naacp 1.jpgAll eyes were on keynote speaker Rev. Jeremiah Wright last night at the NAACP Detroit chapter’s 53rd annual Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner.
But pro-lifers gave the whopping crowd of 10,000 entering the event something else to focus on: abortion and black genocide….

naacp 2.jpgPro-lifer Judy Paga emailed me photos, taken early into the protest, after which several others joined, and a report.
3 black pastors organized the protest, and “there were more blacks participating in the protest than I have ever seen,” wrote Judy. “It was very effective to see them holding the Margaret Sanger quotes and sharing truth.”naacp 3.jpg
Judy said that while Detroit police – including many white – have in past years been “belligerent and confrontational” to pro-life protesters at these NAACP dinners, this year they were “friendly and receptive,” even accepting literature.
In fact, pro-lifers distributed thousands of flyers. “We had very few refuse,” wrote Judy.

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