I posted photos April 4 of hanging rubber chickens and such at the very creepy Northern Illinois Women’s Center abortion mill in Rockford, IL.

I said I would blog on a lawsuit pro-lifers have filed when they were able to post a video substantiating their case. That day has come.

Pro-lifers are suing the City of Rockford for removing their pro-life message from a bus bench and also for failing to protect them as they protested at NIWC. Also included in the suit are Wayne Webster, the building’s owner, and a neighbor, Keith Sterkeson.

Here is video of Sterkeson repeatedly calling a pro-lifer the n-word, throwing in the f-bomb for good measure. He also bizarrely yells kudos to an admitted “mom” for aborting, adding, “You’re doing the right thing, and God will honor you!” as if that comment would bring her comfort?




Here’s a photo Sterkeson pretending to take aim at pro-lifers during the same incident…
creep jpg2.jpg
Go here to see a longer version of this video, but be warned Sterkeson’s language is BAD. About 2/3 of the way through, Webster comes on the loudspeaker to say he’s been listening to the police scanner and knows pro-lifers have called the police, causing Sterkeson to vamoose.

Here’s a photo of the loudspeaker, usually reserved to blare music to drown out pro-lifers who are calling to moms entering the clinic to abort:
Finally, if you weren’t yet convinced these people are crazy, here is a photo of horse dung Webster put on his property line next to the sidewalk to aggravate pro-lifers (click to enlarge):
Horse Dung (2).jpg
And here is a photo of Webster traipsing outside the mill one day in costume, demented but appropriate:
This stuff is wilder than fiction.

UPDATE, 3p: Just received an email from pro-life attorney Tom Brejcha of the Thomas More Society, handling the pro-life lawsuit:

Jill, the tank truck behind Webster in the photo showing him dressed up in the devil costume is filled with sewage, which Webster threatened to spray on the pro-life protesters. Keep in mind that this purports to be a “health facility” where doctors and nurses care for the physical well being of their patients — protected by horse dung and sewage.

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