP funding ($200k) was restored in the final budget.

On the bright side, our side at least tried. Good for them. Their effort can be added to the nationwide pressure mounting against PP. Maybe next year.

Newborn hospice vs. euthanasia

A comment on RH Reality Check today from a mother who aborted her handicapped baby:

I... received the news that the fetus [I] was carrying was going to die - there was not one thing that could be done, he had no kidneys and a host of other problems. I was just a little more than halfway through my pregnancy when I received the news and after weeks of agonizing, chose to end my pregnancy through early elective induction. I held my son when he was born alive and kept him with my husband and I until he died peacefully in my arms.

There's that choice. And there's the choice to let God decide. MSNBC reported March 24 - in a well-done article, I might add - on the perinatal hospice movement, growing as doctors are able to diagnose more fetal handicaps earlier.


There are now 55 such programs nationwide, tracked here. One person involved in the movement estimated only 10-20% of mothers receiving a poor prenatal diagnosis carry their babies to term. That jumps to 40% if given hospice support.

Here's the bottom line, quoting MSNBC...

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Abortionist Hodari: $0 fine; Pro-lifer Miller: $1100 bill

The Detroit News reported today that the MI Dept. of Environmental Quality will not levy any fines against late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari for tossing aborted babies, biohazardous waste, used drugs, needles, and medical records into his dumpster. Pro-lifers found all of these over the course of 4 weekends at 3 of Hodari's 6 mills.

hodari trash2.jpgWhen authorities search Hodari's Lathrup Village mill trash, according to the DN, they found "waste that was improperly disposed and separated, placed in unlabeled containers and improperly mixed with other waste" but no babies.

According to the DN, the DEQ charged Hodari with 3 "waste-disposal violations" with instructions to retrain employees. That was it.

Meanwhile, Citizens for a Pro-Life Society reported in an email alert today that Monica Miller, the pro-lifer who stored Hodari's trash at her home until enough evidence was garnered to notify police, is being billed $1100 "for keeping evidence on my property from Hodari's dumpster - evidence that we collected so that the DEQ could do an investigation and file charges against Hodari!"...

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Big Brother: Natalie's abortions

I find the MTV-type youth reality shows heart-breaking and disgusting. I've just been told of a CBS show in that genre, Big Brother.

BB airs 3x a week during primetime. Its storyline: Group mostly young strangers together in a house, follow their every move, and over the course of 3 months whittle housemates down to 1 winner as they vote one another out. Sexual escapades abound, of course.

natalie.jpgOne of the current crop is 28-year-old Natalie.

We learned on a recent episode that Natalie lactates. Why? She said it started when she became pregnant at 19 and aborted 2 months later.

Her timing is way off, leading me to believe Natalie aborted much later or has a secret nursing child stashed somewhere.

But so Nat's story goes, after her abortion her breasts shrank to such an extent ("grapes") she decided to get breast implants at age 23. Only the night before her surgery, she found out she was pregnant again....

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My smear campaign to capsize Obama

dana 2.jpgIn her RH Reality Check column, "When Obama voted 'no,'" Dana Goldstein wrote yesterday:

... Yes, Obama voted "present" instead of "no" [as state senator] on 7 bills that would have limited women's reproductive rights....

But while the Democratic campaigns and women's organizations quibbled over which 100% pro-choice Senator, Obama or Hillary Clinton, would be... better... many choice advocates missed what was percolating under the radar... a conservative smear campaign against Obama's... support for reproductive freedom.

The anti-choice anti-Obama strategy is based on Obama's clear "no" votes on the "IL Born Alive Infant Protection Act".... Leading anti-choice blogger Jill Stanek, who testified in the IL state Senate on behalf of the bill, has played a key role in disseminating this anti-Obama argument in the right-wing blogosphere.

Finally, a little credit! Thank you, Dana.

But from that splendid launch, Dana's column fizzled, sad to say....

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Back Up or Primary Birth Control Day?

Yesterday was Back Up Your Birth Control Campaign Day of Action to promote the morning-after pill, according to a NARAL email alert.

The 2-pill MAP regimen contains 8-20x the potency of 1 birth control pill (see chart below). It has never undergone long-term studies. No one knows how these mega-doses of female steroids will impact women, particularly teens.

But up til now the other side has disputed our logical concern that some girls and women would use the MAP as a primary method of BC if made available over-the-counter. And why not? Much easier than the daily pill grind, and no doctor visits/prescriptions involved.

To this day, PLan B, the most known MAP manufacturer, says don't do it:

plan b2.jpg

But look what yesterday's NARAL email alert said:

naral 3-2.jpg

The industry has been whining loudly since last autumn about the government halt to subsidizing birth control pills on college campus "health centers."

Is not NARAL subliminally advocating the MAP as a primary method of BC? A girl having illicit sex a couple, few times a month or just during spring break may think that's a great idea.

Aside from that, NARAL's email alert was just silly....

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Abortion, breast cancer, and the Susan Komen Foundation

Here's a great billboard ad currently on display in Waco, TX, provided by pro-lifer John PIsciotta:


The Susan G. Komen Foundation is the best known organization raising money for the cure. But Komen gives money to Planned Parenthood, the U.S.'s largest abortion provider, and abortion causes breast cancer.

Komen, pro-aborts, and all liberal groups also vehemently deny the abortion-breast cancer connection.

For those 2 reasons, pro-lifers do not donate to Komen....

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Planned Parenthood closes 5 FL clinics over $ shenanigans

by Valerie Jane and Jill Stanek

Thumbnail image for financial problems.jpgUsually MSM is all over any story having to do with shady financial shenigans within a large corporation. Enron anyone?

But when it's Planned Parenthood, MSM's eyes avert.

In this case, national PP shut down its FL Planned Parenthood of South Palm Beach and Broward Counties affiliate about 2-1/2 weeks ago, according to the March 21 Sun Sentinel.

This meant closing 5 clinics in Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Oakland Park, Pembroke Pines, and Tamarac to make "necessary service upgrades," quoting a PP prepared statement provided to the SS.

But former board members and a worker who has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit told SS of deeper problems...

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Long weekend question

UPDATE, 3/24, 9:00a: Daughter Daena remains in town this morning for the remainder of our Easter weekend, and I'll be traveling this afternoon to speak tomorrow at the TN Right to Life's Pro-Life Women's Day on the Hill tomorrow.

So I'm moving the Long Weekend Question up for one more day, and this will be my only post today.

Thumbnail image for world religions 2.jpg

In consideration of Easter, this weekend's question:

What separates Christianity from all other world religions?

Sunday funny


by Gary Varvel, explaining the real meaning of the lately bandied word, hope.

Have a blessed Easter, all!

New poll/Old poll

poll%20graphic%20correct%20size.bmpThe new poll question is up:

Pre-Roe v. Wade, all U.S. laws considered mothers who aborted victims and their abortionists criminals. Post-Roe, all unchanged abortion laws will resume. Pro-aborts have lately been calling this unfair, saying pro-lifers should want aborting mothers prosecuted. Do you think mothers who abort should legally be considered victims or murderers?

[HT: reader Jess]

Following are the results of last week's poll....

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Church hosts "Pro-choice Lobby Day"

Yesterday Denver's Central Presbyterian Church hosted the state capital's annual "Pro-choice Lobby Day."

Pro-lifers from the Collaborator's Project, a group launched to stop Planned Parenthood from building a 50,000 sq. ft. mega-mill in the Mile High City, showed up to remind lobbyists exactly what they were supporting.

Reported organizer Will Duffy in an email alert, "The front parking meter opened up as soon as the protest started. Perfect place for the truth truck, courtesy of The Weitz Company, of course."

lobby 3.jpg

Weitz is PP's general contractor. Duffy et al have been picketing homes of senior management for months.

Duffy reported getting many signatures from passersby for CO's personhood ballot initiative, making double good use of valuable pro-life time.

Duffy concluded that lobby day participants got the distinct message, "No child killing with tranquility!" Great work.

Thumbnail image for lobby day 1.jpg

"The Baby Borrowers"

baby borrowers2.jpg

Oh, I'd really like to sink this show fast.

It's 1 thing for grown adults to agree to be made fools of on reality t.v. shows

Thumbnail image for baby borrowers guy2.jpgIt's another when a reality show exploits babies, children, sick elderly, and the teen stars themselves, all unknowingly part of a "safer sex and abort if hexed" t.v. campaign.

That's exactly the reality show NBC is planning to launch June 25.

The The Baby Borrowers will be a "social experiment" involving 5 teenage couples who play round-the-clock parents and caretakers for 3 days each to a baby, toddler, pre-teen with pet, teenager, and senior citizen ("some with health issues") in succession.

Before initiating child care, the girls will wear a "simulated 'empathy' belly to prepare them for the arrival of their 'baby,'" according to NBC....

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A Hodari save born this week

Thumbnail image for aubrey 3.jpgOn July 18, 2007, a mother named Taffiney entered late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari's Flint, MI, pole barn abortion mill (pictured right, with 1 of Hodari's classic cars on display; click to enlarge) to abort her 4th baby, about 6 weeks old. She told me last night, "It's a day I'll never forget."

Taffiney and her husband were having a hard time making ends meet with 3 children and didn't think they could afford another. Neither had been involved in abortion before but thought there was no other way out of their bind.

On A-Day they began washing clothes at a nearby laundromat, and then Taffiney went ahead of her husband to Hodari's mill to start the paperwork....

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The chimp who would be human

Thumbnail image for nim 2.jpgI read the following sad book review of The Chimp Who Would be Human in the March 17 issue of People magazine, just another reminder that humans and animals are uniquely different:

Loving your research subject is a no-no in science, but as journalist Hess's Greek tragedy about ape-human communication shows, it can be tough to avoid.

Meet Nim, a chimp taught sign language as part of psychologist Herbert Terrace's 1970s attempt to disprove Noam Chomsky's assertion that only humans can learn language....

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Inside baseball: IL parental notification quagmire update

coar.jpgI wrote March 12 that the 17-year-old legal battle over IL's parental notification law was having more time added thanks to federal judge Judge David Coar (pictured right), who agreed with the IL ACLU on only 1 of 11 globs of mud it threw against the legal wall to try to stop this law from taking effect. But 1 is all it took.

Our side contended Coar made a mistake. But the IL attorney general defending the case, Lisa Madigan (pictured below left), is a rabid pro-abort. Would she ask Coar to reconsider, the easiest and quickest way to end this?...

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Ad advice needed

I received the following email from a fellow named Drake Stillborn this morning:

You are completely insane. And disgusting.

I would like to advertise on your site, but I am not sure which of our products to promote to your readers.

Perhaps torches and pitchforks. Our wholesale company carries many such products.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for beast.jpg

But business is business. Even your demographic needs products. Even though your writing should place you in an mental institution and perhaps jail, depending on whether or not you actually act on your words. (Free speech is great, even when hate speech is involved.) I doubt you do.

But back to your demographic: Hypocrites. Atavistic rapine beasts. The sort of people who hopefully will get sued for their actions, just like one of your articles requests. I'm sure that's exactly what an old woman ought to spend her time doing. Suing mental cases, seriously ill people, instead of enjoying the last years of her life.

So anyway, how much for ad space?

Well, my hypocritical, atavistic rapine beast readers, what products would you suggest that Mr. Stillborn might post on this site? This old woman's mind is too befuddled to think this morning.

I am Pro-Life, I mean I really am

Innovative, from the Associated Press, March 18:

A Senate candidate has legally changed his name to Pro-Life and will appear on the ballot that way this year, state election officials say.

As Marvin Pro-Life Richardson, the organic strawberry farmer... was denied the use of his middle name when he ran unsuccessfully for governor in 2006 because the state's policy bars the use of slogans on the ballot.


Now, though, officials in the Idaho secretary of state's office say they have no choice because Pro-Life is his full and only name. He says he will run for the highest state office on the ballot every two years for the rest of his life, advocating murder charges for doctors who perform abortions and for women who obtain the procedure....

Pro-Life, 66, says he hopes to get 5% of the vote as an independent....

Pro-Life is pursuing a striking public awareness campaign, but it could be problematic...

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Hodari parades new trash cans

Detroit Free Press today updated us on late-term abortionist and trash freer Alberto Hodari.

And the news is very exciting. I hope you're sitting down:

The owner of a Lathrup Village clinic accused of improperly disposing of medical waste said Tuesday that he's putting biohazard bags in every examination room to ensure that materials don't end up in regular trash bins again....

Thumbnail image for biohazard2.jpg

At his clinic in Lathrup Village... Hodari showed off eight new trash cans with red biohazard bags for hazardous materials. He has also purchased shredders for documents with patient information.

What, did he call a press conference?

So before now there were not biohazard bags in every "examination room," i.e., operating room in which to toss "materials," i.e., aborted babies?

What an idiot. The reporter, too....

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That would be me

Fox News just posted a story on late-term abortionist and garbage dumper Alberto Hodari.

Thumbnail image for vial.jpgIt was revealed on March 10 that Hodari was throwing aborted baby parts, needles, used drugs, and medical records in the trash at 3 of his 6 abortion mills.

Read all my posts and related documents in my Hodari archive.

From the Fox story:

Monica Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society... stored what was found in her garage until authorities could investigate....

Miller turned patient files over to police, but she made copies of "representative samples of what was found in the trash" and allowed a reporter to peruse the records in her home. At least one document has been posted on the Web site of an anti-abortion activist.

That would be me.

[Close-up photo of Hodari trash courtesy of Fox News]

New and improved Tiller video

Students for Life of America has enhanced the video taken of late-term abortionist George Tiller at a pro-abort conference held at the National Education Association headquarters in DC 10 days ago.

I originally posted on this March 17. SFL has added more subtitles, exposing something Tiller said I could not decipher in the original, "I have done up to the day before delivery" (at 4:17 in the video):

One other point Kristan Hawkins, executive director for SFL, made in a press release today...

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Outsourcing diva babies

baby 3.jpgFrom today's Washington Times:

[D]iva Jennifer Lopez... reportedly has spent more than $1 million on the recent arrival of her twins, Max and Emme. The high price tag includes extra security, a baby masseuse, 600-count Egyptian cotton crib sheets and a color therapist.

A what?...

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The never-ending weekend question

weekend%20question.jpgUPDATE, March 20: Reader Jess is our 3,000th commenter on this post! Congrats, Jess! How about your own copy of the book, On Message? Either that, or I have some t-shirts in my pro-life stash. Email me.

UPDATE, March 19: Yes, comments to this February 23 weekend question are still going strong, and I've been asked to bump it up again before comments close, which they do when a post has been up 2 weeks.

2827! Reader Bobby Bambino was our 1,000th commenter and received a copy of On Message as his major award, and moderator Bethany was our 2,000th. (Do you have Lime 5 yet, Bethany? I'm trying to think of a prize you haven't won already... :)

Will there be a 3,000th commenter to this post that will not end? I think so!...

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Strike at Daily Kos


I've written before on the war between pro-aborts over Hillary and Obama ("NARAL calls for truce," "NOW NYS prez 'fights like a girl,'" "Divine secrets of the political yo-yo sisterhood").

Now liberal bloggers have joined the melee. Reported The Hotline yesterday....

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New Stanek WND column, "Pro-lifers rip off 'Horton'? So sue us"


... Dr. Seuss's widow, Audrey Geisel... is a pro-abort who has given money to Planned Parenthood.

Dr. Seuss, aka Theodor Geisel, was also reportedly a pro-abort. Said his biographer Philip Nel, "[D]uring his lifetime Seuss threatened to sue an anti-abortion group unless they took ["A person is a person, no matter how small"] off their stationery... but it's still used."


ABC News reported March 17....

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Convicted felon abortionist is Chicago Public School principal

I received this email yesterday from an 8th grader at Lavizzo Elementary School in Chicago:

Abortionist Dr. Arnold Bickham is our PRINCIPAL....

I read your article on Dr. Bickham. Well our students including teachers aren't comfortable with being around him and we want help. If he has this kind of back ground he shouldn't be able to work in this type of organization because you'll never know what he will try to do.....


We want to go on strike and have the news up at our school because this is very disturbing news.

I followed up by speaking by phone with the student.

Long story short: It's true. Abortionist and principal Arnold Bickham (pictured right from school website) are one and the same.

Having "abortionist" on one's resumé isn't necessarily grounds for not hiring.

But Bickham is also a twice convicted felon....

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Obama's blind spots

I just watched Barack Obama give his speech about Rev. Jeremiah Wright's racism and anti-Americanism.

It was a great speech on racism - choked me up in spots - but it did not respond to how Obama sat in a church for 20 years and, so he says, remained unaware of Wright's radical racism and unpatriotism.

In fact, either on purpose or by osmosis, Obama appears to have been negatively impacted by Wright's teaching. All the pieces fit: Obama's refusal to place hand over heart during the National Anthem, his decision not to wear a patriotic pin, and his wife's "first time I'm proud of my country" line. We are to believe these actions were in no way connected to Wright?

I have been a member of my church for 20 years, just like Obama. It is simply incredible to purport ignorance of a long-standing pastor's beliefs, particularly a mentor. I travel, so I am not at my church on a weekly basis. But I still know what my pastor thinks and says.

I have attended a service at Obama's church....

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Is abortion a sin?

Ellison Research has conducted a nationwide poll of 1,000 adults asking them to rank 30 behaviors as sinful or not. Sin was defined as, "something that is almost always considered wrong, particularly from a religious or moral perspective."


I'm sad the percentage of those thinking abortion is wrong is so low. Still, if over half of America agree, does that not constitute a pro-life majority?

This was also interesting, indicating moderates are more amenable to conservative political positions than liberal...

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Tiller caught on tape


Last weekend 2 Students for Life of America staff members infiltrated a Feminist Majority Conference held at the National Education Association headquarters in DC.

I'll never understand how the NEA could possibly support aborting it's future paychecks, but that's an aside.

Special guest? George Tiller, infamous KS late-term abortionist. And SFL got video....

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Abortion unhinged

According to the TimesOnline March 16:

rc psych.gif

Women may be at risk of mental health breakdowns if they have abortions, a medical royal college has warned. The Royal College of Psychiatrists says women should not be allowed to have an abortion until they are counselled on the possible risk to their mental health.

This overturns the consensus that has stood for decades that the risk to mental health of continuing with an unwanted pregnancy outweighs the risks of living with the possible regrets of having an abortion....

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Drudge covers Planned Parenthood racism

drudge2.jpgDrudge today has picked up the story of UCLA pro-lifers who set up a sting to investigate whether Planned Parenthood would take donations specifically to abort black babies.

Although PPs in 7 states were willing to take the genocide $, focus now is on Planned Parenthood of Idaho, whose director of development Autumn Kersey said on tape "absolutely" such a donation could be earmarked and that she was "excited" by the request.

UCLA's The Advocate has released an extended play video, posting their actor's entire conversation with Kersey (at 1:30 on on video) along with a follow-up call to Kersey (at 4:40) wherein she denied it ever happened....

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Milgram vs. Roe vs. Wade: Are women being tested?

PajamaMama is a relatively new poster on our site, a post-abortive mother. She has contributed the following fascinating post.

milgram pic2.jpgThis one's not "hot off the presses" per the usual post here, but the oft-cited Milgram Experiment of 1963 at Yale has many possible correlations to the abortion debate.

Why do mothers do it? How can they do it? Why do some mothers regret it? Why do some mothers not regret their abortions and instead choose to even more defensively scream about the "right to choose"?

We all remember Psych 101 in school.

In the Milgram Experiment, Professor Milgram placed subjects in a setup where they were "teachers" required to deliver electric shocks (fake) to unseen "students" (actors) who gave incorrect answers to various questions....

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Pro-life planet

On the March 16 "Stanek site update" post, reader Patricia wondered from which countries do jillstanek.com readers originate?

Here are the percentages (click to enlarge):


Sunday funnies

by Gary Varvel in Townhall.com...

sunday funny.jpg

(Read my March 10 post on the harm to wildlife and humans of wasted estrogen from birth control pills in our water supply.)

And although I do agree with Geraldine Ferraro that part of America's attraction to Barack Obama is that he's black, I still thought this cartoon by Clay Jones of Creator's Syndicate was a hoot:

sunday funny 2.gif

Stanek site update

announcing.gifLast night and today as he can get to it, web guru Tim is upgrading and adding features to the site. This means at times you may not be able to comment.

Traffic continues to increase. Tim and I were going over blog stats yesterday and learned more than half our visitors are from outside the U.S. Our strong stand against the culture of death resonates worldwide as pro-lifers on every continent fend it off.

The term "Gospel of Life" took on new meaning to me yesterday. Nearly 5% of our visitors live in Middle Eastern countries, mostly Iran. Such a sense of responsibility I now feel, such a burden. In reality, this battle we wage is beyond abortion, euthanasia, and human embryo experimentation. In actuality it is about the One in whose image we are created....

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Weekend question

Mental health break question this weekend...

Last night O'Reilly showed his pick for the top 5 movie scenes in history:

  • In the Heat of the Night, "They call me Mr. Tibbs" scene


  • Dirty Harry, "I know what you're thinkin'" scene

  • A Few Good Men, "You can't handle the truth" scene

  • The Godfather, Michael settling scores during baptism scene

  • Mississippi Burning, close shave scene

    So what is your all time favorite movie scene?

  • New poll/Old poll

    poll%20graphic%20correct%20size.bmpThe new poll question is up:

    When does personhood begin?

    [HT: moderator MK]

    The results of last week's poll showed 2/3 of you think it is never right to vote for a politician who is wrong on abortion....

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    Obama, Wright, and the Christ Hospital connection

    obama%20wright.jpgWith all the attention the last couple of days on Barack Obama's racist and anti-American pastor, Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Jr., this is an opportune time to review Wright's connection to Christ Hospital.

    I first wrote about this in a WND column over a year ago: Did Wright influence Obama to oppose IL's Born Alive Infant Protection Act?


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    Today's Hodari trash talk: "Victims"

    FYI, I have established a Hodari archive off all postings and documents.

    Turns out late-term MI abortionist Alberto Hodari threw everything in his dumpster but the kitchen sink, which he likely uses to "sterilize" instruments.

    Hodari's garbage today reveals a pregnant mother can be "victim of failed birth control" or "victim of no birth control." From a questionnaire pulled from his trash:


    Hodari aborts many victims of no birth control. Below I have snipped sections from every form I've seen when that question was answered. Shockingly, all but one aborting mom had sex with no protection. The lone victim of failed birth control used the fabulously successful condom.....

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    World mag cover story

    world.jpgThe cover story of the March 22 issue of World magazine is on what the '08 presidential campaign "reveal[s] about American culture," with mention of me as I relate to Barack Obama.

    Regarding "hope" and "change", editor-in-chief Marvin Olasky wrote:

    Some Americans are chanting political mantras this year, but past elections suggest that most at some point will come to reality-based conclusions.

    One of those realities will be finally unpacking Barack Obama, whom I've seen in recent days....

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    "Lord abortion"

    Here's a song just posted on YouTube, "Lord Abortion," by the band Cradle of Filth. Don't look up the lyrics unless you want to be shocked and repulsed. They're X-rated. I couldn't post this if the words were intelligible. (WARNING: Near the end, you can pick up a couple of profanities.)

    This could be a parody of the worst of the heavy metal bands. But perhaps the name of the song gave me a different take. The video is demonic. It is horrible. It provides a realistic visual and guttural sense of the depravity of abortion, very disturbing.

    China's one-child policy will stay

    china%201-2.jpgWe previously discussed a February 28 Reuter's story on a Chinese official's hint his country may be ending its despotic one child per family policy due to the social upheaval it is causing.

    Well, an apparently higher up Chinese official has moved quickly to squash that hope. According to the Wall Street Journal on March 11...

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    New abortion ban: saline

    Big in the early 70s, saline abortions fell out of favor by the mid-80s because they were - shock - dangerous to the mother.

    By 2004 the Centers for Disease Control estimated saline abortions accounted for only 0.6% of all abortions. They are done in the 2nd trimester, between 16-24 weeks.

    saline%203.jpgTo commit a saline abortion, the abortionist first removes some amniotic fluid by needle through the abdomen. S/he then injects a concentrated salt solution. The baby's sensitive skin is burned as well as internal organs when the baby swallows or "inhales" (practice breathes) the searing liquid.

    Babies are known to writhe quite dramatically during the procedure, taking between 12-48 hours to die and causing the mother discomfort....

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    Project Condom

    condom%206.jpgA unique fashion show was held at the University of South Carolina March 5.

    Project Condom, sponsored by Sexual Health Awareness and Rape Education and Development for Sexual Health and Violence Prevention, "was designed to promote awareness and break social stigmas surrounding sexual practices," according to the student newspaper The Daily Gamecock.

    Models wore designs made completely of condoms. Students were "excited," noted TDG.

    Oh, "[a]n abstinence garment was also featured," as well as "commercials relaying sexual health statistics and promoting abstinence."

    Right. I'm sure the abstinence message gave students a pregant pause for reflection. I'm sure it wasn't meant as a p.s. or a cover for Mom and Dad.

    More photos on page 2.

    [HT: Kristan of Students for Life of America; photos courtesy of The Daily Gamecock]

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    College censorship of factual emergency contraception ads

    Click to enlarge....

    What's wrong with that ad?

    According to a Pro-Life Wisconsin press release...

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    Dr. "Parental Consent?" Hodari

    Michigan law requires a girl under 18 to bring written permission from 1 parent or written permission from the court to her abortionist.

    In the 200+ medical records pro-lifers recovered from late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari's trash over the course of 4 Saturdays at 3 of his 6 mills, there was not 1 permission waiver from either parent or judge.

    Did Hodari get permission before aborting this girl, who was procuring a 2nd trimester abortion from him and whose record was 1 of those found? (VTP means Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy; more on these loans soon.) Click to enlarge:

    UPDATE, 12p: I have created a "Hodari" archive link, which you can see scrolling down on the right side of the home page. All Hodari articles will be available there.

    Dr. "Confidential" Hodari

    Found in late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari's dumpster in the piles of 200+ patient records (click to enlarge)....

    Interestingly and as an aside, it looks by the price change on the form below as if Hodari cuts deals, like a used car salesman....

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    Illinois' zombie parental notice law

    zombine2.jpgAccording to folklore, zombies are undead corpses, or living dead. Such is IL's parental notification law, and it needs cpr right now.

    In 1995 - 13 years ago - the IL legislature passed a parental notice law.

    All that was needed then was for the IL Supreme Court to write judicial bypass rules, i.e., provide a path through the courts for minors in abusive homes to abort around parents.

    The Supremes, being liberal at the time, just said no.

    But in 2006 the Supremes, now numbering more sound than unsound justices, issued rules.

    By now, however, IL had a liberal attorney general, Lisa Madigan. (How liberal? She voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.)...

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    Gender-bending estrogen waste

    This Daily Mail story actually predates by almost 2 weeks the AP story I posted March 10 on sex hormones infiltrating the water supply with dastardly consequences. But I just discovered it. Obviously, the 2 are related:

    ... Scientists at Cardiff University have discovered that the brains of male starlings foraging for worms at a sewage treatment works in South-West England have been subtly changed by being contaminated by oestrogen from the contraceptive pill and hormone replacement therapy (HRT).


    The female hormones - present in women's urine, and passing through the sewage treatment unaffected - caused the part of the brain that controls their song to grow much bigger, causing them to sing at greater length and with even more virtuosity than usual.

    The study confirms similar, if slightly differing, research on other birds, which scientists say is adding up to some of the first concrete proof of the effects of gender benders on the natural world....

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    Video of abortionist Hodari's trash

    Dr. Monica Miller shot video of the trash as they were removing it from MI abortionist Alberto Hodari's dumpster, a story I have been chronicling for 3 days now (read here and here).

    This 6-minute video is very disturbing. The last 2-1/2 minutes show the babies.

    I am horrified that so-called medical professionals would throw needles, drugs, and bloody biohazardous waste in the neighborhood trash, never mind the poor mutilated babies. And careless disregard for medical records is a federal offense.

    These combined actions must certainly have been criminal. Hodari's mills should be immediately shut down, and he should be thrown in jail.

    New Stanek WND column, "Pro-life Democrats see success"


    There was an interesting little story in the Washington Post Feb. 28, with this lead:
    The Virginia Senate voted Wednesday to cut off state funding to Planned Parenthood of Virginia because it offers abortions....

    These sorts of measures go through fits and starts in various states and often fizzle. This particular bill likely won't make it past Virginia's pro-abort governor, Timothy Kaine.

    But what made this vote stand out was this key point, again quoting the Post:

    The decision [was] a major setback for the Senate's new Democratic majority....
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    Hodari investigation news video

    Click on the graphic below to link to last night's WDIV newscast, indicating authorities searched Hodari's clinic yesterday as well as the dumpster. Also see Monica Miller interviewed near the end:


    1 in 4 teen girls has an STD

    The shocking news is that 1 in 4 teenage girls has an STD, according to a just-released CDC study.

    But the spin starts there.

    You would never know by the biasedly biased Associated Press article below that the blame for the increase in STDs rests with comprehensive sex ed teaching, by which 75% of American teens are titilated, while only 25% receive abstinence ed.

    And it's not just the National Abstinence Education Association and me spouting that percentage, it's also Guttmacher, in its typically backward way:


    So here are excerpts from the AP article, defying intelligence to blame abstinence ed for the STD epidemic....

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    200+ medical records, baby parts found in abortionist's dumpster

    hodari%204.jpgYesterday the Detroit News broke a story that pro-lifers had recovered aborted babies, medical records, and "blood soaked medical waste" from a dumpster at WomanCare in Lathrup Village, MI, owned by late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari (left).

    Last night I spoke with Dr. Monica Miller, the pro-lifer who kept the evidence until notifying police. Monica faxed me her police report and copies of documents retrieved from Hodari's trash. She also detailed more of what they found. This morning she emailed me photos, one you see posted on page 1, the rest on page 2....

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    Horton hears a pro-life protest

    horton%20better.jpgHollywood A-listers and families attending the March 8 premiere of the animated Horton Hears a Who in Los Angeles got a bonus feature: pro-life protesters who after the film ended began chanting the story's famous line, "A person is a person, no matter how small."

    Celebrities included 2 of the film's stars, Jim Carrey and Steve Carell, along with Jenny McCarthy, Brooke Shields, and Victoria Beckham, all with kids in tow. All 12 American Idol contestants also saw the pro-life performance.

    After chanting the pro-lifers placed red duct tapes over their mouths with "LIFE" printed on them and marched around the theater....

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    Eliot Spitzer unzipped

    I feel as I did the day pro-abort KS Attorney General Paul Morrison was caught in an affair and forced to resign: vindicated.

    spitzer%20and%20wife.jpgIt has been on the news all afternoon. NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer has been caught on tape arranging a liaison with a prostitute. He hasn't resigned yet, but that should come soon. He came clean at a short news conference, pathetically propping wife at side.

    Spitzer, a rabid pro-abort, is infamous in pro-life circles....

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    In Hodari's dumpster

    hodari%20upi.jpgEveryone certainly remembers Alberto Hodari, the MI abortionist caught on videotape at Wayne State University 4 months ago bragging that he lies to patients, yadda yadda.

    Well, Alberto is lying to authorities now.

    I spoke with Dr. Monica Miller within the hour, one of the pro-lifers mentioned in the following Detroit News story who has been scavenging a dumpster at one of Hodari's 6 mills for the past month.

    Monica said she would get me photos and a copy of her police report tomorrow.

    Monica has been a pro-life activist since the 80s and has recovered whole aborted babies from dumpsters. I can't believe an abortionist would still be so stupid....

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    More on CA Planned Parenthood bilking scandal

    pp%20plot2.jpgI reported last week on the recently unsealed lawsuit charging 9 CA Planned Parenthoods with bilking the state out of $180 million by overcharging for contraceptives.

    This allegedly occurred from the late 1990s to 2004 when the CA legislature incredibly changed refund rules to let PP overcharge the state legally.

    I attached an email to the bottom of my post providing what I thought was an unrelated example showing how PP cuts deals with pharmaceuticals and then charges an outrageous mark-up to consumers....

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    Downing watered down sex hormones

    The Associated Press reported today:


    A vast array of pharmaceuticals - including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones - have been found in the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans, an Associated Press investigation shows....

    In the course of a five-month inquiry, the AP discovered that drugs have been detected in the drinking water supplies of 24 major metropolitan areas - from Southern California to Northern New Jersey, from Detroit to Louisville....

    The AP would like have found more but reported only 28 of 62 of those major metropolitan areas even test their water. Of 52 small water plants the AP contacted - at least 1 in each state - 51 reported not testing and 1 refused to respond.

    An unnamed "sex hormone" was noted in San Francisco drinking water as well as other unnamed "hormones," according to the AP, along with "synthetic hormones from birth control pills," according to the Washington Post....

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    Sunday funny

    by Glenn McCoy, GoComics.com, March 8...


    Weekend question

    weekend%20question.jpgLast month the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune reported:

    An unmarried fifth-grade teacher at the Catholic school in Wabasha is out of a job because she got pregnant.

    Emily Prigge, 23... told her principal about her pregnancy....
    [T]he principal and a priest asked her to resign... and she did. Her pregnancy is about 15 weeks along....

    When [Prigge] took the job, she signed a Catholic Christian Witness Statement, where she agreed to set a good example as a Christian in her personal and academic life. Prigge, who is Catholic, says she was told that she didn't live up to the statement because she had premarital sex.

    Do you think the school should have fired Prigge?

    [HT: reader Hieronymous]

    UPDATE on February 23 Weekend Question: The number of comments on this post has shattered the previous record of 615. Currently at 1,624, chatter is still going strong. Who was the 1,000th commenter? Our beloved Bobby Bambino! Bobby, email me your address. You've won a copy of either On Message or Lime 5, take your pick.

    New poll/Old poll

    poll%20graphic%20correct%20size.bmpThe new poll question is up:

    Is there ever a legitimate reason for a pro-lifer to vote for a pro-abort?

    HT to moderator Jasper for the suggestion.

    Re: last week's poll question, wow, I don't think we've ever had such a lopsided response...

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    Planned Parenthood accused of overcharging CA for contraceptives

    money%202.jpgThe Los Angeles Times reported today a heretofore sealed and as yet undecided 2005 court case alleging CA Planned Parenthood fired P. Victor Gonzalez as vp of finance after alerting "illegal accounting, billing and donations practices" of contraceptives to bosses to the tune of $180 million:

    The alleged over-billings began in the late 1990s and continued until the state Legislature changed the law in 2004 to allow Planned Parenthood to bill at a higher rate for oral contraceptives, said Gonzalez's lawyer, Jack Schuler....
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    Mad World of Barack Obama

    I received a heads up on the following video from CreativeMinority, its maker. He selected the perfect name for himself. His work is excellent... literally gave me chills.

    In only 1:50 mins CM nailed Obama's depth of depravity in opposing the Born Alive Infant Protection Act along with providing tiny heartbreaking reminders of who Obama would let die for the sake of Roe v. Wade.

    I wanna have your babies

    beding.jpgThe current edition of World magazine spotlights England's pop sensation, 26-year-old Natasha Bedingfield, singer of my friend Jackie's anthem, Unwritten:

    Currently on tour in the U.S. to promote her new album, Pocketful of Sunshine, Bedingfield is indisputably the United Kingdom's biggest pop star. A veteran of worship music [Hillsong London], she could have easily landed a Christian record contract from those awed by her huge, bluesy voice. But she did not accept a ride to success in the Christian music industry....

    Bedingfield's preference for the mainstream hardly means that she's trolling for worldly acceptance or is uncomfortable talking about her faith. She has made remaining independent as a woman and a believer the center of her public image.... Her big hits, Unwritten and These Words, extol sincerity and hopeful expectation....

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    I spoke in Dayton, TN, last night. I didn't know this was where the Scopes "Monkey Trial" was heard in 1925. I drove by the historic courthouse.

    IMO, this trial conceived legalized abortion in America. If humans have no souls, if we are mere morphs of animals, we are equally expendable. Only these days many consider animals not expendable. The monkey outranks the human. But I digress....

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    Amanda Marcotte noted yesterday on RH Reality Check the face of the pro-life movement has shifted from men, to older women, to now younger women like Kristi Burns Burton, leading the CO personhood amendment movement.

    This line struck me as funny:

    [H]aving a bunch of post-menopausal ladies wag their finger at the young sluts these days doesn't provide that much of a tactical advantage.

    But Amanda cannot deny her side is spearheaded by same.

    Reality check, Amanda. It is your post-menopausals at the tactical disadvantage. How difficult it must be to try to lure the same young women they fought so hard to kill prebirth. Anyone with an ounce of sense would avoid your angry old mentor bats like death, because that's what they are....

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    Virgin monologues

    jonas.jpgThe March 10 issue of Us Weekly reports:

    Sorry, Jonas Brothers groupies! In the March issue of Details magazine, Joe Jonas said he and his bandmates, brothers Kevin and Nick, have made "promises to ourselves and to God that we'll stay pure till marriage."

    In fact, each New Jersey-bred heartthrob - their father is a minister - wears a unique purity ring: Joe, 18, sports a silver band adorned with a cross; Kevin, 20, brandishes a tiffany ring; while Nick, 15, revealed, "I got mine made at Disney World."

    Are they sincere? Michelle Boros, program diretor of XM Radio's 20 on 20 (who has worked with the single singers) believes so. "Knowing them and their beliefs, it's the real deal," she tells Us....

    Adds Details...

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    Mourning has broken

    From My Fox Colorado, March 3:

    Commerce City Police are investigating the discovery of a fetus at a wastewater treatment plant....


    A routine walk-through by a plant operator turned up a sad discovery... found amidst piles of garbage and human waste....

    "Based on the size, we guess, it's was somewhere in the second trimester, somewhere between 4 to 6 months," says Commerce City police officer, Lanissa Blevens.

    Police suspect it was most likely flushed....

    But police say they may have a possible suspect. And what charges she faces for discarding her fetus, depends on whether it was capable of living outside the womb.

    "If it wasn't viable, we're looking at charges of abuse of a corpse, to possible concealment of death," says Blevens.

    If it was viable, the charges are much more severe, including possible homicide....

    How can "it" be a "corpse"? Moreover, how can a blob of tissue be a "corpse"? But I digress.

    Pro-abort responses to yesterday's post, "Caskets for miscarried babies," disgusted even me, and I have a high tolerance for ignorance. I awakened this morning to thoughts of those crude, cruel comments and decided to delete the lot of them. But alas, so many had already responded, I had to leave them on pathetic display.

    I asked commenter and miscarriage expert Sandy to compose her thoughts on all this. Here they are....

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    Fr. Pfleger's black heart

    Click to enlarge...

    I have received a series of emails from a man who tried to correspond with Fr. Michael Pfleger on his support of Obama for president....

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    New Stanek WND column, "4th annual Abortionist of the Year award"


    The National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers is just around the corner - March 10 - but it appears I'm the only one celebrating this year.

    Not one national abortion website is showcasing this exciting holiday. Popularity may be dwindling because it is so difficult to show appreciation to abortionists. Heroin and child porn are two of those hard to find gifts.

    Despite the abortion industry's diss, I will do my part to honor these special shop choppers with my 4th annual Abortionist of the Year award.

    This year's gang is exceptional. I am reminded of the 1967 Academy Awards, when The Graduate, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?, Cool Hand Luke, Dr. Dolittle, In Cold Blood, In the Heat of the Night, Camelot and Bonnie & Clyde all competed for Oscars. How do you choose?

    Of course, abortionists would pick In Cold Blood, but I digress. Here are the nominees, in alpha order to be fair...

    Continue reading my column today, "4th annual Abortionist of the Year award," on WorldNetDaily.com.

    [Special thanks to Steve Ertelt of LifeNews.com and Troy Newman and Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue for helping compile names for this piece.]

    Breaking news: Movement on Hialeah abortion/murder case

    breaking.jpgStory backdrop 1st (see sources here, here, and here for corroboration):

    On July 20, 2006, a baby was allegedly aborted alive at A Gyn Diagnostic Center in Hialeah, FL.

    At least 2 witnesses saw clinic owner Belkis Gonzalez (pictured below left) cut the potentially viable (~23 weeks gestation) baby's cord and put the baby in a biohazard bag with bleach inside.

    An anonymous caller tipped off police, who searched the scene but could not find the dead baby. Nine days later the source called again, saying workers put the baby on the mill's roof before the search but had now retrieved it. Police recovered the decomposed baby. The DNA matched her mother's.

    belkis.bmpThe Miami-Dade medical examiner, however, ruled the death "natural," due to "extreme prematurity," since no one could know exactly why she died. (This showed gross prejudice. If someone put a plastic bag with bleach inside over the head of a 94-year-old woman who was dying anyway, would the bagger still not be credited with murder?)

    The mother, who experienced a change of heart at her baby's delivery, hired the Thomas More Society, a pro-life law firm, to pursue a civil case. After a long delay, prosecutors handed the baby over for a 2nd autopsy.

    This brings us 2 pieces of breaking news....

    Continue reading "Breaking news: Movement on Hialeah abortion/murder case"

    Republicans to raise ruckus re: Democrat obstruction of Bush judicial nominees

    leahy.jpgJust received a welcome press release from the Committee for Justice.

    Senate Democrats, led by Judiciary Committee chairman Pat Leahy, pictured left, have hamstrung the nation's federal courts by obstucting the confirmation of Bush nominees. The critical shortage of judges only grows more critical.

    Confirmations are headed for a "historic low for a two-term President in modern times," stated GOP Senator Arlen Specter, pictured below right, the ranking Republican on that committee.

    Specter has been holding Increasingly frustrated Republicans at bay, trying to appeal to Leahy.

    Time is apparently up....

    Continue reading "Republicans to raise ruckus re: Democrat obstruction of Bush judicial nominees"

    Caskets for miscarried babies

    I just received an email from a man who recently launched a pro-life ministry with his wife to supply burial caskets for miscarried children. They have lost 3 children to miscarriage, aged 6 to 17 weeks.

    He read my post about the France Supreme Court's recent ruling to allow parents the right to name and bury their miscarried baby no matter what gestational age.

    Bless his heart, he wondered if I had contact information for the 3 mothers who won that lawsuit so he could provide them free caskets.

    I don't have that information, but I sure can spotlight his ministry, called Heaven's Gain. I have posted the address on "web links," right, for your reference.

    Here are some of the casket choices, very reasonably priced:


    See more on page 2.

    Continue reading "Caskets for miscarried babies"

    Jamie's influence

    People wondered whether Jamie Lynn Spears, pregnant at age 16, would be a bad influence on other teens, glamorizing teen pregnancy and creating copycats.

    On February 29, The Insider interviewed 16-year-old and pregnant Katy MacDonald and her baby's 14-year-old father Anthony. See page 2 for video.

    Katy said Jamie's announcement "definitely helped me like be more comfortable with my decision."

    What does that mean?

    Jamie encouraged Katy not to abort by her example....

    Continue reading "Jamie's influence"

    Leap year abortions

    My former employer, Christ Hospital, called in news crews to showcase its party for babies born on Leap Year, February 29. These are special babies who will only get to celebrate their actual birthday once every 4 years.

    Christ Hospital execs say it aborts far fewer than back in the day when I worked there. But its policy still states it will abort for life or health of the mother, fatal fetal anomalies, rape or incest, and "selective reduction" in the case of multiples. So who really knows what is going on there until the hospital changes its policy to abortion for life of the mother only.

    Thus, it is entirely possible that while cameras focused on babies born at Christ Hospital on Leap Year, staff were quietly committing Leap Year abortions off-camera nearby.

    Click on the image below for link to video:


    [HT: proofreader Angela]

    Good pro-life ad example

    Life Advocacy Resource Project's Penny Pullen, a pro-life wordsmith who taught me to say "commit abortion" rather than "perform abortion" and "aborting mother" rather than "aborting woman," is spotlighting an effective political ad in her most recent newsletter.

    The ad is by former Louisiana state Rep. Woody Jenkins, now running for Congress. Its theme is, "How can you not be pro-life?" Noteworthy points from the ad, according to Penny:

    It's a great example of effective advocacy for Life....

    One of the things I like about it is that it embraces the full spectrum of the right to life.... disabled... elderly... newborn... unborn....

    Another key point: It assumes that being prolife is the mainstream position. Nothing timid or defensive about this message....

    [It] stress[es] that "being pro-life" is the natural normal view to take.

    Watch and learn....

    Train up a child?

    bruri.jpgHere's a wild story, from the Associated Press, February 28:

    A newborn girl fell through the toilet in a moving train and onto the tracks moments after her mother gave birth prematurely, surviving nearly two hours before being found....

    The infant's mother, who uses the single name Bhuri, was traveling with relatives... when she went to the bathroom... and unexpectedly gave birth, said Arjun Kumar, her brother-in-law.

    "Later, she fell unconscious and the baby fell through the toilet," he said. "Two stations later, we knocked at the door."

    Bhuri opened the door, soaked in blood....

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    Inside look at a Party of Death infused with pro-lifers

    party%20of%20death.jpgWhen Democrats wrested control of both houses of Congress in 2006, the pro-life situation looked dire. It was anticipated Dems would try to knock off all pro-life riders on appropriations bills and pass anti-life legislation to boot.

    None of that happened. Then last week the Senate even passed a ban against Indian Health Services funding for abortion.

    Also last week the House stripped language that had been inserted in the U.S. relief package for AIDS in Africa (PEPFAR) that would have streamed funding to abortion groups.

    These days the Democrat Congress sometimes appears as or more pro-life than a Republican Congress.

    I asked 2 insiders what is going on. Here's what they told me....

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    Notre Dame to honor pro-life actor Martin Sheen

    From the Associated Press, March 2:


    Activist-actor Martin Sheen will be honored by the University of Notre Dame with its Laetare Medal for his humanitarian work, the school announced Sunday.

    Sheen, who played a U.S. president who was a Notre Dame graduate in the TV series "West Wing," is to receive the medal at the school's May 18 commencement.

    Since 1883, the Laetare Medal has been awarded annually to a Catholic "whose genius has ennobled the arts and sciences, illustrated the ideals of the church and enriched the heritage of humanity."...

    "He has used that celebrity to draw the attention of his fellow citizens to issues that cry out for redress, such as the plight of immigrant workers and homeless people, the waging of unjust war, the killing of the unborn and capital punishment," [university president Rev. John] Jenkins said....

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    Pro-life Democrat nudges victory against Planned Parenthood

    pp%20va.jpgOn February 28 the Washington Post reported:

    The Virginia Senate voted Wednesday to cut off state funding to Planned Parenthood of Virginia because it offers abortions....

    Before excitement overtakes, I should warn this bill may not become law. It seems unlikely Gov. Timothy Kaine would sign it since he's a pro-abort who just rejected federal funds to teach abstinence. He would now cut off a main line to low-income contraceptive provision and compehensive sex ed? Doubtful, but pro-lifers should certainly push.

    But 3 other points do make this development exciting....

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    Unstilled voices

    Don't know what the weather's like by you, but it's bone-cold rainy here in grey Chicago this Monday morning. So here are some talented singing kids to upshift any moods needing such.

    First up is 4-1/2-year-old Young Woong Ha, who won a Korean wunderkind contest last month singing a trilogy of Beatles classics, Hey Jude, Yesterday, and Love Me Do. Make sure not to skip the latter, beginning at 6:35:

    Next up are the Cactus Cuties singing the National Anthem at a January Texas Tech basketball game. Can't believe such wonderful harmony coming from girls ranging in age from 8-13...

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    Goeglein resigns White House as admitted plagiarist

    Most of you have not heard of Tim Goeglein, the White House liaison to pro-family policy groups in DC.

    tim2.jpgAccording to the New York Times, among other news sources:

    A longtime aide to President Bush who wrote occasional guest columns for his hometown newspaper resigned on Friday evening after admitting that he had repeatedly plagiarized from other writers.

    That was Tim. I have known Goeglein for several years and am sorry he plagiarized and feel bad he had to resign a high position in disgrace. But I'm not so sorry to see him gone.

    Goeglein was a nice man, but it was common thought in the pro-family public policy circle that communication with Goeglein was 1-way. He disseminated information on President Bush's behalf to pro-family groups but did not necessarily return the favor....

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    Promoting pro-life female bloggers

    thrill.jpgThis morning pro-life blogger extraordinaire Dawn Eden of The Dawn Patrol will appear on The Today Show at 10:30a EST.

    Dawn will discuss her book, The Thrill of the Chaste: Finding Fulfillment While Keeping Your Clothes On.

    In conjunction with Dawn's Today Show appearance, MSNBC has published an article by Dawn, "The thrill of the chaste: In defense of sexless dating."

    On the topic of female bloggers, I received an email last week from Women's Voices, Women Vote. In celebration of Women's History Month WVWV is running a contest through March 21 to pick the top 10 female bloggers.

    I'd love to see a pro-lifer in that group. I sure wouldn't mind if it were me, but I'd be happy with any pro-life woman's face.

    Click on the icon, right, to go to the voting link. Please forward the link to friends.

    {HT for Dawn's Today Show appearance: Thomas Peters of The American Papist]

    Sunday funny

    by Glenn McCoy, Townhall.com...


    New poll/Old poll

    poll%20graphic%20correct%20size.bmpThe new poll question is up:

    There appears to be a growing movement among state pro-life groups to advance personhood/human life initiatives. These would define legally protected persons as human beings from the moment of conception. Thoughts?

    Thanks to commenter Reality for suggesting. Great question.

    Janet Huckabee beat all other spouses combined as your pick on who would best grace the President's arm and East Wing....

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    Weekend question

    weekend%20question.jpgBarack Obama talks much of hope.

    What is the real meaning of hope?

    First correct answer gets one of my dvds.