Hello from DC again. I had just returned home from a weeklong business/pleasure trip when I got a call 2 days ago to replace a cancelled speaker at a pro-life event, and here I am again, happily. Get to visit my daughter Daena as well as connect with pro-life policy friends. So I’ll be blogging from DC another week.
At the event tonight someone told me about the following video. It was taken at the Rep Henry Waxman (D-CA) sham of a hearing against abstinence education last week. He called 6 witnesses to testify against and 1 for.
Republican Rep. Virginia Foxx (NC) asked the stacked deck a simple, telling question: Would they support abstinence funding if it were proven to be as or more effective than comprehensive sex ed?

No words.
UPDATE, 5/1, 6:45a: I have found words. These liberal ideologues are so zealous they’re willing to be openly irrational.

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