UPDATE, 4/2, 3:50p: I’m moving old updates to page 2. Read the story in chronological order from the airplane graphic, below. Here’s the latest, from Click2Houston.com, today:

No charges will be filed in the case of a fetus found in a trash bin on an airplane….
Investigators said the 14-year-old mother was returning from New York with a chaperoned school group.
Police presented the case to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, which declined to charge the girl or the apparent 14-year-old expectant father.

These 2 should be in 8th grade. Will MSM check to see whether these kids’ school taught comprehensive sex ed or abstinence ed?
fetus flight6.jpgClick on graphic above to link to video news story.
Yesterday afternoon a mother on board a Continental flight somewhere between NY and Houston delivered a preterm baby, or “apparent fetus,” as the Associated Press called him/her

apparent fetus2.jpg
A mother would not normally miscarry on the qt. Did she take RU-486 and have abort too quickly? Was she trying to hide her pregnancy? Was she a young victim of rape/incest, perhaps unaware she was even pregnant? Was she an illegal alien or on the lamb, thus averse to attention? Why didn’t she flush the baby? Was s/he too big? Did she kill the baby?
Interesting that the FBI and Houston medical examiner are involved. Such incredible discrepancies in our laws. Had this mom aborted in a mill….
UPDATE: Since I started writing this post, there has been a new development, as reported by ABC:

[D]etectives have located a girl who they believe might have delivered that fetus while on board that Continental aircraft. They’re trying to determine if that fetus was born dead or alive….
An autopsy on the fetus is scheduled for today…. That will help determine if the child was ever alive or if it was stillborn….
Law enforcement tells us that if this was a miscarriage that occurred on board the plane, there may have been no crime committed….
Again, police are now interviewing a girl who they believe may have been involved with this case. It’s unclear at this point how old she is, where she is from, and what exactly led to any placement of the fetus in the airplane’s trash.

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UPDATE, 4/1, 3:45p: From the Associated Press:

A 14-year-old girl on a return flight from a school trip delivered a stillborn fetus in the bathroom of an airplane and disposed of it in a waste bin, police said Monday.
The girl, whom police did not identify, said she didn’t know she had been pregnant. Preliminary autopsy results indicated the fetus was stillborn and not viable, police said.
“We’re dealing with a scared child at this point,” investigator Keith Lovelace said.

Now the question is, who impregnated the scared child?
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